Success In Healing – Ka Ta See – Part 6

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One thing that is impressed upon an apprentice is that success rate means absolutely nothing. Each individual is going to be healed or not, according to what they want to do—how badly they really want to find health and balance.

Sometimes people choose to have a particular disorder long before they were ever born. It’s part of the life experience they came here to have. In that case, it doesn’t matter what kind of healing you do. You aren’t going to affect them, or make any change in their condition; their agenda has been fixed.

So, the very first step, the very first rule, when you approach somebody to heal them is to have your spirit helpers ask their spirit, “Can this be done? Is this an allowable thing?”

Sometimes the individual’s spirit says, “No, don’t bother. Don’t go in. It’s none of your business.” Sometimes you can do some band-aid stuff, give the person a little extra boost of energy, and they’ll feel better for a while. That’s all you can do.

Sometimes, the individuals kind of know that already.

Sometimes they’ve decided that they want to check out and this is the way they have decided to go. One part of them, in their conscious daily life, is saying, “Oh, heal me, heal me.” But the rest of them has already made the decision to die.

Some people are sort of straddling the fence; they haven’t really decided yet whether they want to live or die.

Sometimes you can encourage them to stay and work on healing themselves and sometimes you cannot.

There isn’t a healer alive who can heal somebody. You can ignite change in someone else’s body and their system; you can ignite change in their emotional self; you can ignite change in their total belief system—and that always reverberates out into the physical—but you can’t heal someone else.

You can provide a boost to bring them over the hump. You can remind the system how it’s supposed to work. You can intercede with spirits. But it’s the same story: you can take the horse to water, and then it’s the horse’s decision. Will it drink or won’t it?

You can’t force it.

So you have to give up any attachment that you might have to succeeding, because you just do what you’re shown, what you’re instructed. You give as much as you can and that’s all you can do. As some people say, you pray for them. The people themselves have to do the rest. They’re the only ones that can truly finish the process of healing themselves.

Love and Song,


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7 Responses to Success In Healing – Ka Ta See – Part 6

  1. Christine 03/22/2012 at 3:37 pm #

    How delightfully synchronistic! I have been confronted with this issue big time during my first ever formal approach to healing another being. In this case a week plus old female white Bactrian camel who was born with two heart murmers and a heart valve which has not been closing properly. She rallys and then goes further into decline as her body becomes increasingly toxic.
    Her two guardians have been taking me to her, but I feel that I am the one who has been blessed to receive the gifts and lessons from this little one.


    • Helmut 03/27/2012 at 12:10 pm #

      Healing always goes both ways and as the healer, we always receive and learn a great deal from any healing work we offer.

      Thanks for Sharing Christine.

      Song to Song,


  2. mary celeste 03/22/2012 at 5:56 pm #

    I am in deep gratitude for the profound simplicity and eloquence of your message. This principle has been voiced innumerable times and can never be heard enough. Thank you for the beauty of your teaching….your holding space for humanity in a way that echos sacredness, facilitation, witnessing, and free will (each and all of us).

    • Helmut 03/27/2012 at 12:02 pm #

      Thank you for sharing Mary!

      Song to Song,


  3. Sandra 03/23/2012 at 11:09 am #

    Dear Kay,
    First of all, I am not a healer like that. I have never consciously received any communication from a person’s spirit, though I have received several healings. Still, I have a question: can the healing of all the Beings of the Earth occur while our sweet Earth appears to need healing as well?

    Also, have been reading Sacred Link and it is amazing. Thank you for that and I have another question regarding not discussing our experiences: is posting a comment here okay in that sense?

    With love,

    • Helmut 03/27/2012 at 11:57 am #

      Hi Sandra and thanks for posting your questions.

      When you ask if the healing of all the Beings of the Earth can occur while our sweet Earth appears to need healing as well, what I hear you saying is with all the focus on individual healing what about our Mother Earth’s healing?

      Or, put another way, can one heal without the other, can we as individuals heal without healing the Earth or can the Earth heal without us healing ourselves?

      The principle laws of healing have been the same for thousands of years, when we heal ourselves, we heal all else.

      When we heal, when we wake up, truly fully completely heal and wake up, the ripple effects effect our immediate environment, the people around us, and as we keep going it eventually will engulf the world.

      That’s how powerful we are, that’s the kind of effect we can have on the world by healing ourselves, by waking up, but it goes both ways. When we’re asleep and are putting out all kinds of negative thoughtforms we also have an effect on the world.

      That’s the reason we always talk about every thought, every act, every feeling, every emotion is a “prayer”.

      Personally we pay a great deal of attention to healing Mother Earth in our lives and our work.

      We just completed the final of four weekend classes all focusing on healing Mother Earth, of helping ourselves and humanity wake up.

      During the first day of the four day weekend class Kay gave an initiation from the Egyptian teachings called toning and we spent the next two days, literally each day, all day, doing healing ceremonies with sound healing on the planet, on Mother Earth.

      This was the fourth in a series of weekends on world healing, a series Kay was instructed to teach during several weeks of vision quest.

      And remember the story we shared about unconditional love, well, that kind of unconditional love was a central part of those days of world healing as well.

      In addition, as part of her Red Door teachings Kay has created a World Healing Card. This is used every time one of the Red Door instruments is not in use working on something specific for someone.

      Every time a Red Door instrument is not in use, we put the World Healing Card in it and we instruct all people who have a Red Door to do the same and with that, all the Red Door instruments which have that World Healing Card in them, are sending healing to the planet and all beings living on it.

      On average we probably have about half a dozen to a dozen Red Door instruments doing just that in our home alone.

      And last, in the posts “We Live In A Sea Of Thoughtforms” and “Cleaning Our Thoughtform Prison” we shared how thoughtforms clog up the world and a simple practice on how to clear out nasty thoughtforms.

      We use that practice, and Kay instructs all her students to use that practice, to clear out such thoughtforms not just from our immediate environment, but from the entire planet and replace it with healing thoughtforms and energy patterns and unconditional love all the time.

      The effects of that on our individual lives and on the planet are easily underestimated.

      So you see, Mother Earth and her well being are very much at the center of our hearts and minds and with it at the very center of our work.

      We hear so many people talk about healing the world, which is great. The problem we see is that most of us have still a ways to go with healing ourselves.

      And, unless we strive to heal ourselves, unless we are fully committed to waking up and being awake, the effects we are having on healing the world can be mixed.

      We can have some effect, but what if after our healing, our meditation to heal the world we go out and grovel in our usual nasty thoughtform patterns in our head. We judge and condemn and do the old better-then and less-than, pretty much business as usual.

      We’re not only undoing all the nice loving healing mediation work we’ve just done, depending on how intense our thoughtform babble and emotions that go with it are, we may likely even start heading in the opposite direction with our intentions and effects we’re having on the world.

      I think Leo Tolstoy expressed it most succinctly when he said: “Everybody thinks of changing humanity, and nobody thinks of changing himself.”

      It all starts with us. The healing, the waking up, the unconditional love.

      When we find real, when we get real, when we walk real, we spread and share real in the world.

      When we engage in make believe we spread make believe, that’s why we focus so much in our work on identifying, knowing and releasing our mask beliefs and behaviors and with it knowing and living our true self, our Song.

      Healing of the world starts with us. That doesn’t necessarily mean we have to wait to work on healing the Earth until we are all awake and clean and clear.

      But the healthier and more awake we’ve managed to get ourselves the more effect we will have in the world and helping humanity and the world move in the direction of healing and waking up.

      As to your other question on whether or not posting your thoughts, comments and questions here is ok in regards to sharing, or not sharing your experiences, yes it is.

      I’ll share more about that soon.

      Song to Song,



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