The No Nos – Blind Beliefs

Ka Ta See is about finding the truth of things. It means finding the truth of your own self and the truth of other. It means living without masks and all our life-long, hap-hazard collection of programming.

It means putting an end to selective reasoning and making a commitment to never stop searching for the truth of things.

It means to put our old foolish superstitious blind beliefs aside, like as children we put our old toddler toys aside. The ecliptic is upon us. It’s time to grow up. As individuals. As a species.

To do this we need to operate with clarity and accuracy and unconditional love. Real unconditional love that is, not the fast talking plastic commodity spewed out at every turn by peddlers of every sleep inducing doctrine known (and unknown).

Unfortunately actual clarity, accuracy and unconditional love are not commonly abundant in our modern culture, they are not understood or prized by most, and they are not taught by very many.

There are many who have genuine caring, but that does not guarantee that they actually understand, experience or share real unconditional love; they understand their blind beliefs about what they call unconditional love.

Unconditional love is not an idea, it is an experience.

So we need to gain an understanding of clarity and accuracy and unconditional love as we step into our much touted future and learn to wake up, learn to experience and identify with our own Song and see the real Song of others.

In this tradition we have some tools to guide us on this roller coaster path and we use them to help us experience what clarity, accuracy, Song and unconditional love really are.

These six little tidbits are the guiding principles for working with Ka Ta See and are the basis for doing well with the fine art and science of developing spirit abilities.

These principles will teach you a way of thinking and feeling that is based on clarity, accuracy, and non-judgement.

These tools will help you collect your focus and hold it without distraction, a prerequisite talent most desirable for waking up and staying awake.

This way of thinking and living and being in the world comes to us from the elders of the Ka Ta See tradition of Peru.

We call these principles affectionately, “The NO NOs” and we start with:


We, the People of our Modern Culture, gather together the most outrageous collection of information rubble imaginable.

Our whole lives are spent slobbering over and gorging on other people’s ideas, beliefs, dogmas and mind babble and then holding them as real and true, as if they were some clear and obvious holy truth of the universe.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s science, religion, social dictates, or whether they conflict with each other or make any sense at all – we just keep collecting and bowing down to each and every one of them.

We take them on without any questions and believe in them like a religion, with strong emotional charges around them. We literally become emotionally attached to them.

We are addicts of the highest ranks of information rubble.

We don’t care if they’re misunderstandings or mistakes or even outright lies. We don’t even check.

And we certainly have been known to fight over these blind beliefs. We even begin to identify with many of these blindly held beliefs. It’s like we’re wallowing around in a mud hole and we’re looking through mud glopped lenses at ourselves and the world around us.

All of our masks and programming are formed out of these blindly held beliefs.

We end up not seeing the world as it really is – we see the distortions that the blind beliefs create – we live inside a picture created by the beliefs.

Pictures of who the beliefs say we are “supposed to be”.

Pictures of who others are “supposed to be”.

Pictures of the way the world works, according to the blind beliefs.

We end up seeing nothing real. The real you and world is covered up.

Reacting from blind beliefs is no different than making wild guesses in the dark. It’s all a masquerade on steroids. We are playing with and flinging highly charged lies and make believe.

We grow one unfounded untruth out of another, rarely giving up any of them.

We have created monsters here, bent on controlling us and the entire world. They are distractions to keep you from seeing yourself and the world as it actually is.

They are traps to keep you in the old paradigm box.

So in order to observe what is actually there, we need to remain calm and throw away all the charge, attachments and unwarranted emotions that are connected to the blind beliefs.

We must put them into proper perspective:

they are just data.
collected data.
nothing more.

So clean them up, take the dogma and fears out of them, and perhaps, file them appropriately in your mental library for possible further reference.

Song to Song,


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10 Responses to The No Nos – Blind Beliefs

  1. Sandra 06/16/2012 at 10:12 am #

    Dearest Kay,
    I want to thank you for all that you have brought to my life. These teachings are profound, and truly miraculous.

    I am writing today because I am unsubscribing from the Blog. Though the messages are wonderful, the language use has become increasingly negative. I went back and reread older entries, even rereading parts of The Reluctant Shaman. Something has shifted.

    It is like the difference between an anti-war rally, or a rally for peace. I choose to go to the peace rally.

    I will continue to study your books, and practice the exercises contained within. I wish for you all the best.

    With my love and gratitude,

    • Kay 06/18/2012 at 12:28 pm #

      Hi Sandi,

      Thanks so much for sharing.

      We’re glad the teachings have brought so many wonderful healing gifts to your life.

      We’re sorry to see you go and it is our hope that through continuing studies of the teachings your perspective may shift in time as it does for all students who stick with it.

      We will write more as soon as we can because your comment and actions so perfectly highlight why our culture is in the state it’s in.

      So we will go into these aspects in details in a future response.

      For now all we want to share is that both of our teachers, and particularly one of Helmut’s, where ingenious in teaching with sacred irreverence. A sacred ancient tradition among many native tribal peoples, and, if we can allow it to, it works like magic, if our desire is to wake up.

      We do realize it’s not everyone’s cup of tea and that’s fine.

      In Ka Ta See there isn’t a negative or a positive or a better-than or less-than, things just are. That’s the unconditional acceptance and unconditional love part.

      Our desire is to live awake, to live in relationships connected by Song, deep, unconditionally loving and caring Song to Song connections.

      We share what that looks like and means for us and what it requires to get there.

      But that doesn’t make it better-than, it just makes it our goal and desire. Other people have other goals and desires and that’s fine.

      It is our hope that the sharing of our way of life will bring help and guidance to those who similarly want to wake up and live awake and connect Song to Song. The response we get from our students and from people closely following our work seems to indicate that it does and we’re pretty happy about that.

      And that’s why we will continue to do what we do, the way we are instructed to do it.

      Thanks again for sharing and all our best wishes for your adventures.

      Love and Song,

      Kay & Helmut

  2. Sandra 06/18/2012 at 4:34 pm #

    Hi Kay,

    Good to hear your voice.

    I am both honored and horrified by your statement of my comment perfectly highlighting why our culture is in the state it’s in. I think that I will have to re-subscribe just to read your future responses on this subject. I have a sincere desire to wake up and will listen with an open heart.

    I agree with you about sacred irreverence. Domano was a master at it.

    I also agree with you regarding the issue of better-than. It is true…things just are. No one way is better than the other…they are all just ways.

    Thanks for commenting on my comment; and all of my best wishes for your adventures as well.

    With love,

    • Helmut 06/25/2012 at 10:37 am #

      The Journey of Waking Up

      Once again Sandi, we’re glad the teachings have brought so many wonderful healing gifts to your life.

      And we’re still sorry to see you go and it is our hope that through continuing studies of the teachings you will understand why we do what we do.

      To find our Song we need to identify who we are, we need to understand what our masks have told us we are, and we need to realize what our masks make us do.

      We need to learn to clearly identify one from the other – our true Self from the artificial masks.

      This has to be a correct picture of information, clear, detailed and honest, with no whining mask lies.

      Powdering over and fluffing up anything, doesn’t help anybody, it only confuses people. To do so is much more likely to lead to masks making a pretend Song world for you to play in and live in, and yes, be asleep in.

      People are very different in their approach to becoming aware of their level of asleepness and in their approach to waking up.

      Some need extremely detailed painted descriptions of the masks which are controlling their lives to “get it”. Others not so much. They just need to be guided to the experiences where they can see and feel what the underlying dynamics controlling their lives truly are.

      We are aware that we are trying to present these teachings to a great variety of personalities in this public forum and realize that there is a lot to juggle.

      And while it is not our intent to offend people, or scare people, or belittle anything, we are painfully aware that we cannot eliminate every possibility of doing either to any number of people.

      Our desire is to share the truth.

      Our one guiding principle within Ka Ta See is not to inflict pain, but, as we said, that is not always possible living in an interactive universe and interacting with a large group of people with such diverse backgrounds.

      As Kay mentioned, I studied with someone who was extraordinarily blunt. He never minced words and never ever hid the truth, ever.

      During my time with him I saw the effects of that blunt truth approach very close and very personal and let me tell you, I’ll take it over the sweetsy-nice -nice-there-are-no-masks-here-we-shouldn’t-rock-anybody’s-boat-we-all-love-each-other-and-are-all-so-spiritual-and-awake blind belief syndrome any day.

      Waking up demands we look clearly into our own hearts and minds and remove the cobwebs and clean house. We look with absolute unconditional love, but we don’t let a desire to appear all spiritual cloud our sight and our desire for truth and for truly waking up.

      Both, mine and Kay’s experiences in studying with some rather extraordinary people, have instilled the conviction that glossing over the real harsh aspects of our masks does not help anybody if our desire is to truly wake up and help the rest of the world to wake up.

      That belief is the underlying motivation for what we share here.

      One of the reasons there finally where so many peace rallies during the Vietnam War was that people finally began to see the truth of what was really happening in that war, literally, and they finally felt they had to do something. It was watching the unedited and uncensored blood and gore, they got the truth of it in their face, that woke them up to what that war was really like.

      If we were to see the violence going on within each of us in the struggle of our masks to keep dominance and control over us, we would all be on the metaphorical streets and barricades to rally for an end to this insanity in an instant.

      Our teachers and our spirit helpers and guides have instilled a very different perspective in us compared to the prevailing perspectives in our culture and even within most spiritual groups and circles.

      Teasing and loving irreverence is among the fastest ways to push, or if that’s too harsh a word for you, guide people off their web of complacency of thinking that they are all spiritual and awake and with that help and allow them to experience a new and more accurate reality.

      A reality in which masks don’t control every tiny little aspect of your life, and for the first time, people have to figure out what their Song really is and how to be with it in the world.

      If there is a faster, more effective way to get there, I haven’t seen it yet.

      The fundamental basis for this approach is absolute equality, nothing is more important than anything else in this life, in this world.

      Everything is hugely different and diverse, with different capabilities and different gifts, but they are all equal.

      Where most people see spirituality, we see dogma and hierarchy and inequality and blind honoring and blind respect which easily leads to glossing over things, lots of things!

      To get to different perspectives from that place, both Kay’s and my experience is that jolting people out of their complacency is often the fastest way for them to consider the reality of their beliefs.

      It does not always work, but when it does, it works rather remarkably.

      There is still respect and honor and love, unconditional love, and there is the offer of experiencing the truth, no more make believe.

      Which is also the part that can hugely frighten people.

      Some are ready to take that step, others are not. Either is fine.

      But dismissing the approach as a whole is denying the opportunity to explore what’s on the other side of the veil, what’s behind the jolt, what will we uncover around the next corner, when we fall off our web of complacency.

      And this is what Kay meant when she said that your actions so perfectly highlight why our culture is in the state it’s in. This is both personal and cultural. Personal masks and culturally held masks.

      One of the most important things we need to consider here is that we are dealing with thoughtforms.

      All these things are thoughtforms: Buddha – Buddhism – Jesus – Christianity – Spirituality – Masks – Song.

      We engage thoughtforms when we think about them, talk, write, etc.; when we think about anything. This is the way nature designed us.

      We need to be honest about what is actually in the thoughtforms or what we “believe” is in those thoughtforms.

      If we want to understand Song and masks and be able to put our attention into our own Song at will, not be controlled on automatic pilot by masks, we need to understand the truth about masks in ourselves, in the people around us and in all the people.

      People are blinded by their masks, they are lied to. And they are deeply invested in these lies without question. So to get them to “see” they need to be shown the reality of this. This usually means jolting them in order to “break the spell” of the masks’ programming.

      In order to wake up, really truly wake up and stay awake, no make believe, it takes for most people to be pushed off their web. And in our culture their web is usually entirely woven by mask beliefs and fears.

      It takes for most people to be jolted out of their spiritual lull, so that they may be able to dig a little deeper, so that they can explore how deep the rabbit hole really goes, how far their Song truly reaches and where reality and make believe diverge and which route they would like to take on their journey of waking up, or staying asleep.

      Let me give you an example.

      I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “my religion is kindness”.

      Well, let’s dig a little deeper so we may be able to see a clearer picture about this “religion of kindness”.

      The article you will find by following this link is called “Friendly Feudalism: The Tibet Myth”, by Dr. Michael Parenti.

      Not a very well known piece in popular culture, but well worth the effort of exploring.

      This is just one example of what we mean when we say waking up requires digging a little deeper. It gives you an idea of what surprising things some of these thoughtforms hold. We have all been aware of the torrid history within Christianity. These pieces of information complete with all the emotions and terror are all in these thoughtforms sitting side by side with love your neighbor.

      We don’t decry love or kindness, or loving kindness. Those are essential ways to live and pursue the truth of things. We do disavow fake love and fake kindness. Fake love contributes more to humanity staying asleep than most anything else.

      Love is only real when it’s unconditional love and unconditional acceptance. When it’s not real, it’s make believe, it’s a lie, it’s food for asleepness, it’s a control mechanism.

      It’s ok if people want to live in make believe, there is nothing wrong with that.

      If, however, your intentions are to wake up and you have a keen desire to stay awake and help the world to wake up and see humanity wake up, you have to dig a little deeper, actually, much deeper. You have to go for what’s real.

      The world is hurting, people are dying, the world and people are suffocating under the weight of a morass of thoughtforms, of mask created thoughtforms. It’s such a violent event within individuals and on a global scale. I touched on it in my piece on violence.

      Yet, most spiritual teachings have lulled the masses into such a heavy mask sleep state where everything has to appear to be loving and kind and smiling and happy and nice nice. While everyone is policing each other on how they “should be” if they are really spiritual. It’s a perfect extension of the self policing nature of our culture used by religions the world over.

      “If you don’t behave the way we think you should behave we will abandon you and isolate you. We will take all our love away from you.”

      That kind of so-called love certainly has a lot of conditions on it. Not really very loving, is it?

      I think the world is living under enough shoulds, we don’t need to add to them under yet another spiritual pretense.

      The truth is hidden and buried. Most everyone is lulled into the make believe and making sure that everyone, including us working tirelessly to offer these ancient teachings to help people wake up, does not rock that nice-nice-happy-we-all-love-each-other-and-are-all-so-spiritual make believe boat.

      Domano and Chea, and in particular my teacher, saw their role as what would be best described as the Hangman in Taro or the number 12 in numerology. They saw the world from a perspective that appeared to most people upside down, but with that they had the opportunity to teach people to consider a different perspective, a hugely different perspective, with immense gravity.

      They heavily used teasing and irreverence to push people off their familiar (mask) webs into new possibilities of thinking and experiencing the world.

      I could describe it as sacred irreverence and lighthearted teasing, which it was. But it was also very straight and very direct and very very focused. Compared to their approach, what you find offensive in our sharing and teaching style in this public forum of our blog is child’s play.

      But our teachers also had deep deep caring based in pure unconditional love for us, for the world, for all life, which is something they instilled in us relentlessly as well.

      We know we ruffle feathers, but only because we want people to know that they are living in a war zone in which their masks are hellbent on controlling their every thought, feeling, experience and decisions.

      And that the spiritual-nice-nice-we’re-all-so-sweat-and-love-each-other make believe, and you-better-be-so-nice-to-me-too-because-I’m-so-spiritual, is only meant to keep everyone asleep and oblivious to how much they are actually living a lie.

      Among the most fascinating and wonderful aspects of Kay’s apprenticeship with Domano and Chea, as well as mine to my teacher, was their intense focus and clarity. They did not mince words and they did not do nice nice to mask the impact of their clear perception and focus no matter what the issue or circumstances.

      That does in no way mean they did not care. In fact quite the opposite. It was a sign and expression of how deeply they cared for us and our culture, indeed all of humanity.

      While they had the most amazing sense of humor and truly knew how to have fun and enjoy life they were appalled at the spiritual-nice-nice-peaceful-loving make believe which was sweeping the spiritual scene and was little more than another form of mask make believe of being awake.

      Their pursuit was truth. That’s what the teachings they shared were and are all about. They also are about real true unconditional love. The ability to truly hold and live unconditional love.

      This is about becoming free from the stranglehold of our masks and truly learning to know and live our Song.

      We are not on an anti war rally, but we are on a quest to make clarity of perception and experience a focus of human life; we are on a quest for all of humanity to be awake.

      We take great care in not hurting others in our pursuit, and as we said, that’s not always possible living in an interactive universe such as this. But we will continue with our purpose which is to share these teachings and help and guide people to their own experiences which aim towards waking up so that we may one day live in a world all awake.

      Thank you again for your sharing.

      Love and Song,

Helmut and Kay

      • Sandra 06/25/2012 at 8:52 pm #

        Dear Helmut,

        Ooooohhhhh!!!!! You have touched on so many lovely truths that I can barely contain myself!! NOW we’re getting somewhere.

        I just love that you took the time to write so clearly how you are feeling and thinking. Some of you analogies are so right on that they make me feel like a pinball game(yep, the old-fashioned kind with bells, whistles and bright lights…ding!ding!ding!). Each one more than worthy of a conversation.

        It IS difficult when writings are read by a wide variety of people and I think that you and Kay are fearless when you offer your wisdom, especially in a blog format. It’s much easier to be a sheep than a shepherd, so to speak. I know an old Swami who would begin his talks by saying that, if he offended anyone, he was truly sorry, because that was never his intent.

        I had never thought of it that way, about the peace rallies during the Vietnam War. Wow. Nothing like folks going and getting themselves killed in a battle that is not their own, to awaken folks.

        Teasing and loving irreverence. Love that, too. For me the issue is, aside from the vibrations that words carry, the intention behind the words. Chea said that, “From the heart is the strongest way to work anything because it has balance on its side.” and that, “…actions set in motion always have the flavor of the doorway of their birth.” This is what I meant when I said that something had shifted. The feeling behind your words felt, to me, like anger with not so much love. Honestly, you could tell someone to fuck off, and with the right intention, it would not be perceived as an insult.

        We are SO on the same page when you speak of equality. Absolute equality, as you put it. President or pauper,each equally important (or not, depending on your point of view).

        When you speak of jolting people out of their complacency in the fastest way, I am wondering, what’s the hurry? Domano said that it takes a long time to learn and that he would tell Kay again and again until your insides know. I don’t understand how jolting and hurry fit into that.

        I have never heard of “my religion is kindness.” I did check out your link and read as much as I could. First of all, I am not a Buddhist, nor any other type of “ist.” As I said before, I seek only Truth. With regard to the violent actions of the Buddhists in the article, I did not know that. There is always an issue, however, when the actions of a particular group are examined, and not the original precepts. Buddha was not a Buddhist. If you got Jesus, Buddha, and Mohammed together, they would, no doubt, have a great time. For their followers, however, it would be quite a different story.

        The world Is living under many shoulds. One of my teachers once said to me, “Don’t should on yourself.” Thought you might like that one.

        It was the purity of the teachings of the Hetakas that first drew me to you and Kay and the Blog. It was so different from all of the other modern Western/Eastern beliefs. I felt, viscerally, the truth of them. That is what I seek.

        I’m not quite sure why you are sad to see me go. Actually, I’ve not gone anywhere and I am LOVING how you are both SO responsive and caring. I am also loving our conversations. Honestly, you could have just told me to fuck off, in so many words. Thanks for all of your time and I’ll keep coming back.

        With love,

  3. Raven 06/22/2012 at 11:29 pm #

    Hello Kay,
    Thank you for doing the important work–that of love. I must admit that formerly cynical, I now bow to a truth, a belief: that love is the most powerful force in human life–in all life, so long as you don’t try and define it narrowly. I am humbled by the experience of love’s apparent weakness–soft, fragile, gentle, vulnerable–like spring rain and unfurling green leaves. Every drop holds the power of the ocean, of life itself. Love stands before death undiminished, shining in beauty when even the bravest mountain crumbles.

    I have seen death take away the breath of those I love, but I love them still, and it grows and blooms and sets seeds in my heart that defy logical explaination.

    Love’s sword is the paradox of surrender, love’s shield the union with all that is. What could possibly be gained from trying to stuff that in a box? Who could claim authority over all? A little irreverence can be a great reminder that nobody’s got it all wrapped up, except of course when one gives it away as a gift. (whatever it is you think you’ve got).

    When I’m not still resisting this truth I’ve come to believe, I bow pretty well. Other times, I fall hard and nothing but love is deep enough to reach into my soul and call to me with gentle insistance until I rise again.

    Love bridges the difference between assumptions and acceptance, though for us born hard-headed, we often need reminding.

    • Helmut 06/25/2012 at 10:39 am #

      Beautiful, thanks for sharing Raven.

      Love and Song,



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