Alice’s Gifts of Knowledge and Unconditional Love

It’s been more than a year since our cat friend of 18 years passed.

Back then, after her passing, we mentioned what a tectonic shift her passing caused, but we were never fully able to describe what that meant.

In short, in her passing Alice gave the expression “death always leaves a gift” new meaning for us.

We’ve always loved music, good music, world folk, tribal, unusually great music, music which inspires the soul to dance, the spirit to sing it’s Song.

We always use music in our classes during practices and ceremonies and even recess to achieve very specific effects for very specific purposes.

Music allows you to touch your Song more easefully than many other art forms.

We also sang to some of the music sometimes.

This may sound strange to some; Alice was our cat friend and she loved music too. She always hung around when we listened to music and she especially enjoyed when we sang to it.

When she was dying we played music and we had the distinct knowingness that it eased her pain.

Her process of passing went on for about a month and there were experiences which are difficult to relay.

On her last day we ended up singing to and with her all day to our collection of music.

She was pretty weak already that day and got weaker as the day went on. She could barely raise her head anymore but wanted to sing with us so badly that she still managed to raise her head during the earlier parts of the day every time one of her more favorite songs came on.

What was even more amazing and beyond words along with the singing together was the sharing of love and knowledge she imbued on us throughout the day, but especially later on in the day during several moments which both Kay and I felt lasted forever.

We were holding her head up at the time because she wanted to sing so badly but couldn’t lift her head on her own anymore.

She began to gaze into our eyes, trying to sing and connect on a level of Song and love, unconditional love, we’ve never experienced before.

One at the time we held the gaze with her, into her eyes, going beyond and traveling through the expanse of the universe with her.

She was guiding us through a sea of unconditional love and knowledge throughout the universe.

Time stopped, space disappeared, distraction and babble seized.

Only love and connecting with each other while learning about and knowing each other and everything else in existence.

To say this was Alice’s gift of her death and dying would be accurate, but it would not grasp the enormity of it, not even close.

It was like all our hard work and explorations over the years, the decades of studying teachings from ancient traditions and learning ancient traditional ways of living were carried to a new level of understanding and integration.

It was as if in her final act she moved more of the missing puzzle pieces in place and with it the whole image became much more clear and made much more sense.

It was like she deciphered the rosetta stone of thousands of years of teachings in an instant.

It was so monumental and so delicate and gentle at the same time, to say it was nothing short of extraordinary is still not fully grasping the extent of it.

Throughout the past year since, we’ve more and more incorporated those experiences into our lives and our teachings, the shifts both our lives and the teachings made because of it where equally profound.

We’ve always been pretty happy with our lives, with each other and what students and clients received from our private work, teachings and classes, but adding these experiences carried everything to new levels.

Describing this shift is a bit difficult using merely words.

Kay and I have managed to create a life largely based in Song and Song to Song connections.

That we weren’t completely living that way was entirely due to me still struggling with masks and not fully and clearly understanding what it means to live in Song all the time.

Over the years I got better and better at it, in Kay’s words I got really good at letting go of my masks.

So we got to quite a beautiful and loving and caring and passionate place in our relationship.

And, Kay’s classes always guided students to extraordinary experiences and explorations to learn things about themselves, their purpose, the world and their place in it which they hadn’t known before, about Song and secrets of love and life which they hadn’t known before, which, in many cases, they could never even have imagined before,

And not only teaching them as in sharing knowledge, but teaching in a way where those insights become part of their lives and with it shifted their life’s experiences in a profound way.

So, our lives, our work and the teaching parts of our work were already quite amazing.

But adding Alice’s teachings to all of it was not unlike changing a work of art from beautiful to breathtaking, from outstanding to exquisitely unique, from great to extraordinary, from enjoyable to deeply moving, from memorable to lastingly powerful.

Great achievements are often not the work of genius, although those do exist. In many cases they are the result of ordinary people following their calling, their purpose, with passion and conviction never giving up or giving in, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.

That one day being with our cat friend as she passed made all our work, all our hardship, all our endless hours of laboring and, yes struggling, especially early on in the explorations, all worth it.

Yes, all that from a little kitty, who knew.

What strikes me at times is that even with all that, even with all those gifts, I still would give them all up gladly in exchange for being able to touch her, feel her silky fur, one more time. To look into her eyes for one more moment, to hear her soothing purr one more time.

Crazy, I know, but I also think this is what makes us human.

The world is changing, humanity is changing.

Waking up can mean a lot of things. To us, first and foremost it means to know self, to know Song and to know unconditional love and live both with clarity and focus.

It means to cease our search of finding either on the outside and to own and know both inside of ourselves and express both in everything we do, everything. Every little thought, feeling and action.

All ancient traditions talk about the impact our thoughts and feelings have on our reality.

Within Ka Ta See, within the ancient traditions of Mu, within the ancient Egyptian mystery teachings, within the Atlantian culture and far beyond that, knowing you, your self, your Song, always was the most important thing to learn on a journey to real knowledge, to waking up, to real healing.

Not in a narcissistic obsession, but as a matter of reality.

Knowing your Song, your beauty, your ancientness, your vastness, what your purpose is and has been through the ages, will change your life in ways you never thought possible.

They all talk about how we can heal ourselves, how we can heal the world, by quieting our babble, by gaining control of our thoughts and feelings, by being able to choose what we think and feel and sharing that with the world.

In other words, by knowing our Song and living it.

When we share Song we heal ourselves and we heal everyone around us and ultimately heal the world with those energies.

That’s why we say: “When We Heal, We Heal All Else!”

And that’s the true goal and purpose of learning to live in Song.

Once you begin to identify with your Song and understand your impact and influence on the world around you, it’s time to learn to use these energies and gifts purposefully.

We’ve studied what it means to incorporate this into our daily lives for decades. We’ve lived this way as best we knew how.

Alice has taken us to a way of living the knowledge of Song, of living our Song, to new and uncharted expanses, to experiencing and living profound levels of unconditional love and we will be eternally grateful to her.

It is our hope that we will be able to adapt even more of her gifts into our life and work and that we are able to share more and more of these new explorations and discoveries as we go.

In Love and Song,



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6 Responses to Alice’s Gifts of Knowledge and Unconditional Love

  1. Laura 11/09/2012 at 8:36 pm #

    Thanks, Helmut, for sharing that. As you know, I made a connection with Alice and enjoyed her beingness when I visited you and Kay in Montana and later in New Mexico. She was a beautiful creature, and I feel privileged to have met her. Our animal companions are so special–that’s real unconditional love.

    By the way, my newest novel, The Garden Gate: An Inner Journey, has at last been published in Australia by a small press called Mistymoon Mountain. An e-book is coming soon. I’m still looking for the right US publisher.

    Love to you both!


    • Helmut 11/14/2012 at 8:25 am #

      Hi Laura,

      I remember and am glad you had the chance to make the connection. She was/is truly amazing.

      Congratulations on your book and hope all goes well and easeful with ebook and US publishing.

      Love and Song,


  2. Susan 11/09/2012 at 10:32 pm #

    I understand what you are getting at w/this piece. Immediately upon the sudden death of my husband, the gifts in death manifested in such an expansive & cascading way for me. Portals/doors opened. Knowledge pours in to me, I felt a joy so incredibly huge just days after his exit, greater joy than I had ever previously experienced. It is challenging to put this experience into words.I am currently working on this. My experience w/death has not been a common one apparently as I share it, yet is profoundly altering my being everyday for 33 months now. Death is not the end, or a end. Yes, deep deep grief & sorrow, yet indescribably expansiveness for both him & me. In Ka Ta See language this experience has catapulted me into my Song, head first, no turning back now!!

    • Helmut 11/14/2012 at 8:30 am #

      Not much to add here Susan. You definitely know about what I was trying to express here.

      Yes, there is grief and sorrow and it’s not about suppressing that. It’s about seeing the whole picture and moving forward with the enormous gifts we’ve been given.

      Thank you for sharing.

      Love and Song,


  3. L. Leigh Meriweather 11/13/2012 at 12:57 pm #

    Hi Helmut, what a beautiful piece. I was teary eyed throughout it.

    I understand that “There is no life without death and no death without rebirth” and help people Honor and reconnect their loved ones (people and pets) who have departed, but what a lovely extension of understanding that death always leaves a gift. I simply love that. We just all need to be open to exploring this. Can I reference Alice’s message?

    My own cat, Xander, in trying to help me with some deep grief gave the message of “Instead of being in the moment of loss…be in the moment of love.”

    I love your writing, your voice and your message…so amazing and so beautiful!

    Thank you!

    L. Leigh Meriweather

    • Helmut 11/14/2012 at 10:25 am #

      Hi Leigh,

      Writing is very solitary for me. There is a large aspect to it which is just for my own benefit, a way to make my life’s experiences more clear and tangible for myself but it’s also about sharing the gifts I’ve been given.

      The best I hope for is that what I share touches someone and maybe even becomes part of their inner conversation and experience.

      I’ve received some great responses to my writing and I’m grateful for and love all of them because they show that the stories are part of peoples lives and dialogue and that people care.

      None however have touched me as deeply as yours and saying thank you doesn’t seem nearly enough for that.

      Your sharing reminds me again and again how deeply Alice has and still is touching our lives. I’m glad you can connect with your friend Xander in a very similar way.

      And, absolutely, please feel free to share any way you feel appropriate.

      Love and Song,


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