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Commitment, Song, Purpose – When Does Commitment Become Something You Desire?


Commitment is a vital piece to Live Your Song.

In our modern culture many people think commitment is a lot of struggle and force, something that has to be artificially imposed and enforced.

They believe that commitments have to be forced and that they are a burden and they probably are not going to be any fun so they always leave a back door.

They always want a back door, they always want a way out in case they change their mind or in case it gets too uncomfortable or it turns into something they don’t think they want anymore, or it feels like it’s going to be too much work and they want to be able to get out of it, they want to be able to slip out the back door.

In Ka Ta See they have a concept of commitment that doesn’t have any back door, it’s a commitment for life and these things are usually in connection with something spiritual and your spiritual path.

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The Song Is Always There

Kay Pathway

Here is an excerpt of a conversation between Kay and Domano:

“The Song is always there.” Domano tapped his chest. “It is just people don’t pay any attention. They always find a way to have themselves looking in some other direction. 

“You know how to feel your Song. You know what that feeling is like. But you still do not understand what that feeling really is.

“It is the core of what you are. Inside. It is what your aliveness feels like. That drive to live. The yearning to experience. That is the mysterious you that is left after the masks have been eased aside.

“But now, don’t confuse these. The masks and thoughts are another bunch of ‘melodies’ separate from the Song. We are real familiar with our masks. They are what makes us who we think we are. They are how we hide, how we shut out the rest of the world so it can’t hurt us.

”The more you feel this Song of yours the better you truly know who and what you really are. You know all your masks and the superstitions that drive them. You are able to live without the masks controlling you. When you truly understand and know yourself then you have your attention in your heart and under your control. To know yourself is to know power.

“You see, a people who knows their Song has no use for starting war. But a people who live without their Song in their life, live in self importance and fear, separated from all things. Trapped in a broken world. Our elders used to say that those people ‘live in death’, because to them life is a brutal war.”

“Sounds lonely,” I said.

“Yes. It is.” Domano picked up the empty plate and took a few steps toward the kitchen. He stopped and said, “I ask you this. Just what sort of people are we? What is our place among the peoples of the stars?”

I didn’t think, the answer stumbled out of my mouth automatically. “An embarrassment.”

“That’s closer than you know,” he said almost inaudibly as he turned and went into the kitchen.

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Who Are You? Don’t Be Fooled, Knowing The Answer To This Age Old Question May Be Much More Important Than You Think

Photo Credit: Big Sumo

“All of man’s problems derive from the fact that we do not know what we are, and cannot agree on what to become.”

– Jean Bruller, who wrote under the pseudonym Vercors during the French resistance.

Few truer things have been spoken. In Ka Ta See we say that all our problems derive from the fact that we do not know who and what we are, and without knowing that we carry great confusion about where we’re going and who we would like to become.

Today we have a bit of a twist to the problem.

There are a great many people who genuinely acknowledge that they do not know who they are, and they deeply desire and are sincere about wanting to find out.

And, there’s a larger and larger number of people, especially within spiritual groups, who sincerely believe they already know who and what they are.

Ka Ta See offers us an image to provide an idea about who and what we might be, what the totality of our being might look like and how much we truly know about it:

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With Every Death There Is A Gift

This is such a powerful healing story which offers healing gifts in so many ways we’d like to share it at least once a year.

We usually publish it around the Winter Solstice celebrations, a profound time to honor the dying away of the old and the bringing in of new healing energies, but this year, for whatever reason, we feel moved to share it a bit earlier.

In this story Kay is sharing an experience she had working with a client a few years back.

For privacy reasons she changed the client’s name; everything else tells the story of events during Kay’s work with her.



I worked extensively on Jane who was in a car accident earlier this year leaving her with bleeding in the brain and she fell into a coma shortly after the accident. I performed the ancient healing techniques on her twice a day.

As I worked on her in her last days she showed me what she was experiencing. She gifted me with a view and a taste of what she was discovering about life and death and choices.

On one of those days during medical procedures her heart stopped beating and she was resuscitated.

This stopping of her world and her life let all of her old worries and fears, her beliefs about her relationships, her self and the nature of existence fall away. She was dead, yet, still very much in existence; aware of her consciousness; aware of her physical environment. What she thought was so real and crucially important before, dissipated. She could see the truth of things. A world of different priorities sprang up around her.

What she had believed in before, the confining walls of her life and her interactions with her world, dissipated. As if it were all a tiny, dark, encrusted box that she once lived inside of and she watched it crumble away. This was the image she showed me and what was left was a giant horizon of a world full of brightness and loving energy. Everything looked fresh, different. New. And very much alive.

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The Gifts of Death From My Mothers

Image by feministjulie

In honor of Mother’s Day we share an experience I had during a ceremony when my stepmom was passing. We’ve shared this story before so don’t be surprised if some of it sounds familiar.

Death is an important part of our lives as well as any shamanic practice. You may remember our sharing of “With Every Death There Is A Gift”.

Don’t mistake this as a strange obsession with death, this is a celebration of life in it’s deepest, most passionate form.

At the time I was participating in an Egyptian Forgiveness Ritual. During the ceremony my attention was pulled away to my stepmother’s hospital room. Here is the story that unfolded:

It was the middle of the afternoon and I was participating in a very ancient Egyptian group ceremony called The Forgiveness Ritual. My stepmother was near the end of her life lying in a hospital bed hundreds of miles away.

I was the only one of the family who couldn’t get there. I had sent a spirit helper to be with Dad and Lou and asked the helper to get me when Lou was passing.

In the middle of the Forgiveness Ritual my attention was taken by a huge wave of sadness. I turned my attention towards the wave and knew it was coming from my father.

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