Healing With Energy And Spirit – Ka Ta See – Part-4

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Healing With Energy And Spirit

In the eastern Peruvian tradition in which I was taught, there are three basic levels of hands-on healing.

The first level is just giving out energy; the receiving body system does whatever it wants with it.

The next level is actually examining the energy field and the body, identifying and negotiating with the disorder. The condition may decide to leave at that point; sometimes it works that way.

The third stage of healing is psychic surgery, where the whole energy system literally has to be cut open because that’s the only way you’re going to get to the disorder that’s deep down inside the body.

I was taught the different stages of healing many months apart, and I had to work with one stage at a time to really learn it.

When I examine a body, I use all of the senses of my spirit. I let the energy pour out as I move my hands up and down the body, scanning all of its levels, looking for anything that is out of balance.

It helps me to move my hands and to utilize the chakra centers of the hands as a sensory organ, but it’s not necessary. I could sit there with my hands at my sides and just observe with my spirit and see the same thing. But using my hands facilitates a faster, bigger picture.

As I’m working on a person, I’m flooding their whole being with more and more of the life energy. The more energy you flood them with, the easier it becomes to observe the body system. That’s when I start moving in; I move my consciousness, my awareness, into the body.

An Aztec healer I once knew said, “I make myself very, very tiny and go walk around inside the body.” And that’s exactly what it’s like. You take your awareness and shrink it down very small and walk around inside the body. That’s when you talk to the body parts; that’s when you talk to the disorder, and the three-, four-, five-way conversations begin.

So I move my hands up and down, anywhere from three to ten inches away from the physical part of the body, from the toes all the way up to the top of the head, up and down both sides, front, and back.

If it’s a long distance energy healing session I connect with my client and psychically see the body in front of me.

With the senses of my spirit, I’m looking for visual pictures, I’m listening to anything that sounds wrong and I’m also listening to any information that might be coming from the body itself, or the disorder, or my spirit helpers.

In the tradition in which I was taught, it’s very, very important to use your spirit guides to help you with healing. That’s what they are there for. You don’t have to depend on your own inner library of anatomical, medical resources. The spirits will definitely tell you what’s wrong, and they’ll give you as much detail as you need.

What has always amazed me is that later I’ll look in the medical books that I’ve collected and sure enough, it’s all right there—exactly as the spirits described it, just as I saw it.

Not all healers see the body that way. Some of them see it as very abstract imagery; some see what looks more like car parts, because they understand cars. The image that comes through is the one that makes sense to them.

For me, it’s the anatomy. I see the anatomy. And as I’m looking at the anatomy, I’m also seeing the energy fields, the energy counterparts of our physical bodies.

If the physical body is sick, those spiritual images are sick; they’re distorted. There’s discoloration, and the energy that is surrounding them or moving in and out of them has the wrong vibrations. It’s the wrong color, it’s the wrong smell.

Sometimes, the energy is not moving—it’s stagnant. So I’m looking at all those different things at the same time.

Very often, the longer a disorder has been there, the more serious it is and the less the energy in that area has moved.

The life energy itself has become stagnant. When it does that, it changes its vibratory frequencies, its color, its ability to give off light. It usually becomes darker or dimmer, even to the point of being kind of black. When a disorder is really, really bad, it’s sort of like a “black hole.” You literally can see the surrounding life energy gravitating toward it and just being sucked in.

Basically, what healers do is offer a person an input of new, fresh life energy. Sometimes, that by itself is enough to generate the healing. A person’s body takes that energy and utilizes it to bring about a balance, to bring about healing.

As I scan the whole body, this energy is just flowing out of my hands—very large volumes of it. And, as I do this, the field of the person I’m working on begins to take on more light; it gets brighter and brighter and starts to fill up with this energy.

If the person has got something like a “black hole,” some problem that’s very long-lived, very dense, very much out of order, then all this energy sort of gravitates toward it and disappears. And I can’t do anything about it. Nothing lights up, nothing gets refreshed from that input of energy; it’s all being sucked into that place. In that case, I know I have to find the “black hole” and deal with that first.

Over the years my practice with Energy Healing and Energy Balancing has expanded far beyond the intricate energy manipulations and psychic surgery.

Today, we live in a world in which one of the biggest problems that we have as a species on our planet is our collective manmade poisons.

We have massive amounts of industrial and agricultural poisons, heavy metals and mercury poisons.

You can’t get these kinds and these volumes of poisons out of your bodies by chanting, or meditating or spiritually willing them out. Most detox and cleansing protocols are painfully insufficient, and some are even just plain dangerous. The ancient healing traditions can shovel some of them out but it is slow; the ancient techniques were never meant to deal with things so artificial and in such huge quantities.

In addition we have thoughtform poisons. We have the outside public thoughtform poisons and we have our own personalized thoughtforms in the form of masks that are continually poisoning us.

These are our biggest issues.

These days, in large parts of my healing work, including the energy healing, psychic surgery and even the Red Door radionics healing work, I focus on detoxification, efficient, effective and hopefully swift detoxification. That means the detox of physical poisons and thoughtform poisons.

Another main area which the spirits talk about all the time during a healing session is food and nutrition.

What the body parts and the spirits are saying, what they are adamantly yelling about for me to pass on to the client, is usually something like:

“HELP! I’m being poisoned! I’ve been poisoned for decades. I’m dying of malnutrition. I’m suffering from a horrific diet of fake and pretend food and drowning in a sea of negative destructive thoughtforms and self-abusive thoughtforms.”

So any healing work usually gets pretty interesting and involved and focused. It ends up being a combination of all the energy healing work, the work with the spirits, the experience with detox, living happy lives with nice loving thoughtform energies, and last, but not least, what client’s eat and what kind of nutrition they provide for their body.

Every single healing is always an amazing adventure, a gift to the recipient, a gift to the spirits and a gift to me.

Love and Song,


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13 Responses to Healing With Energy And Spirit – Ka Ta See – Part-4

  1. holly thea 02/11/2012 at 2:40 am #

    I cannot tell you how exciting it is to be reading these posts. They are so timely for me and make so much sense – thank you 🙂 I am finding the start of 2012 just crazy on all levels so reading this information is helping me to ground and try to work with what is going on.

    • Helmut 02/11/2012 at 11:41 am #

      Thank you Thea! I’m glad it’s helpful.

      Love and Song,


  2. William Croft 02/11/2012 at 6:37 pm #

    Helmut and Kay, hi. Great points. Many of the alternative MD’s such as Klinghardt and Mercola are stressing the physical / emotional toxin load as well. Klinghardt has an excellent concept that the physical toxins are actually drawn to those organs that are imbalanced because of emotional holding patterns. So this in effect locks in both the emotional and physical toxicity. So it’s necessary to address all facets at the same time.

    I’ve worked with various physical level chelators and detoxers over the years. One I’m currently impressed with is made from fruit pectin (MCP, modified citrus pectin) that has been molecularlly cleaved into very small sizes (less than 10000 daltons). These little sticky strings then bind to toxins and carry them out in the urine. They are small enough to cross the blood brain barrier, so work there as well. Invented by Dr. Eliaz in Santa Rosa, CA, Econugenics. “Pectasol”.

    • Helmut 02/13/2012 at 11:18 am #

      Hi William.

      There are slowly more and more MDs who are coming out with a similar perspective about the causes and treatment of disease.

      In the Ka Ta See, Egyptian and radionics traditions we are always looking for the cause behind the cause behind the cause as well as the issues that appear circular in their influence on each other – sort of a chicken or the egg appearance.

      An important factor which is often forgotten within the discussion of the role of emotional trauma within certain disorders and diseases are miasms.

      Miasms are a huge focus in homeopathics.

      This is too large a subject to go into in a blog comment, but miasms are an hereditary, energetic, tendency for disease as well as an energetic condition that we can create in ourselves that leans us toward a particular type or group of disease conditions. We’re not actually inheriting the disease, we’re inheriting a tendency for acquiring it if our bodies get weakened; we are inheriting or building a weakness toward certain disorders.

      And that’s where poisons, physical, emotional ,mental and spiritual, come in. And by physical poisons I mean more than our man-made industrial and agricultural poisons. We need to look at the poisons in our diet that are legally labeled “food” but are completely artificial and over processed, such as white sugar, manufactured sugar chemicals, canola oil, soy oil, other newly invented monounsaturated and polyunsaturated oils, additives, monsters like Kool Whip, fast foods that no longer have a vitamin or mineral left. The list goes on for quite some length.

      They weaken our system so much that our inherent tendency for a particular disorder kicks in and we acquire a sickness that has been in our family before; or we become ill with disorders that we pass on to our own children in the same way.

      It can be difficult to help people who keep shoveling in any of the forms of poison.

      One of the beauties about the Red Door work is that it can take miasms into account.

      We have tracked physical toxins being drawn to certain organs because of emotional patterns being held there. What we have observed consistently is that physical toxins as well as pathogens show up in areas, which are already weakened, whether by miasms, emotional traumas, previous injury or disorders, or malnutrition, where they have the most chance to thrive because they take the path of least resistance. Poisons will also show up in any area and then proceed to severely weaken that tissue. And, of course, you can see where that could lead…the now weak tissue attracts more problems.

      Unresolved negative emotions definitely play a role in weakening those systems, just like all other highly toxic poisons to the body.

      Kay and I have been going through detox, specifically mercury and heavy metal detox for the past 5 years. About half way through we discovered MCP. It’s amazing stuff.

      What we have found in our work and in our own experience with detox is that it isn’t so much about finding the latest and greatest chelator, which is a good thing, no doubt. What is really crucial is to find the best combination of vitamins, minerals, supplements and diet where the nutrition and supplements support each other and the detoxing and the rebuilding processes in the best way possible.

      All this has to be coordinated with every other supporting thing that’s done such as the Red Door, lymph treatments, colon hydrotherapy and so on, in such a way that the chance for a healing crisis is kept to a minimum while the person gets rid of this enormous amount of poison the fastest way possible.

      Kay cleared out her extremely high levels of mercury inside 2 years. That’s been verified with lab tests. It’s been rather remarkable.

      The Red Door was invaluable in that process, but we also have been and still are using a list of ten different poison grabbers. You probably could call them chelators, but we’ve come to refer to them as grabbers because not all fit the distinct definition for chelator.

      Some of the most astounding things we sometimes observe is around the recommendations by practitioners as to what people should take and do to remove heavy metals from their body.

      There are people who put essential oils on their feet and after they have done that for a short while the practitioner tells them that they are free of mercury. I challenge everybody doing that to take a DMSA challenge lab test to see where their mercury levels really are.

      Another thing we run into quite a bit is that people come to us with certain symptoms and they have a list of supplements they are taking and in some cases we find their combination of supplement intake is part of the cause of their symptoms.

      One simple example (but there are many more) , we use Cholin (pure, by itself) with L-methionine and silimarin for liver cleaning and rebuilding. Many practitioners recommend taking Choline with inositol, for other reasons, not as part of this combination. So clients end up substituting the inositol mix for the pure choline that they then take with our mix. In our experience, inositol in the mix considerably lowers the liver cleansing effect of Choline and has some other strange side effects.

      For us, and some of this is mentioned in the post, health, healing and especially detox is a combination of energy healing, the Red Door work, a supportive and highly effective combination of vitamins, minerals and supplements, together with lymph and colon treatments and considerable attention on healthy food and emotional well being, being in Song and being happy which has helped us make such enormous progress in our own detox and healing.

      We’ve met a friend recently whom we haven’t seen for almost ten years and his comment was, “you haven’t aged, you look the same as you have ten years ago!”

      As we always say, the proof for any work, but especially healing work, is in the pudding.

      Thanks again for sharing.

      Love and Song,


      • Mazarine Treyz 03/29/2012 at 9:15 pm #

        hi Helmut! Thanks for the new blog post! I definitely want to try cholin and MCP. Wondering if there is a list of vitamins you would recommend for heavy metal and mercury detox? Want to make sure that I’m using the red door bowl and getting all the benefits I can! We used it recently to clear hotel rooms on our cross country move and it worked wonderfully, we were laughing every day, making new jokes, and didn’t even really notice or need the radio to distract us. Our pets also traveled extremely well, and were real troupers. We are sure that the red door bowl affects them too.

        Anyway, would love to know the combo of vitamins you recommend? And do you like Pure Encapsulations?

        Thanks in advance,


        • Helmut 04/03/2012 at 4:02 pm #

          Hi Mazarine.

          Kay’s liver support combination is choline, l-mathionine and silymarin. Although, when Kay recommends any kind of supplements it is almost exclusively for clients who have had, and often are continuing to have healing sessions with her. That way she can see exactly what would be needed and helpful and why.

          This goes even more so for mercury, heavy metal and even general detox.

          We are getting very close to release the Red Door class. Kay will be teaching so much in that course I’m sure you’ll be amazed.

          We haven’t done much traveling lately, but when we did we always took at least two Red Doors and one of them was always open even in the driving car. Aside from short town trips, we wouldn’t go anywhere without the Red Door anymore.

          Thanks for sharing.

          Love and Song,


  3. Linda Hedquist 02/11/2012 at 9:16 pm #

    Thank you, Helmut. I have appreciated this newsletter for many years. This particular issue touched me deeply. I am so aware of the need mentioned here for safe and effective ways to detoxify at every level. I will email with the questions this inspires about the Red Door work.

    • Helmut 02/12/2012 at 4:36 pm #

      Thanks Linda! I got your questions and will do my best to be in touch early next week.

      Love and Song,


  4. William Croft 02/15/2012 at 9:51 pm #

    Helmut and Kay, simply amazing post here. Gold mine of information. I hope you find ways to get your synergistic methodologies in the hands those interested. Sounds like at least one book’s worth on detox strategies alone. Looking forward to some of this being touched on in your Red Door material coming up.

    You might consider making a regular blog post out of some of this comment info. Since not enough of us are closely monitoring these comment threads. (Some blogging systems allow email notifications on relevant comment threads you have posted to.)


    • Helmut 02/16/2012 at 11:50 am #

      Hi William.

      Glad you liked what we shared and thanks for suggesting to use it on a regular post, we’ve been talking about doing that.

      Book is going to have to wait, hopefully not for too long and it’s more than likely that Kay will touch on many of these things, specifically the detox aspects, during the RD class.

      Song to Song,


  5. Fred Idowu Akerele. 03/19/2014 at 5:23 am #

    Thanks for the free book you sent me.
    I do practicing spiritual healing in my country,Nigeria so i wish to learn from you,your healing with energy and spirit so that i can align it with the system i am currently using.
    Please let me know how to start it.


    • Helmut 03/28/2014 at 1:29 pm #

      Hi Fred and thank you for your interest to learn these ancient healing teachings.

      Best way to start is Kay’s upcoming Sacred Link class.

      Here is the link to get the details:


      Let us know if you have any other questions.

      Song to Song,



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