How To Take Control Of Our Thoughts And Feelings And In So Doing Determine Our Reality

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Earlier this year we shared two videos from Kay’s Secret Codes of Healing Course.

They are called “What Made Us And Our World Sick Is What We Have Been Believing Thinking And Feeling” and “Thoughts Energetic Information And Their Effects On Water.”

We felt a strong need to share more about how we can actually take control of our attention and guide those thoughts and feelings of ours so that we will have more control over what kind of reality we create?

There is a strong belief among many in the new age spiritual world that all spiritual teachings are the same, that, ultimately, they all have the same goal.

Granted, they do have things in common, but to say they are the same and have the same goal, is gravely simplifying the issue and dangerously underestimating the impact of blindly accepting that they all have the same goal.

From our perspective, they do not have the same goal, but many do have one thing they are all adamant about which are the teachings about our thoughts creating our reality.

And they always emphasize how the impact of our thoughts on the world is proportionally intensified by the level of emotional charge we attach to those thoughts.

The stronger the emotional charge, the greater the impact and influence.

Obviously, there is more, but for now, just for the sake of argument, lets assume this is all true, we can wrangle about the details later. For now, lets just assume for a moment this is reality.

I know it was to the ancient Egyptians, it’s in their teachings. I know it is to the Dogan. I know it is to the Kogi, to the Inca and Mayan and I know for sure it is to the people of Ka Ta See.

So lets just take a leap of faith and assume this is true: our thoughts, feelings and emotions shape our reality so profoundly it’s hard to fathom for us today.

If we do accept this is reality the most important question than is, what are we, each one of us, contributing to shape this reality, what are we thinking and feeling every day, every minute of every day, all day long?

Not just when we’re sitting in meditation or prayer, not just when we go to a church meeting on Sunday or when we are in a sweat lodge, not just when we are in the midst of our practices, or when we are focusing on healing work, or when we are making love or doing our art, but every minute of the day all day long every day, what are our thoughts and feelings?

In Ka Ta See we call it mask babble, or mask thoughtforms, or simply masks.

These are the psychological programming and thought patterns which are deeply ingrained into our brain, the emotional ways of reacting on automatic, which are deeply ingrained into our emotional makeup, and to which we are highly addicted.

There are certain groups who strongly believe you can never get rid of your masks, your babble, your nasty chatter and feelings, you can only learn to get them in check, at best.

In Ka Ta See the main focus always has been for many many thousands of years to teach people how to not just get their thoughts and feelings in check, but to completely and utterly free themselves from their masks and to help them find their truth, their unique individual piece of creator, their Song as we call it and live that truth every day.

When people who have followed eastern tradition hear about the concept of masks they equate it with ego and since ego is seen as part of your being, you can’t get rid of it.

Our masks are NOT our ego and so they are not part of our being, they are separate entities. We identify with them, we think that these masks are who we are, but they are separate things.

And, as so many people have experienced we can, in an amicable way, part ways with those entities. For good.

As Domano and Chea always told Kay, don’t go to war with your masks because if you do you’ll loose.

It’s a big subject, obviously, but in the end, it’s rather simple.

We are a culture, a people, who have become accustomed to identifying our problems as outside of us.

We feel the world is the problem, we find justification for others to be the problem, we argue about the world being in chaos.

In reality, the world outside of ourselves is not the problem, it’s merely a reflection of what’s going on inside of us, our thoughts and feelings about confusion, despair, turmoil, violence, fierce judgement, loneliness, separation, the lack of meaningful connections and on and on.

All the things we humans babble on and get riled up about, fret and worry about all day long in our hearts and minds are playing out in the world in front of our very eyes.

We can’t heal these thoughts and feelings by blindly following a religious dogma, that’s not unlike people trying to fill the emptiness they feel inside with things from the shopping mall.

We can only heal these thoughts and feelings and free ourselves from them if we go deep inside and heal ourselves.

The goal is for every one of us to be able to hold the thoughts and feelings which are our truth, the thoughts and feelings we want to hold each and every day, every minute of every day all day long.

The goal is to realize the Song reality inside our own being, and ultimately, create a world based on the truth of our Song, of the Songs of all of us and all the amazing Songs we share this world with.

To create a world in which unconditional love is not just a concept, but a reality. A reality so palatable you can almost touch it.

A reality in which humans know their Song and live the freedom and passion of it with that unconditional love.

A world in which we are able to let go of the fierce judgement and begin to create meaningful heart centered connections instead of continuing to create painful separations.

But, all this starts with us, with you and I, individually.

So, the question still is, what is the reality inside each of us?

Where is our attention all day long?

What are our thought patterns?

How intense are our addictions to the emotional roller coasters?

And, how can we learn to stop all of this at will, let go of our addictions to destructive repetitive thought patterns and emotional chaos?

It’s simple and it’s hard work.

It’s simple because it requires only simple steps.

It’s hard work because we are attempting to change lifelong addictions so powerful they make a junky’s addictions to his substance look like nice try.

It’s hard work because we are trying to change lifelong habits of thinking and feeling in confusing, destructive, separating ways.

We are attempting to change deeply engrained thought patterns and emotional structures which we have been worshipping as the truth most of our lives.

Masks give us a high, a chemical high, literally, often with intense emotional counterparts.

When we engage our most favorite mask patterns they release opiates into our brain and often high levels of endorphins or adrenaline and we get our fix, we get high.

By the time we are grown up we are very addicted to getting our mask fix, and that addiction is even stronger than being addicted to heroin or meth.

I’m not talking about the lethal qualities to the human body, I’m talking about the addictive force, a force so powerful we’d do most anything to get our next fix.

Problem is, unlike a junky who has to go out to get his next shot, we just have to go to the mask places between our ears, and voila, we’ve just shot up, again, we’re on our high ride, again.

It is said that we are so addicted to that high, it’s easier for a junky to put down his needle than it is for us to not go to our mask places.

So, there you are, that’s why it can be hard.

But, there is hope.

Domano and Chea, Kay’s Peruvian adopted grandparents and teachers, always said that it is as difficult as you want it to be and it takes as long as you believe it will take.

So we come back to the same questions.

What do you want your thoughts to be?

What do you want to dwell on all day every day?

What do you want your impact on your life to be?

What do you want your impact on the world to be?

If you don’t like your thoughts as they are today, change them.

Make the choice, right here, right now.

Not tomorrow, not some day, not maybe, not when you’re ready, right here, right now.

Put down the needle and never pick it up again.

It can be that simple, but it takes some serious commitment and willpower to heal and wake up and live awake to that degree.

If this cold turkey approach seems impossible for you right now, you can at least resolve to work towards that end and commit to begin to choose a different thought pattern every time you find yourself in the midst of a mask-o-rama yet again.

I mean, come on, we all know when we’re engaging and wallowing in unhealthy thought adventures and feelings, when we’re indulging in another mask high.

We know when we’re judging and condemning and carry feelings of resentment or hate towards ourselves and others.

When we think the world would be a great place if it weren’t for so many stupid, pesky humans.

We all know when we engage in fierce separation instead of caring, of finding common ground and the possibility of heartfelt connections.

We all know when we’re in those places.

Question is, are we willing to commit to stop ourselves in our tracks when we catch ourselves going off the deep end?

And the biggest problem with that is that we’re so addicted to the rush of letting our thoughts and feelings go rampant.

What can make it easier to change the thought and feeling tracks we’re on are two things.

One, to have something to replace them with.

And two, truly evaluate our thoughts and feelings as to whether or not they are building a Song world inside and out or are they furthering the growth of the mask world inside and out.

Without having something to replace those crippling thoughts and feelings with we create a vacuum when we try to turn our attention away from them and inevitably, our attention drifts back to those same thoughts and feelings.

For us, in Ka Ta See, that thing we fill that vacuum with is the knowingness and feeling of our Song, putting our attention back to our Song.

As Domano and Chea said, ‘Song is the torchlight on the roller coaster ride of a spiritual journey.’

Song is what is there after all the masks have been set aside or, better yet, removed. It’s the real you. Your real identity. It can’t be tainted.

At the same time, it is just as important to continue to pay close attention to our thoughts and feelings as to what kind of world we are building with them inside and out and whether or not that is the world we truly want to live in.

That’s the second thing, always observe the impact you are having to see if it truly is the impact you want to have.

This is how we change ourselves and this is how we, in turn, change our reality and this changes our world.

We do need to be the change we want to see in the world, for real.

I’m suspecting if you’ve read this far, you are very well acquainted with this addictive dance I’m describing.

Let us know how you’re doing with that dance in the comments below.

Love and Song,


PS: Synchronicity is a funny thing. As I finished writing this piece I closed it and went back to writing the opening registration letter for Kay’s upcoming 4 Year Course series and when I saw where I’d left off in the writing of that piece I felt strongly I should add that part to this post.

It’s a short piece which describes Level 3 from the Setting The World In Balance series.


Level 3: Mastering Attention – The Shamans Key

This experiential workshop is an advanced course from the Setting The World In Balance series.

Mastering one’s attention, learning how to focus one’s mind from a “Song centered base” on something of one’s choice and hold it there without any distractions or wavering stimulated by the beliefs and thoughtforms of others, is the key tool of all ancient shamanic traditions.

In this class Kay offers you the advanced shamanic training in the profound power and clarity that comes from living in the passionate state of natural joy and flowing sacred energy: the state of living in and from one’s own Song – a “Song centered base”.

Being and living in Song is being “in-love with life”. Truly being able to free yourself from your masks and live a life in Song is to express love and clarity in every moment and in everything you do.

This class will include advanced and highly detailed work in collecting and focusing your attention, moving and holding your attention purposefully, the true nature and power of beliefs and thoughtforms in you and your world, and how you deeply connect with and effect everything and with it all of Creation.

Mastering of attention is the key to the shaman’s setting their world in balance, within and without.

If you’d like to find out more about the course series here is the link:

Setting The World In Balance

For questions and comments, use the comment options below, or write us at 
song (at) katasee (dot) com.

Most importantly, find your happy place and live your life from that place.

Love and Song,



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6 Responses to How To Take Control Of Our Thoughts And Feelings And In So Doing Determine Our Reality

  1. Raven 05/03/2013 at 6:35 am #

    My friend, I love your synchronicity–it is as if you speak just for me, a bird’s song at dawn reminding me of who I am. Sometimes an encouraging word spoken honestly can reach the loneliest places. Blessings to you and Kay for doing your thing. I’m envisioning a wonderful part of the journey, stepping forth right now–hope you feel the ripples and they tickle your toes. (HUG).

    • Helmut 05/04/2013 at 5:47 pm #

      Thanks Raven!

      Blessings to you too.

      Song to Song,


  2. Valerie 05/06/2013 at 2:51 pm #

    I often wonder why the addictive power feels so strong? I am certainly making progress and know that what I gain in exchange for the roller coaster is a smooth sailing, and constant well-being that gently reveals itself to be so deep and so great that those pesky addictions will seem silly in retrospect. May I make it so now. Light and love and thanks!

    • Helmut 05/07/2013 at 10:34 am #

      That’s a great question Valerie.

      The main reasons for the intensity of our addictions to our masks are the benefits we’ve been receiving all of our life for engaging them.

      We literally get juiced up chemically to start with, then we get internal mask approval and we get external social approval and all this has been and is being reinforced every minute of every day, every day of our lives.

      Not being accepted, not getting approval, not being ok are our greatest fears and we believe that living our Song makes all those fears come true. Our masks use that against us and convince us that living in masks keeps us safe.

      That’s the short version of why we’re so addicted.

      I’m glad you are making progress and thank you for sharing.

      Song to Song,


  3. John 05/08/2013 at 6:39 am #

    You know there are times when I am the most deeply hooked into my masks, running intense emotional trips that makes me feel like dying, I feel my Song bubbling underneath. Its like, the intensity only reminds me of how ridiculous they are, how unreal. This doesn’t necessarily mean I turn it of right then. Often I might still find it very hard to move on, but it allows me to observe and say to myself “Okay, now I understand what is going on.” It may end up needing more processing, but the point is no matter involved I may be at that moment, it becomes just another opportunity to learn about and unplug the masks.
    Also, the moment I have realized that my Song is something different and I see what the mask is, is the moment I get my power back and almost reflexively begin turning my attention to my Song. This too is a part of processing, identifying and letting go.

    • Helmut 05/08/2013 at 5:59 pm #

      Hi John,

      There is a lot in what you are sharing. The intense emotional trips are part of the benefits we’re getting, even though they may feel like we’re dying. It’s a bit twisted, but that’s what our masks use to hook us into running them.

      Needing more time for processing maybe true, but it can just as likely be an excuse for not stopping.

      Our masks can be so tricky that way.

      Learning more about our masks may or may not be necessary to unplug them, just as it is not necessary to remember the details of a trauma we have experienced in our life in order to let it go.

      And when it comes to our masks, letting go is the challenge. I’m glad you can do that once you identify which is which.

      Thanks for sharing.

      Song to Song,


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