What’s The Most Important Thing?

“But what the spirits are saying is the most important thing is our relationship with this love, with all this spirituality, with all the non-linear spiritual things, with the spiritual side of ourselves, with waking up.

This is our strength, this is our tool, we have the tool, it’s in our hand.”

– Kay Cordell Whitaker reading the Bone Throw about the election

We asked the spirits of the Bones what we can do about the result of the election, and they said the most important thing is to get in touch with unconditional love, with our spirituality, with the non-linear.

In other words, they tell us that to get out of this mess we need to get in touch with all the things most of us have been told most of our lives aren’t real.


I lost count of how many times on my journey I thought that I finally had gotten my act together and now I know things.

Today I don’t believe that anymore. Today I consider that I might have an understanding of a thing or I realize that I don’t.

But even if I do feel that I have an understanding I am always certain that there is a larger understanding, very possibly a much larger one waiting for me to learn down the road.

I have observed a great many people in the spiritual world who believe that they have their act together, that they now know things, that they are awake, or almost awake.

Looking at the shamanic world, I sometimes feel like there are more shamans today than apprentices.

Me, when someone asks me what I do I often tell them that I’m a shaman in training. Because for me, the only time the training ends is when I die. And very likely not even then.

Although training isn’t quite accurate a word to use here, no better one comes to mind.

I believe one of the challenges we are facing as people in our desire to wake up and effect change is that so many of us in the spiritual world think they are already awake, that they already know stuff, a lot of stuff.

You can’t learn anything new when your cup is full. That’s a bit of a problem cause when you’re convinced that you already know something you’re much less willing or likely to learn it.

In contrast, our teachers used to say that when it comes to being awake humanity is still in nursery school; we are still at the very beginning.

So the spirits say that among the most important things for us to do to get out of the mess we’re finding ourselves in is to get in touch with spirituality, with our spiritual side, with the non-linear, and a lot of people think they’re already there.

Well, as we say in our world, the proof is in the pudding.

The best way to learn about the spiritual side of yourself, the best way you can truly wake up to all of this, is through ceremony.

I shared about the importance of ceremony in my last piece called “Ceremony For All Of Us.”

But you need to come with an open mind, an open heart and an empty cup to ceremony, otherwise, you’re much more likely to pick up more blind beliefs than you will let go of. And it’s unlikely you touch real information that way.

And that’s not exactly getting in touch with your spiritual side and could even be considered a waste of time and sacred potential.

Within ancient tradition ceremony is designed to bring you in touch with who you really are and why you’re here. To offer you to learn about your gifts and powers and teach you about the change you can help create with those gifts in your life and the world.

To free yourself from society’s programming and share how to find that truth and freedom.

They talk about truly getting in touch with your spiritual side and with nonlinear reality.

Kay and I have been talking about the next Bone Throwing Ceremony and what we could ask the spirits. We’ve come up with a couple of things and would like to run those by you and ask for your thoughts and ideas.

I’ll share more details in my next piece.

For now, if you’d like to be part of those ceremonies, or get access to the recording of them, and want to help us with finding the next questions to ask the spirits, make sure you are on our mailing list.


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