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What’s next?

What’s next?

You may be getting tired of hearing me say how amazing the Bone Throwing Ceremony about the election was so I won’t say it again. 🙂

One of my favorite things in the world is to sit in the middle of the energies of a ceremony with Kay afterward and just feel what’s there and talk with her about our experiences during the ceremony and share more details about what happened during the ceremony for each of us.

I cherish the healing energy that is surrounding us; I cherish how going deeper into what the spirits shared and the details we touch on during that time. I love that time of being in all that energy and clarity.

We weren’t able to do that right away after the election Bone Throw because we had one of our live Ka Ta See Mentorship Sessions scheduled after the Throw. But we had a chance to do it later on.

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What’s The Most Important Thing?

“But what the spirits are saying is the most important thing is our relationship with this love, with all this spirituality, with all the non-linear spiritual things, with the spiritual side of ourselves, with waking up.

This is our strength, this is our tool, we have the tool, it’s in our hand.”

– Kay Cordell Whitaker reading the Bone Throw about the election

We asked the spirits of the Bones what we can do about the result of the election, and they said the most important thing is to get in touch with unconditional love, with our spirituality, with the non-linear.

In other words, they tell us that to get out of this mess we need to get in touch with all the things most of us have been told most of our lives aren’t real.


I lost count of how many times on my journey I thought that I finally had gotten my act together and now I know things.

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Ceremony For All Of Us

Even though I don’t have the time, I transcribe the occasional Bone Throwing Ceremony or teaching session.

I have found that what I learn that way is immeasurable.

As I was listening to Kay sharing what the Spirits of the Bones shared about the election, about what got us here and what we can do that will get us out of here, I knew right away that I would transcribe the recording.

And so I did.

I’ve been on this path for a few years now. I’ve observed. I worked. I studied. I made mistakes, remarkable ones. I learned a few things, some you could say equally impressive as some of my mistakes.

And there are many things that still, even after all these years, amaze and astound me.

Kay does, for one. She will never cease to amaze me until my dying breath, or hers. And not even then, I’m sure.

Going forward, we will share passages from the transcript of the ceremony because I think we all learn and grow a lot more when we read and hear things again and again. I know that’s been true for me.

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The Story of the Woosai

The Story of the Woosai

“There are many things in the scheme of existence,” Chea continued, “that you do not know yet. Look what you have learned already. Do not make a judgment. Just hold what you hear and see as pieces to a great puzzle. Someday they will all fit in place. But not if you judge them now and throw the pieces away.”

– From The Reluctant Shaman

Try not to judge and throw the pieces away.

Here is the story of the Woosai,

It’s a good story, a great story even. Like all of Domano and Chea’s stories, this one offers a lot of gifts.

It’s about the life of the Woosai and which path they chose.

If you’re interested in learning about how you can help humanity to choose the best path for the generations on this planet, join the upcoming Bone Throwing Ceremony.

Here is the link to join,

We are looking forward to seeing you in the ceremony!

Song to Song,



Live Video Bone Throwing Ceremony About The Election – And You’re Invited

This will be our first live worldwide video broadcast of a Bone Throwing Ceremony.

And you’re invited to participate.


As you may know, we have asked people to send us questions that they would like for us to consider for a Bone Throwing Ceremony about the election.

And then we asked everyone to vote on which question they like the most.

And so we finally came up with a question for the Bone Throwing Ceremony about the election! Yeah!!

#5 came up as the favorite:

“Would LOVE to hear the Spirits’ perspective on the election!! Specifically, why this happened, and what we can do to mitigate the damage to our planet, the environment and wildlife and sacred places? Can we do the most good by joining a political movement, or are there ceremonies and ways to hold energy that are even more effective for students of Ka Ta See?”

Thanks Linden for sharing your question!

And thank you all again for your input and sharing, we really appreciate your help!

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