Peace On Earth and Good Will To Man

I arrived at the center of the world at the foot of the three of life and to my surprise I found myself waiting there for me.

I found something this year.

Or more accurately, I finally understood something deep in my bones this year. Something which I realized I’ve been searching for all of my life. Peace.

Not just a moment in ceremony or meditation, or bliss or beauty, but as a way of being in the world, as a way of being in my life, as a way of being.

I never thought that I would learn to understand what having peace in my heart actually meant, let alone being able to be in it, to live it.

It seems a little trivial writing about it.

So you found peace, big deal.

You bet, it is for me!

Because as I experience it, not knowing it keeps us running around in endless struggle, in endless mind loops questioning our worth, wondering about the meaning and purpose of our existence. Wanting people to like us and always wondering whether or not they do. Wondering if we’re good enough. Wondering about our place in the world, about our place amongst the stars, constantly being tossed around in the psychic winds

I can tell you one thing. From where I stand, just celebrating one tiny time of the year that focuses especially on peace on earth and good will to man seems patronizing, a cultural pretending.

Real peace is so important it should be celebrated every day, talked about everyday.  Focusing on feeling and living peace inside of our whole being through the whole of our days, through our everyday stuff.

The elders say we all do the best we can wherever we’re at, and that’s a good thing.

Meanwhile, back at our little house in the desert, there’s lots we’ve been working on throughout the year to bring you these ancient ways of peace. Stay tuned, follow us, like our page, if you’re so inclined. Get on our mailing list, or not.

It’s ok either way.

If you’re curious about what we’ve in store for you next year, you might wanna pick a way to follow our updates.

In the meantime, if you are interested in knowing peace while knowing your place in the world and living with purpose and meaning, start reading, or re-reading The Reluctant Shaman, it might just blow your socks off, in a peaceful kind of way of course. 🙂

Happy Holidays and a beautiful new year filled with love, purpose, meaning and most importantly of all, peace.

Love, always!

Helmut & Kay

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