Spirituality vs. Spirit Ability

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When I was first studying with Domano and Chea Hetaka, my Peruvian teachers, they took me to the beach near the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz, California, to watch people and their energies.

They kept talking about how so many people believe they are spiritually evolved because they follow a religion and perhaps do the prescribed practices of that religion.

They learn the required ethics and morals. They force themselves to smile at their neighbors even though they are secretly demeaning them in their beliefs and thoughts and emotions.

As we sat in the sand Chea said, “Watch the space around the people. Tune into the frequencies of each that resonate emotions. Then mental thoughts. And last spiritual, nonlinear, acts.”

In other traditions these frequencies are sometimes called “bodies”, emotional body, mental body, spiritual body.

To the left were a group of very young children perhaps two to five years old. Their auric fields were perfectly round and maintaining several feet past their skin in all directions. At all the frequencies there were blues, yellows, reds, greens, golds darting free and glowing all around their bodies, even under their feet. They felt alert, capable.

“Now watch the group over there,” Chea pointed out in front of us. There was a group of four about forty to sixty years old. They were just sitting quietly. “Look for the same energies. Look at each type – emotions, thoughts, spiritual activity.”

As I sat there, I saw energy fields that were only one or two inches from their skin and one had the bottom of their energy field cutting across their shins.

I thought I was making a mistake. How could such strange shapes be possible?

I took a deep breath and moved my attention back into my Song, allowing myself to slip into a trance state and tried again.

I saw the same thing. Shrunk, inorganic, distorted, disabled, even with holes. I stopped and looked at Chea hoping she would say something that would make sense out of this.

She said nothing.

She just nodded for me to continue.

I did it again. But nothing had changed. I just noticed even more distortions.

“I don’t think I’m doing this right,” I said. I hoped the look on my face was painful enough that she would give me some help.

“What did you see?” she asked without any expression.

“The adults look really different from the kids. I think I did something wrong.” I didn’t know what to say. I really didn’t want to confess failure – the day had only just started.

“And…,” she continued.

“Well, the kids look, or maybe it’s ‘feel’, bright and healthy. Bouncy. Able to do anything.

“The adults…” I hesitated… “look like old dish rags that somebody rang all the colors out of. There’s no zap. It’s like they’re drugged. And I only saw dull colors and movements in front of just their chests and faces, maybe a little in the back of the neck. They’re all squished in, tight.”

“What else?”

“The spiritual level…,” I really thought this had to be a mistake. “I saw nothing. I couldn’t see any activity. I could distinguish the edge of the aura, but there was nothing inside.” I was sure I had done something seriously stupid.

“You made no mistake.” She made sure she caught my eyes.

“This is the difference between ‘spirituality’ and ‘spirit ability’. Religions teach us their morals and etiquette and call it spiritual, but they never teach how to use your whole self, how to be fully awake. That would not serve those in power. Keeping the people asleep serves them, it keeps them in power. And no one questions.

“Children are born awake and whole. This is what it looks like. They use all of their spirit energies on all levels. This is how one purposefully uses all of one’s spirit abilities. This is living one’s Song. This is the goal of our shamans: a world of awake, free people.”

The children ran past us kicking up the sand and leaving a glorious trail of bright colored lights in their wake.

“This is your goal now.”

Song to Song


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10 Responses to Spirituality vs. Spirit Ability

  1. Judy 11/02/2011 at 4:00 pm #

    Could you please give me a definition of what is a person’s “Song?”

    Thank you.

    • Helmut 11/02/2011 at 4:18 pm #

      Hi Judy, nice to hear from you.

      The short version, our Song is the totality and truth of our being, everything we have ever been through the ages.

      For the longer version, here is a link to a page where you can get the free audio of the ceremony of finding your Song and chapter 4, “The Power of Song” from Kay’s book, “The Reluctant Shaman”, which is all about Song.


      Hope you are well.

      Song to Song,


  2. Sandra 11/02/2011 at 4:24 pm #

    I have been trying to feel my “Song” as well, ever since I finished reading The Reluctant Shaman a few weeks ago. I just don’t know how to get guidance regarding it. When I am with the thought of it, though, my heart sometimes feels so wide open…like the sky…and I wonder if this is “Song?”

    Many thanks for everything.

    • Helmut 11/02/2011 at 4:50 pm #

      Hi Sandra, thanks for sharing.

      We’ve been told to not pay attention to our Song, to not pay attention to who we truly are, for most of our lives. Knowing our Song has become like an atrophied muscle.

      Our Song is a feeling sensation and feeling happy is more in line with the nature of our Song than other feelings. When you feel your heart wide open, that’s a glimpse of your Song, it’s like you are learning to get to know your Song again.

      The more you feel your Song, the more you will learn about it.

      Follow the link above to the page where you can download the Ceremony of Finding Your Song and follow the instructions and go through the ceremony as often as you can.

      Domano, Kay’s teacher, called it the most powerful ceremony. In time you’ll likely find out why.

      Song to Song,


  3. Sandra 11/02/2011 at 5:27 pm #

    Dear Helmut,

    I will download the ceremony and follow the instructions…of course, after I cook dinner 🙂

    Also, I wonted to let you know how much I LOVED The Reluctant Shaman. I think that it is a very important work. Kay’s voice is so humble. It is rare to find a book of this nature with so little of the author’s ego involved. Many, many thanks to both you and Kay.


    • Kay 11/02/2011 at 5:59 pm #

      Hi Sandra

      Thanks so much for the kind words.

      All my love

      Song to Song


  4. holly thea 11/03/2011 at 2:36 am #

    Thank you Kay and Helmut for another inspiring and thought-provoking post. Can I share something that happened just yesterday. I really felt my song very strongly – a huge joy and happiness and a feeling of such gratitude to be here on earth at this time – my heart felt wide open – I did indeed feel very childlike. However, I went into town and, although I grounded myself, felt like I got “slapped” back down by events. For the rest of the day I was anxious. Does feeling your song bring up things you need to heal in yourself? Does it show your dark side? I feel lately I am swinging between these two extremes. I would welcome any comments or experiences anyone else has had. Many thanks and much love, Holly.

    • Helmut 11/03/2011 at 12:39 pm #

      Hi Holly, thanks for sharing.

      We are preparing for Kay to teach a weekend class starting tomorrow, so we don’t have much time available to go into great details, but what you share is a common response when we first experience Song so fully. But even seasoned “Song explorers” still are effected by it.

      We refer to it as the mask bungee effect.

      The prime directive for all our masks is to prevent us from knowing anything about our Song, let alone live it.

      So when we do, when we have moments of knowing, owning and living our Song, moments where we have managed to move our mask thoughts out of the way and really feel happy and delighted about life, they will stage a revolt and come back as if they have been attached to a bungee cord. This way they ensure that we are not staying in the feeling of our Song for too long, preferably not at all.

      But if we’ve managed to have those experiences, they likely come back in force so we go back to our old usual mask way of being in the world.

      So in that sense, feeling your Song can trigger this response and help you see things which need Healing and letting go.

      More importantly though, feeling your Song can automatically, and sometimes seemingly magical, heal any and all these things.

      There are many more details, in fact how to stay in Song no matter what is what the teachings of Ka Ta See are all about.

      I hope this helps to make sense out of your experience.

      Thank you again.

      Song to Song,


  5. holly thea 11/03/2011 at 1:30 pm #

    Thanks so much for your reply Helmut. This helps me to make sense of what happened and to move forward with confidence. Bless you both and have a good weekend 🙂


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