Live Video Bone Throwing Ceremony About The Election – And You’re Invited

This will be our first live worldwide video broadcast of a Bone Throwing Ceremony.

And you’re invited to participate.


As you may know, we have asked people to send us questions that they would like for us to consider for a Bone Throwing Ceremony about the election.

And then we asked everyone to vote on which question they like the most.

And so we finally came up with a question for the Bone Throwing Ceremony about the election! Yeah!!

#5 came up as the favorite:

“Would LOVE to hear the Spirits’ perspective on the election!! Specifically, why this happened, and what we can do to mitigate the damage to our planet, the environment and wildlife and sacred places? Can we do the most good by joining a political movement, or are there ceremonies and ways to hold energy that are even more effective for students of Ka Ta See?”

Thanks Linden for sharing your question!

And thank you all again for your input and sharing, we really appreciate your help!

Runner ups were #4:

“What Now? What can we do now that this has happened? What new energies will this open up? How can we make the best of this?”

And #2 and #3, which are very similar and could be combined:

“What are the BLESSINGS coming from the current outcome of the election?”


“I’d love to know what the gifts are that this election has to offer!”

As you may remember, we added a question about happiness that came from what our teachers taught us, that the most important thing you can do for yourself and the world is to let yourself be happy.

And the question we added, “What does that mean to let ourselves be happy? What does that look like? How do you do that? And why would allowing yourself to be happy be the most important thing you can do?”, was another close runner up.

Our question about whether or not we should be doing a series got a good response too.

With all this input and sharing from you our plan is to go ahead and do a ceremony with the question that got the most votes and see how that goes.

Afterwards we’ll see if there is guidance to do more ceremonies about the election.

Date, time and details on how to join will be coming soon.

There was also interest in additional issues some of you shared such as questions about Fukushima, the importance of water, and the time of the vulture that we are moving into, and others.

Those are all interesting to us too and one of the things Kay and I talked about is that we might be doing more public Bone Throwing Ceremonies going forward to ask for help and guidance from the spirits about many of the other things that are close to your heart, and ours.

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This will be our first live Bone Throwing Ceremony broadcast via video. So you can actually see what happens, live, and be right in the middle of the experience.

We are looking forward and can’t wait to share this live ceremony with you!

Thoughts, comments, questions? Post them in the comments.

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Both our Love and Song,

Helmut & Kay

PS: Share with your friends if you feel inspired. Bone Throwing Ceremonies can be life changing healing events.

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