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The No Nos

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In this short excerpt from another presentation which Kay created for the Secret Codes of Healing Course, Kay talks about the No Nos.

We’ve talked about these concepts on the blog at length and we thought we would add a few more clarifying thoughts.

When we talk about the No Nos, we’re not talking about the ten commandments of Ka Ta See, or the ten commandments of anything for that matter.

We are talking about principles to live by which can help us wake up sooner and enjoy being awake sooner and with it living in an awakened world sooner.

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Earth Day – Healing Mother Earth

Image by AlicePopkorn

In response to our post on “Success In Healing” Sandra asked the following question: “Can the healing of all the Beings of the Earth occur while our sweet Earth appears to need healing as well?”.

We thought we would share our response in honor of Earth Day this coming Sunday, although we strongly propose every day to be Earth Day.

With that, here are our answers and thoughts.


When you ask if the healing of all the Beings of the Earth can occur while our sweet Earth appears to need healing as well, what I hear you saying is with all the focus on individual healing what about our Mother Earth’s healing?

Or, put another way, can one heal without the other, can we as individuals heal without healing the Earth or can the Earth heal without us healing ourselves?

The principle laws of healing have been the same for thousands of years, when we heal ourselves, we heal all else.

When we heal, when we wake up, truly fully completely heal and wake up, the ripple effects effect our immediate environment, the people around us, and as we keep going it eventually will engulf the world.

That’s how powerful we are, that’s the kind of effect we can have on the world by healing ourselves, by waking up, but it goes both ways. When we’re asleep and are putting out all kinds of negative thoughtforms we also have an effect on the world.

That’s the reason we always talk about every thought, every act, every feeling, every emotion is a “prayer”.

Personally we pay a great deal of attention to healing Mother Earth in our lives and our work.

We just completed the final of four weekend classes all focusing on healing Mother Earth, of helping ourselves and humanity wake up.

During the first day of the four day weekend class Kay gave an initiation from the Egyptian teachings called toning and we spent the next two days, literally each day, all day, doing healing ceremonies with sound healing on the planet, on Mother Earth.

This was the fourth in a series of weekends on world healing, a series Kay was instructed to teach during several weeks of vision quest.

And remember the story we shared about unconditional love, well, that kind of unconditional love was a central part of those days of world healing as well.

In addition, as part of her Red Door teachings Kay has created a World Healing Card. This is used every time one of the Red Door instruments is not in use working on something specific for someone.

Every time a Red Door instrument is not in use, we put the World Healing Card in it and we instruct all people who have a Red Door to do the same and with that, all the Red Door instruments which have that World Healing Card in them, are sending healing to the planet and all beings living on it.

On average we probably have about half a dozen to a dozen Red Door instruments doing just that in our home alone.

And last, in the posts “The Enormous Power Of Thoughtforms” and “Cleaning Our Thoughtform Prison” we shared how thoughtforms clog up the world and a simple practice on how to clear out nasty thoughtforms.

We use that practice, and Kay instructs all her students to use that practice, to clear out such thoughtforms not just from our immediate environment, but from the entire planet and replace it with healing thoughtforms and energy patterns and unconditional love all the time.

The effects of that on our individual lives and on the planet are easily underestimated.

So you see, Mother Earth and her well being are very much at the center of our hearts and minds and with it at the very center of our work.

We hear so many people talk about healing the world, which is great. The problem we see is that most of us have still a ways to go with healing ourselves.

And, unless we strive to heal ourselves, unless we are fully committed to waking up and being awake, the effects we are having on healing the world can be mixed.

We can have some effect, but what if after our healing, our meditation to heal the world we go out and grovel in our usual nasty thoughtform patterns in our head. We judge and condemn and do the old better-then and less-than, pretty much business as usual.

We’re not only undoing all the nice loving healing mediation work we’ve just done, depending on how intense our thoughtform babble and emotions that go with it are, we may likely even start heading in the opposite direction with our intentions and effects we’re having on the world.

I think Leo Tolstoy expressed it most succinctly when he said: “Everybody thinks of changing humanity, and nobody thinks of changing himself.”

It all starts with us. The healing, the waking up, the unconditional love.

When we find real, when we get real, when we walk real, we spread and share real in the world.

When we engage in make believe we spread make believe, that’s why we focus so much in our work on identifying, knowing and releasing our mask beliefs and behaviors and with it knowing and living our true self, our Song.

Healing of the world starts with us. That doesn’t necessarily mean we have to wait to work on healing the Earth until we are all awake and clean and clear.

But the healthier and more awake we’ve managed to get ourselves the more effect we will have in the world and helping humanity and the world move in the direction of healing and waking up.

Thanks for your question Sandi.

Love and Song,


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Secret Codes of Healing

Many of you know that we’ve been working on offering the Red Door radionics course, Secret Codes of Healing, for some time now.

For those of you who don’t know much about the project, the Red Door course is an online class to learn how to use Kay’s Red Door Radionics Instrument.

Kay has worked with radionics for the past 30 years and about 20 years ago developed her own device since what was available did not allow her to do what she wanted to do and work the way she thought these things should work.

The Secret Codes of Healing Course is based on Kay’s research of ancient hands-on and long distance energy healing from her studies in Peruvian, Egyptian and Hawaiian ancient healing traditions, as well as her research work with radionics in general and the Red Door research specifically, all together spanning more than four decades.

Much of the information in this course is presented for the first time.

The Red Door work is a cornerstone within Kay’s healing practice since her early research days and has been invaluable in helping her clients heal.

If you are interested in the Red Door work and the upcoming course please use this form to add your name to the pre-registration list for the course.

This is an email list for people who would like to be among the first to know about when the course is being offered together with more details about the course.

By adding your name to this list you are not registering for the course, you are merely expressing your interest in the course.

Fill out the form and you will hear from us soon with more details.

Thank you for your interest.

Song to Song,


PS: There is more information about the Red Door in the Red Door section of this site.


Red Door Energy Research Compared To Hands-On Healing

The Red Door Instrument

The healing tradition that I was taught by both the Hetakas and the
Egyptian tradition is a hands-on healing practice common to many other
traditional cultures, for example, the psychic surgeons of the
Philippines and the traditional healers of the Hawaiian islands.

First the energy system of the healer is opened up through an
initiatory process whereby she gains access to a constant, huge flow
of life energy. Within the flow of that life current, there are both
electromagnetic energy fields and subtle energy fields.

When you apply that energy to a person with the intention of helping
him to heal, you shift his electromagnetic field. The first thing that
happens is that you increase the field’s intensity – an effect which
can be measured with scientific instruments.

As the energy moves through you, you are pulling it from an endless
source – from the Earth, the sun, the stars, from Creator. It’s moving
through you like huge rivers.

You’re not using the energy that comes from your own body, your own
being; that would mean early death. You use ultimate source energy.
You aim it into the entity you want to heal and you flood his system.

While you are doing this, your electromagnetic field increases in
intensity, especially the magnetic component. Both the electric and
magnetic components are increasing, but the magnetic fields becomes
greatly intensified.

The energy that you’re directing into your subject shifts his field,
which also begins to increase in intensity. Your brain waves and those
of your subject move into the alpha and theta wave ranges and
sometimes even into the delta range. This usually induces sleep or
expanded levels of consciousness.

In order to be healed, a person’s body has to increase its magnetic
field intensity significantly before any alteration can take place.
Then it can receive energy, accept manipulation and change, acquire
new frequencies – and it will hold, it lasts.

In radionics, when you broadcast healing frequencies, you’re altering
the electromagnetic field of the target, whether the target is as
specific as the liver or as broad as the whole auric field.

Radionics does not take the place of the initiatory process undergone
by a hands-on healer, and this initiatory process is not necessary in
order to practice radionics (although it is helpful). However, any
radionics practitioner needs to develop some of the skills of a
traditional healer, especially those of focus and intent.

The healing process is similar in radionics and traditional hands-on
healing. Both methods create a scalar wave, the “hole” and the
“tunnel,” through which one can observe and broadcast.

The radionics devices available to the public at this time have a
“ceiling” on the energy intensity which can be broadcast, whereas the
hands-on healing does not – it is dependent on, limited only by, the
ability of the practitioner.

One of the benefits of radionics is that it can hold the “tunnel” open
for an unlimited amount of time – analysis and broadcast can go on

In hands-on healing, one holds the “tunnel” open with one’s
concentration and intent; this can be very difficult for extended time
periods as one has to remain in the theta or delta brain wave range
and stay awake without losing focus on the task at hand.

In radionics, one only needs to be in the alpha brain wave range and
keep the psycho-babble aside long enough to ask the questions and set
up the broadcast. Once the broadcast is programmed and set in motion,
you can walk away from it. In hands-on healing, broadcasting can only
happen as long as the practitioner can maintain the required state and

The way radionics has evolved, it has become an incredible
concentration and focusing tool for analyzing. The practitioner puts
the target’s Witness into the Bowl and then adds the rates in question
to the equation by touching them on the page.

Once the Witness is in the Bowl, the scalar field to the target is
fully formed and active. The practitioner only needs to aim her focus
(through the “tunnel”) to the target and ask the appropriate

The non-medically-educated person can accomplish analysis of great
detail with radionics because the structural details and resonances
(rates) are all laid out in a rate book or manual. All you need to do
is go down the list of rates systematically testing each one at a

With hands-on healing, the practitioner learns to create the scalar
field with her own intent and focus. The appropriate questions to ask
are part of the protocol taught, and are expanded upon through
practice and interaction with the Spirits. Learning both modes,
radionics and hands-on healing, can help greatly in understanding
either, and will increase your effectiveness in either modality.

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Effects Of The Red Door

The Red Door Instrument

When one places an uncovered, empty Red Door Bowl in a room, as the
fields begin to form, it will collect all of the psychic debris and
remove it from the space around the Bowl for quite a distance – at
least 100 feet in all directions.

This effect will continue as long as the Bowl remains empty and
unopened in the same space. It takes about sixteen hours for one open,
empty Bowl to remove all of the negative and unbalanced energies in a

If the Bowl remains open and empty after this time, it will start
taking the energies which aren’t imbalanced – energies which one needs
for their own resources. With this exposure one will start to feel
tired, stressed, agitated.

If there are two Bowls open and empty in the same area, the time
period shortens to twelve hours. The more open, empty Bowls there are
in a space, the less time is needed for the area to be cleansed and
the sooner uncomfortable effects will begin to be felt.

When a Bowl is placed in a room the spiral galaxy energy field forms
instantly; this is the field which cleanses the space. The
interdimensional star pattern field, the broadcasting field, will
reach 80% efficiency within a few seconds but it takes six to eight
hours before it achieves its full form and power.

If you put your hand, or anything else that has an electromagnetic
field, inside the Bowl, or if you move the Bowl, the star pattern will
be disrupted and will have to start building all over again. So if you
want to use the Bowl at its maximum efficiency, it should sit
undisturbed for at least six to eight hours before the initial use.

Unlike an electric radionics machine, the Red Door Bowl doesn’t have
an on/off switch. You can’t unplug it from the wall. The “on/off
switch” for the Red Door Bowl is color. Fire-engine red turns it off,
because this shade of red stops the movement of subtle energy, just
like lead stops most electromagnetic frequencies.

That is why many native peoples cover their sacred objects in red – to
protect them from outside thoughts and energies, and to keep those
sacred objects from constantly broadcasting out and affecting people.
So we cover the Bowl with a red cloth when we want to turn it off,
stop its energy fields.

These days we never turn the Red Door instrument completely off
anymore, instead we turn it’s Healing powers towards the world. I
created a world broadcasting card which can be placed inside the Red
Door Bowl and in so doing the Red Door is given something to work on
and with that is essentially turned off for the space it is sitting

There is still some cleansing going on in that space, but it’s very
small compared to the cleansing power of a completely open and empty
Red Door.

The Bowl itself is fire-engine red because the lines of energy bounce
cleanly off the sides without penetrating the wood, leaking and losing
efficiency. When you color the Bowl red, you’re making sure the wall
that the energies bounce off of is exactly where you want it to be; it
reinforces the exactness of the geometry. If you want to experience
the effects of the color red for yourself, go buy a bunch of red
yardage and seal yourself up inside it like a giant baggie. You’ll see
how very other worldly it feels.

When the first shipment of twelve Bowls arrived at our home, we were
so excited; it was like Christmas. We unpacked them and set them on
the dining room table, one by one, checking each one out and admiring

We didn’t even have all twelve unpacked before the effect of all of
those energy fields hit us. It was overwhelming. We started shoving
the packing paper back inside the Bowls. That helped a little, but not
much. They were still cranking out their energy fields. We went
scrambling all over the house trying to find everything red we could
get. We had to scrounge every last piece of red fabric we had in order
to turn all those Bowls off.

At a radionics class in Montana we had ten Red Door Bowls open and
empty at the same time with everyone trying to do the exercises at the
same time. The energy fields quickly became disorienting and
strenuous. So we had to cover most of the Bowls and work in a rotating

One of the students noticed that a large eagle was circling very close
to the house just outside the window. Everyone went outside to watch
it. The house was on top of a very high ridge. In the front yard one
could see to the east for forty or fifty miles and to the south for a
number of miles.

Within moments we could see another eagle coming from the eastern
horizon, approaching the house, circling above the area where the
Bowls were sitting, and then flying to the south. One after the other
the eagles came, some in pairs, from the eastern horizon, circling,
then to the south. Twenty-three eagles of various types were counted
in a matter of only a few minutes. Some aspect of these energy fields
can be perceived fifty or more miles away!

If you want to use the Bowl simply to clean a space, you need to pay
attention to the amount of time you leave it open. Eight to twelve
hours is a good length of time – this will clean even the worst of
spaces. Uncover the Bowl before you go to bed at night and cover it up
again in the morning. Or leave it open during the day and cover it at

As you work with the Bowl, you need to be conscious of the effects the
energy fields are having on you, the space you work in, and other
entities living in that space.

As the energy moves through the room, it’s pulling out your
dysfunctional thoughtforms and stimulating your own life energy inside
your body, opening it up and giving you more access to your own
personal life energy.

The dysfunctional debris that’s been blocking your energy channels is
being whisked away. When this happens, you might have many different
kinds of temporary bodily sensations. You might feel like your eyes
are burning for a short time, or your sinuses are moving around,
plugging and unplugging. There may be some twitches in your body. If
you are ill with a particular disorder – an allergy, for example –
some of those sensations may be heightened while the debris is being
pulled out.

A physical ailment is only a gross manifestation of a total disorder
which begins in the subtle levels. A total disorder has a physical
element, an emotional element, a mental and a spiritual element. The
disorder begins in one of the subtle bodies and radiates into the

If it begins in the emotional body, for example, and is not stopped at
that point, its vibratory rate will grow in intensity. The mental body
will start to resonate with it, and then the spiritual body, and
finally the physical until the whole biofield structure is resonating
to the vibratory pattern of this particular disorder.

That’s when we begin to experience the physical manifestation of
disease. By the time an imbalance or disorder strikes the physical,
it’s been knocking on our door for quite a while; we just don’t
usually notice it until it has manifested in the physical.

Although in recent years we have seen clear indication that disease
can and does start in the physical. We live in environments with very
high toxin levels and our bodies have to constantly protect and fight
against those toxins.

Many of us have reached a point where the level of toxicity of our
bodies is so high it manifests itself in some form of disease right
then and there, with a subtle energy component.

Of course in time it will work it’s way through all the other levels
of our being, but disease does start in the physical these days more
often than not.

Many kinds of objects radiate awakening and healing energies on the
subtle levels – altars, sacred objects, certain kinds of spiritual
ceremonies, the Red Door Bowl. They collect, build, and manipulate
these energies, creating specific beneficial patterns.

When we are exposed to these energies, they start to open up our own
energy channels. The energy pushes through our body and it wants to
heal and harmonize everything that it touches. But it’s coming up
against large blocks, so it pushes and pushes. It’s like a water hose
under pressure which is being squeezed in the middle. As the pressure
builds up, it starts to wear away at the blockage, eating it away bit
by bit. Finally it wears through and the blockage is flushed away,
transformed, and the channel opens.

While the transformation is taking place the body will experience many
different kinds of sensations. A typical bodily sensation during
large, energy movements and large, chakra activations is the twitching
of muscles in the body.

The energy channels of our muscle tissues get blocked and as the
cleansing energy is pushing for release our stored blockage is pushing
right back, trying to keep the energy level down, trying to shut the
door. That struggle creates the twitching. Sometimes it’s a little
fluttery twitch. Sometimes it’s a feeling of electricity, like
sticking your finger in a light socket. Sometimes it’s cramps – the
muscles resist by grabbing and cramping. Depending on the part of the
body involved, and the nature of the block being discharged, the
feeling can be very distressful, but it is always temporary.

As you work with the Bowl for a period of time, doing analysis work
and being exposed to the energy fields, you will begin to feel
agitated and tired. This is a clue that it’s time to take a break and
cover the Bowl, or give it something else to work on, like the world
broadcasting card.

Once a Bowl is actually broadcasting it can remain open as long as
needed, as a broadcasting Bowl does not draw excessively from its
space/time environment. We sometimes have as many as 60 Bowls all open
and broadcasting continuously with no adverse effects.

It is also important to remember that this is spiritual work, and any
kind of intense spiritual work tends to rapidly use up a number of
different minerals in our bodies. You should make sure you’re getting
enough macro and trace minerals, especially chromium.

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