The Enormous Power Of Thoughtforms

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We live in a sea of thoughtforms.

Right now this is likely a concept which you are able to believe, but the true extent of what that actually means to your life, to your health, to your thoughts and behaviors, to your relationships and the way you feel will more and more emerge as you explore just how pervasive and all permeating these thoughtforms are in this world.

Not all thoughtforms are bad.

Unfortunately, the ones engulfing the world in our day and age are mostly engaged in keeping us asleep.

And those thoughtforms today are the equivalent of a mud bath in which we find ourselves in all our waking and sleeping hours.

But not the good kind of mud bath, not the one which cleanses us and soaks out poisons from our bodies.

This is the kind of sticky icky gooey mud which clogs the works, which clogs your thinking, your feeling, your behaviors, your ability to feel happy, joyful, invigorated, ecstatic to be alive, all those kind of things.

99% of the thoughtforms engulfing the world, and every living being on it today, are those kind of clogging thoughtforms. Ok lets be realistic, it’s more like 99.9999%.

And, the kicker is, we add to them all day long.

If you don’t believe me that we’re adding to it all day long, or even if you do believe me, just make an effort to keep track of your thought babble for a day. Take notes if that works for you.

Doing so will make you aware of what kind of babble your masks are engaging in all day and show you what kind of energies you are adding to this sea of thoughtforms we’re living in.

We believe we have free will, and from a certain perspective, we do. The catch here is that toughtforms are designed to bend our will to their vibration, and before we know it, we feel and vibrate at the frequency the dominant thoughtforms in our environment vibrate at.

Kay always gives the example of somebody having a bad bank day and was getting furious because their account was locked down, they lost access to their funds and they’re just fuming and getting into a huge tassel with the teller and the manager. This just happened a few minutes before you stepped into the bank, unsuspectingly, all happy and jolly and looking forward to a wonderful new day.

After a few minutes in the bank you walk out and start to feel all agitated, irritated, getting all pissy and your thoughts and feelings start to go down a slippery slope. And before you know it you spend your entire day thinking about what’s wrong with you, your life, people in your life, people in general, the world as a whole, pretty much everything and you end up adding to that sea of thoughtforms in a really big way.

Newsflash, we all live in that bank most of our waking ours. And depending on which thoughtforms are filling our home, or apartment complex, or neighborhood, we likely live in that sea even during our sleeping hours.

How do we stop this and reverse it and turn it around so we free ourselves and the world from the grip of those kind of thoughtforms?

There is one simple answer.

Know your Song, know your Self, own it, live it and be it again.

Only by knowing yourself, your own Song so completely that nothing will sway you, will you be able to not engage mask thoughts, to stop the constant babble in your mind and with it stop adding to those clogging thoughtforms.

Only by knowing yourself so completely will you be able to share love, unconditional love, with everyone and everything around you all day long and with it you’ll be able to clean out those icky sticky gooey thoughtforms just by living that way and in so doing freeing the world from them.

We’re not talking about masky-arrogant-smily-happy-we-all-love-each-other-make-believe-spiritual where your masks have convinced you that you are all awake and loving and caring, when in reality, in the dark corners of your heart and mind where you feel you’re all alone and you think nobody is watching, you’re still babbling away and you’re still tormented by the demons of your masks and you’re still adding to the sea of thoughtforms, you just pretend nobody can see it.

We’re talking about real, this is about true knowing, true complete knowing.

No fantasy make-believe. None. I mean completely and utterly real.

How do you do that so it doesn’t take lifetime after lifetime after lifetime?

Well, that’s the million dollar question.

A good start is to stop believing that it has to take lifetime after lifetime after lifetime to get there.

Anyone trying to tell you that it will take lifetimes is just trying to keep you asleep.

Another thing which will change the way you look at masks and how difficult, or simple it is to let go of them for good, is the fact that you are not your masks.

Your masks are just separate thoughtforms which you have been convinced are part of you and you can only learn to manage them, if that.

You’ve been conned into believing that you can only learn to live with them but you can never get rid of them because they are “part of you”.

That’s a lie!

You are NOT your masks and they are not a part of you and you can live free of them.

The small-ego/large-ego thoughtform is a lie, the only purpose of which is trying to convince you that you can never free yourself from your masks completely. Stop believing it!

The more of us who realize that we are not our masks and that we can live free of them and that it doesn’t have to take lifetimes to live this way, the faster we can clean up this thoughtform mass and change things in our lives and in the world so that we can actually see and experience real change in our lifetime, not to mention what we’ll see in future lifetimes.

Another huge thing you can do is a simple practice which we’ll share in the next post. It’s a practice on how to clean yourself, your immediate environment, indeed the entire world, if you so choose, from the tyranny of those mask thoughtforms.

Love and Song,


PS: Please comment and share, we’d love to hear your thoughts and questions on this.

We can’t stress how big the influence of thoughtforms is on keeping us asleep. The more you share the more we’ll be able to share how the spirits can and want to help. The more you engage, the faster we all can free ourselves and our world.

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10 Responses to The Enormous Power Of Thoughtforms

  1. Pat West-Barker 03/08/2012 at 3:24 pm #

    Looking forward to learning the thought-washing technique … god knows my brain has been washed often enough!

  2. bon 03/08/2012 at 10:05 pm #


    I am keeping this in mind.

    Perfect timing.

  3. Sandra 03/09/2012 at 8:08 am #

    Dear Helmut,
    This comes as I have been realizing that nearly ALL of the drama in my life comes from my own thinking. The conundrum: I don’t know if the “thoughts” are coming from inside of me or outside. Will the cleaning that you mentioned in your lovely post start to make that clear? That is, clear what is mine and what is not?

    With love on this awesome early Spring day in Sunny SoCal,

    • Helmut 03/17/2012 at 8:46 pm #

      Hi Sandra.

      Your thoughts are always coming from you, from inside of you. They maybe triggered by something from outside, but your thoughts are your thoughts.

      The question to ask is whether your attention, your thoughts, are triggered and guided by your masks or are based in your Song.

      Since you are talking about drama it sounds like masks are guiding your thoughts and attention, but you are not alone in that. So many of us on this planet at this time experience the same thing.

      To change that, know yourself, know your Song and have that knowledge guide your attention and life. That’s the challenge and that’s the adventure.

      Thanks for asking and thanks for sharing.

      Song to Song,


      • Sandra 03/19/2012 at 12:41 pm #

        Hi Helmut,

        Right????But at times now I am at least aware of the masks and the drama so that’s a step or two in the right direction. Thanks so much for responding.

        Also, I just received in the mail, and in brand-spanking-new condition, Sacred Link. I am so excited! I read Reluctant Shaman some months back and can’t wait to read this one.

        Anyway, I am going to practice the thought form cleaning. It kind of sounds fun.

        Thanks again!


  4. Sandra 03/09/2012 at 10:35 am #

    Dear Helmut,
    In yoga classes, the Instructor will occasionally give the instruction: relax your facial muscles to release the physical mask that we all wear. You see, even while relaxed, we still have the mask even physically. It can be scary to let it go. Is it the same with thought forms? What even makes us cling to them? Do we know at a subconscious level that they aren’t ours?

    With love,
    Sandi (again)

  5. Liorah 03/09/2012 at 1:27 pm #

    As I actively seek to identify my masks and the thoughtforms that surround me I am constantly amazed at how prevalent and encompassing they can be. Some I even choose to engage in because, while i recognize the parts of me I deny, I still get comfort in the habitual relationship I hold. But I’m practicing my song almost daily now, and gaining the strength to keep looking at my heart and how I contribute to my environment.
    This post reminds me that every time I say “I’m tired” I’m really just feeling and wearing the fatigue of being asleep and Mother Earths work to free me. The more I Sing, the more I give to Earth and my fellow beings.

    • Helmut 03/17/2012 at 9:10 pm #

      Hi Liorah.

      Nice observation, these thoughtforms are so pervasive and prevelant in our lives and yes, they can be extremely comforting.

      That’s one way they lure us to continue to engage them and in doing so feeding them and keeping them alive and growing.

      Tired is often a great excuse our masks use to get us to buy into their agenda.

      Moving to heart, Song centered experiences and engangement is the key, I’m glad you are managing to move in that direction.

      Thanks for sharing.

      Song to Song,


  6. holly thea 03/10/2012 at 1:29 am #

    Thanks so much for this post – I feel like I’ve been waiting my whole life to read it!! I’ve known and read a bit about thoughtforms for years but the responsibility and weight of trying to deal with them has felt too difficult to tackle before now. I have a question – where does the energy that these thoughtforms take from us go? Is there something behind these thoughtforms – what are their purpose? Apart from keeping us asleep of course. I can’t wait for the next post. Thank you both 🙂

    • Helmut 03/17/2012 at 9:32 pm #

      Hi Holly.

      I agree, the sheer amount of thoughtforms and their influence and power can seem overwhelming, but once we realize that all the power they have over us is the power we give to them, the game changes.

      Which also answers your questions as to where the energy these thoughtforms take from us goes, to them. All the energy is used for them to feed and grow and in turn they feed our masks and other masks and the masks feed the thoughtforms, it’s a strange symbiotic relationship which is perpetuated through our continuing support.

      Their purpose is to keep us asleep and continue to feed them and our masks so they stay in control of our lives.

      This is what waking up is about, breaking the cicle and taking our power back, and it starts with knowing ourselves, knowing our Song.

      Thanks for sharing.

      Song to Song,


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