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How To Take Control Of Our Thoughts And Feelings And In So Doing Determine Our Reality

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Earlier this year we shared two videos from Kay’s Secret Codes of Healing Course.

They are called “What Made Us And Our World Sick Is What We Have Been Believing Thinking And Feeling” and “Thoughts Energetic Information And Their Effects On Water.”

We felt a strong need to share more about how we can actually take control of our attention and guide those thoughts and feelings of ours so that we will have more control over what kind of reality we create?

There is a strong belief among many in the new age spiritual world that all spiritual teachings are the same, that, ultimately, they all have the same goal.

Granted, they do have things in common, but to say they are the same and have the same goal, is gravely simplifying the issue and dangerously underestimating the impact of blindly accepting that they all have the same goal.

From our perspective, they do not have the same goal, but many do have one thing they are all adamant about which are the teachings about our thoughts creating our reality.

And they always emphasize how the impact of our thoughts on the world is proportionally intensified by the level of emotional charge we attach to those thoughts.

The stronger the emotional charge, the greater the impact and influence.

Obviously, there is more, but for now, just for the sake of argument, lets assume this is all true, we can wrangle about the details later. For now, lets just assume for a moment this is reality.

I know it was to the ancient Egyptians, it’s in their teachings. I know it is to the Dogan. I know it is to the Kogi, to the Inca and Mayan and I know for sure it is to the people of Ka Ta See.

So lets just take a leap of faith and assume this is true: our thoughts, feelings and emotions shape our reality so profoundly it’s hard to fathom for us today.

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Thoughts Energetic Information And Their Effects On Water


As promised, here is the follow-up video to the previous video we shared in the last post. In this video Kay talks about, as the title says, “Thoughts Energetic Information And Their Effects On Water.”

Thanks for watching and as always, we’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

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What Made Us And Our World Sick Is What We Have Been Believing Thinking And Feeling


Thanks for watching and we’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

Use the comments options below to share.

You can also post your questions below or email us at song (at) katasee (dot) com.

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Helmut & Kay

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What Made Us and Our World Sick is “What We Have Been Believing, Thinking and Feeling!”

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According to the Hetakas and the ancient Egyptians our galaxy and our solar system were formed by the spirits of the galaxy, the stars and nebulas and planets.

These are massive creator spirits, or as some say “maker spirits”, working with the endless galactic fields of unconditional love, the cosmic blueprints of things to come, and with energies and their fields, and the three dimensional particles of gas, dust and rock.

The spirits’ thoughts were clear, straight, unclouded, focused on all the beauty that was there and what they were building and their love for the new creation.

Their thoughts moved through space with the unconditional love stirring and charging the energies and the matter.

They stimulated the unconditional love with sounds from their voices and colors from their thoughts to form a reality out of the blueprints.

The space in our solar system and everything in it was saturated with this dense field of unconditional love.

In time the sun matured, the planets matured, all surrounded by magnificent harmonies and palpable love. People who understood visited.

One day some new people came from far away to our planet. They were full of many, many ideas and beliefs and thoughts. They were not focused or in tune with the nature of this place.

Their internal and external dialogues created thoughtforms that were not in harmony with the surroundings and the thoughtforms began to saturate many areas on the planet.

These new people had a great deal to do with our presence and development on Earth and they taught many of us their perspective about what to believe and think and feel.

Like all beings, as we think we send our thought energies out into the world.

So now, through all this time, we have literally crowded our world with our thoughtforms. They cover our planet and saturate everything.

Many of these thoughtforms are not in harmony with the original energies. They are literally drowning out the original energies, crowding them out.

So many of us don’t even really know what unconditional love is. We know only love shared with conditions and expectations because that’s what’s in our thoughtforms and our beliefs.

So you say, if everything creates thoughtforms what else can we expect except that they would be covering our planet?

And that’s true.

But the difference is in the content of those thoughtforms. The content flavors everything, it radiates out, it influences things, it changes things.

The content is the key.

The content is what makes a healthy place or a war mangled place or a sick place.

The content is what makes a balanced person or a depressed person or a cancerous person.

Look at the content of our thoughtforms today, they are the same as our beliefs, our blindly collected, dogmatically held, usually dysfunctional and even conflicting, beliefs.

This is not to say that some people don’t think some beautiful things, they do. But what else gets thought? What else is believed?

What we think all day, what we feel, every decision and action we make stems out of our hodge podge of beliefs.

If we believe in judgement and entitlement then all our observations, assessments and actions will be formed around judging what we observe and feeling entitled to what ever we want no matter what the cost might be to another.

We’ll even pretend we don’t notice there is a cost to another.

What we believe creates our priorities in our lives.

If we believe the wild lands and the animals and the soils are less important than we are we will prioritize our selves and our perceived needs above their existence.

If we believe it doesn’t matter what kind of synthetic materials we put in or on our bodies than we will choose to ingest them no matter what kind of exposing evidence comes our way.

We’ve been trained to be addicted to our beliefs and to follow them without question. And as a consequence we live by those beliefs, they become the design structure, the framework, for our thinking processes.

We are pretending our addictions are a good and necessary foundation for our lives.

We’ve all heard the saying, “We create our own reality”.

It is the content of those beliefs which become the content of our thoughts and feelings and then the content of our actions that determine the quality and condition of our world, our lives and our health.

Right now, this very minute, our planet is covered with an overwhelming majority of thoughtforms full of greed, entitlement, judgement, lying, suspicion, anger, violence, destruction, addiction, better-than, less-than, revenge, hatred, war.

Every one of those thoughtforms radiates out, it broadcasts its contents out into the world. And it influences people to join in the content, to think the same content and feel the same content.

As we join in we are feeding the thoughtforms, we are causing them to grow larger and live longer and influence even more.

This has to stop.

We as a culture and we as a species must change this.

Nobody can do it for us. It’s our problem. We as individuals must change what is inside us and take action to clear the planet of this psychic refuse.

We need to change the beliefs and attitudes that drive us to destroy perfect food growing land for some short term gain of a few.

Or to develop technologies that destroy more than they help.

There is a popular new-age belief that some sweet alien people are going to come and fix it all for us, make it all better.

Well there’s a curious blind belief for you – not wanting to or willing to take responsibility for our own actions and problems.

Why would those aliens want to rescue us from ourselves?

They want us to notice the effects we have on everything around us. They want us to understand what we have been doing and learn how to fix it for ourselves.

They want us to grow up and be their peers.

They don’t want to be our keepers watching after us all the time like we’re a bunch of mentally challenged pets.

In 1988 the Kogi tribe of Northern Columbia allowed a BBC journalist, Alain Ereira, to film a documentary about their culture. I’m sure many of you remember this historic film.

The Kogi say, “The world can’t exist without thought”, that we literally are, “destroying our world with WHAT we are thinking.”

The Egyptians said we are creating what we believe and what we think and feel. It is in their oral traditions that the world declined because of what we started to believe, the ideas we held, the thoughts we allowed ourselves to entertain.

The KaTa See tradition says we have a human culture based on backwards turning energy because of what we chose to believe and consequently think, feel and take action on. They say a culture based on a backwards turning energy takes things apart, it tears everything apart as it turns.

Have you ever wondered why the ETs don’t come down and hang out with us?

You know, just chat around the kitchen table like good old neighbors? After all, they have been our neighbors for a really long time.

A number of years ago I had a chance meeting with a remarkable fellow. It was a surprise to both of us. If he were dressed up right with some sunglasses he could have walked down any street and not be noticed at all.

That’s right. He wasn’t from around here. He was taking care of some technical business on the surface of our planet with his space ship hovering just above.

On that day, and for the previous several years, I had been learning and doing Egyptian mind focusing ceremonies and they were very fresh on my mind.

He was working on his equipment in the yard and ignoring me, but I kept talking to him anyway.

When he was finished tinkering, he walked up to me. He did not make sounds. He greeted me by opening and sharing his mind with me.

He was curious about me. His people’s experience of Earth humans was, well, as he put it, “psychically, within the realm of thought, we are putrid, noisy, clashing and chaotic. Uncomfortable to be around.”

And he was hoping not to run into any of us.

This thought did not have judgement or belittling in it, there was no arrogance. It was just a matter of fact.

This was not words. This was sharing his personal experience. I experienced this putrid psychic noise.

Inside his mind was a “meeting place” and I could see other areas of thought and deep feeling and memories.

I had never even dreamt that such focus and clarity was possible.

I was a curiosity to him because my mind was “clear, calm and focused” compared to what he had observed in other Earth humans.

I asked him about his work and the astronomical pictures I could see in another area of his mind. He was an astrophysicist and his ship was a science vessel here to observe and study our solar system.

Everything was shared in pictures, experience, feelings and memories.

He showed me nebulas, star systems, planets, galaxies. Places he’d been. Places he’d studied.

They understood the unconditional love that floods our galaxy. They live with it. They feel it. They study with it. They share with it.

Many volumes of information were shared in minutes.

I could see how he shared information and questions with his peers, a group of them all contributing together at once in the same picture.

They were peaceful, happy, passionate about their work, caring of each other, open with each other, wielding a level of mental discipline that I could barely imagine.

They had no extraneous thoughts, no interruptions from bursting mental babble. Their thoughtforms were clear, purposeful and exact.

I learned more about human thought from this fellow than from any other study or source.

I’m not saying we have to turn into my visitor friend but we can certainly learn a lot from him and his people.

We need to grow up and take responsibility for what and how we think.

We need to acknowledge the impact that our beliefs and thoughts and feelings have.

We need to question what we have been believing.

And it all comes down to this:

Changing what we think, what we believe. Letting in the unconditional love. Caring. Disciplining ourselves in how we think. Developing purposeful focus.

Because what we are thinking right now, today, is making us and our world sick.

What I learned in my friend’s mind is a knowingness that we can make these changes.

He believed in us and our ability and our tenacity.

He had no doubts what so ever that we can make room for the waves of unconditional love coming back into our world and that we can be healthy and clear and purposeful.

And most assuredly, brilliant.

Song and Song,



The No Nos – Assumptions

In my last post I shared a preface to the No Nos and the first No No, Blind Beliefs. If you haven’t read that yet, please click here.

Helmut and I thought about combining all the No Nos in one post, but decided against it because each of them feels too important to get lost in the shuffle, or more accurately, in a list that is too overwhelming.

So this week we continue with the next one in line, No Assumptions.



Assumptions are what we do when we are holding on to blindly held beliefs and we are too lazy to think for ourselves or proceed carefully.

We have left clarity and patience behind and let the old programming from the beliefs tell us what it thinks is right in front of us.

Then with our eyes closed to reality we follow the addictive pull and spout the old familiar dictates and – babble, babble, babble.

When we allow assuming to take over we slip our way back into the mask driven cultural hierarchy game. We feel better-than others and privileged to supposedly “know” things that others couldn’t possibly know or understand.

And we end up demanding that our assumed idea is the absolute truth. We feel we have a right, or even an obligation, to close off our connection to other and refuse to feel it or perceive it in any way, lest the real truth reaches out and contaminates us.

We shut out unconditional love.

We shut out connecting to the real being or beings that are present.

We shut out caring.

We shut out our own Song.

We severely shut out the magnificent Songs of others.

We actually believe that we can shut all of humanity out and still maintain real and deep connection to a favorite pet or nature or activity.

We assume we can cut off our Song to Song connection with those we want to avoid and be able to still have it with those we want to engage.

This is pretend.

We can’t close out some without closing off the real Song ties to the others. Closing off means closing off real connection to all. It means isolating. Separating.

To wake up, to experience our wholeness, to be clear in what we perceive and think and connect with, we must not allow this lazy arrogance to take hold of our awareness.

So in order to observe what is actually there we must never let ourselves assume.

Love and Song,


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