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Living An Authentic Life


“In thinking on my death I hoped I would be ready, so that on that day my obituary would be able to say I was a strong individual; that I nurtured my uniqueness; that I always stood up for equity and diversity to their fullest among all things; that the ordinariness of the white culture is a crime of boredom and a waste of sacred potential. I hoped it would say that I was never ordinary.”

– Kay Cordell Whitaker, “Sacred Link – Joining Fortunes With The Unknown – Chapter 5, Touch The Clay, Touch The Altar”


Touch The Clay, Touch The Altar

…Chea handed me a bowl to put away in the cupboard. “So,” she said. “That leaves the gifts of the directions. These things here on the counter can wait for us. Let’s sit down in the big room. We’re going to talk about this now.”

I walked to the bench by the front window and looked out at the graying sky. It started to rain. The water was slow and silent. Domano brought out the little heater and set it in the middle of the room. We all crowded around it on the floor close to the warmth.

The front of the heater had a grill that was in the pattern of a circle divided by a cross. Chea said that was like the symbol for the Medicine Wheel of Life, which for us is situated on our Mother Earth. The spokes described the four directions and the four elements, and the space beyond described the fifth direction, the above. She said that all things here were made from the four elements and the five directions each in proportions unique to themselves.

Chea pointed to the lines of the cross. “Every direction has its own nature, its own part of life that it regulates. Part of your long journey is to figure out just what that is. You have your mind, your senses, your heart and you have the gifts of the directions to guide you.

“Look at the south, the gift of knowing your own Song. Have you ever learned how to do something really well?”

“Yes.” I answered. “My music. My art.”

“What did you feel when you did this thing really good? What was in that feeling?” She grabbed her arms around her knees and rolled back and forth.

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We Teach You How To Catch


This is an excerpt from Kay’s book The Reluctant Shaman, Chapter 3 “Meeting Death And Destiny.”

This is only the second time Kay has met with her new teachers, Domano and Chea Hetaka, in their little apartment and she is still getting to know them.

They talk about the shifting of the earth and how we need to shift with her.

They talk about how our lives are controlled by thoughts, how we are trapped in our thoughts. They talk about that we are forgetting how to experience outside the tyrannical habits of our minds. Continue Reading →


Time Of The Vulture

Image by patries71

This is when nature sweeps away the mess left behind by life and time preparing for something rare, something unfamiliar.

This is the time of change, in the land, in the heavens. It’s the time of disassembling, taking out the broken, the used up, the imbalanced.

It’s the time for humanity to tear down what’s stifling and worn out and limiting, what’s broken and dysfunctional within itself.

This is her time, The Vulture.

The one revered by so many cultures through the ages. She cleans the land ensuring the movement of cycles. She turns the dead into the givers of life. She sets the stage for what comes next.

Her name is Mut (Egyptian), Nekhbet (Egyptian), Maat (Egyptian), Buru (Summerian), Condor (Inca), Kuntur (Inca), Tebe Duba (Dogon), Apaatah (Dogon).

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Women In The Center – The Hetakas’ Way Of Life

Women's Medicine 9
(Photo Credit: Mara ~earth light)

The audio is a preview of our upcoming Women’s Medicine One Day Class. It is an excerpt from a conversation between Kay and some of her Teacher Training students about the Hetakas’ way of life.

During the conversation Kay shares why the Hetakas’ view everything as a circle and why the women are, the feminine is, always in the center.


And here is the download link in case the player isn’t working in your browser:

Women In The Center – The Hetakas’ Way Of Life

We also invite you to a full one day class about Women’s Medicine.

Here is the link to get the details and sign up.

Women’s Medicine One Day Class Details

If you don’t know whether or not you’re ready to join a class you can go to that page and sign up for the free ceremonies with which Kay will start the class, a Song Ceremony and a Bone Throwing Ceremony. Both will no doubt be pretty enriching, empowering and amazing.

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday.

Song to Song,

Helmut & Kay


Spirituality vs. Spirit Ability

Image Credit: Black Jaguar Eyes Painting – Daniel McQuestion

This is a story by Kay about spirituality vs. spirit ability, which we shared some time back, but since it talks about the very essence of a spiritual journey and truly waking up and knowing and living one’s Song, it is still as profoundly true and moving today.

Plus, we added a recording from a Bone Throwing Ceremony during which we asked the Spirits of the Bones about the difference between Spirituality and Spirit Ability.

Here is the recording of that ceremony:

Download Link

And here is Kay’s story, enjoy.

Spirituality vs. Spirit Ability

When I was first studying with Domano and Chea Hetaka, my Peruvian teachers, they took me to the beach near the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz, California, to watch people and their energies.

They kept talking about how so many people believe they are spiritually evolved because they follow a religion and perhaps do the prescribed practices of that religion.

They learn the required ethics and morals. They force themselves to smile at their neighbors even though they are secretly demeaning them in their beliefs and thoughts and emotions.

As we sat in the sand Chea said, “Watch the space around the people. Tune into the frequencies of each that resonate emotions. Then mental thoughts. And last spiritual, nonlinear, acts.”

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