Ceremony For All Of Us

Even though I don’t have the time, I transcribe the occasional Bone Throwing Ceremony or teaching session.

I have found that what I learn that way is immeasurable.

As I was listening to Kay sharing what the Spirits of the Bones shared about the election, about what got us here and what we can do that will get us out of here, I knew right away that I would transcribe the recording.

And so I did.

I’ve been on this path for a few years now. I’ve observed. I worked. I studied. I made mistakes, remarkable ones. I learned a few things, some you could say equally impressive as some of my mistakes.

And there are many things that still, even after all these years, amaze and astound me.

Kay does, for one. She will never cease to amaze me until my dying breath, or hers. And not even then, I’m sure.

Going forward, we will share passages from the transcript of the ceremony because I think we all learn and grow a lot more when we read and hear things again and again. I know that’s been true for me.

We will also share the audio from the ceremony with you, just in case you’d like to listen to it on the go, without watching the video.

I have a couple of requests as we move forward with sharing passages from the transcript.

One, try not to judge what you read.

Two, try not to think that you know “that” already.

Blind beliefs, judgments, jumping to conclusions, expectations, assumptions, and arrogance are among the big reasons we are in the precarious shape we’re in as a people.

And third, read carefully, slowly, read not just with your mind, but with your whole being. And try to keep an open mind and heart.

Sit with what you’re reading and see if, in time, it may turn out to be closer to the truth than you first thought, after all.

Years ago, I had somebody tell me that the Spirits of the Bones always say the same thing.

I smiled. I may have looked a bit perplexed, ok maybe I looked a lot perplexed.

Ceremony has been the central foundation for gaining healing, knowledge, and balance for ancient people and tribal cultures all around the world for eons. Which is a long time. It’s quite impossible to imagine any of them saying, “Well, let’s not do

It’s quite impossible to imagine any of them saying, “Well, let’s not do ceremony and talk to the Spirits anymore because they always say the same thing anyway.”

When I heard that I thought to myself, what about sex? I guess, from a certain perspective, you could say sex is always the same.

And yet humans can’t stop having it.

The Hetakas say that the lack of ceremony in our modern Western world, the lack of connecting and talking with and receiving healing through ceremony, of gaining knowledge and clarity through ceremony, of finding balance and meaning and purpose through ceremony, is one of the main reasons our culture is, as they put it, “asleep at the wheel”. It is the reason we are in a place where we have the most negative things of our culture in a seat of power, like the White House, running the show.

Every ceremony offers so many beautiful gifts from the spirits.

Just as sex is a prayer to the universe and an exchange of immeasurable gifts, unless you just wanna get off, then it may not be so much of that, the gifts of ceremony are countless, and every ceremony is a prayer for and a gift of profound healing of yourself, humanity and the world.

Not to mention the gift of healing for and building of community and relationships based on real heart to heart, Song to Song connections.

Joseph Campbell so famously said that “We are living in the midst of mythological rubble.”

I think we are living in the midst of that rubble because we have abandoned coming together in ceremony.

The Christians know about that. Just look at what’s going on this weekend.

For those of us for whom the “Christ-thing” doesn’t do much, finding ways to be in ceremony may be a path out of the mythological rubble to find healing, to find clarity, to find meaning and purpose.

I know it is for me. I know it is for us. I know it is for our community. And therefore we will continue to offer more opportunities for you to participate in ceremony going forward.

If that interests you, make sure you are on our mailing list.


Happy Easter and Happy Spring!

Song to Song,


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