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Waking Up Is Easy – Or Is It?


Waking Up Is Easy – Or Is It?

I’m not sure anybody really cares, unless they know how it will effect their life, what it will bring to their life, to their relationships, to their level of happiness.

You can find all kinds of stuff on the internets, did you know that?

Seriously, you can.

A friend of mine commented on a post that linked to a piece about what it takes to wake up and live awake.

Freeing yourself from blind beliefs was emphasized as a requirement to live awake. Duh!

And then the author went on to describe how grueling a journey it is. I mean, you will go to hell and back to get there.

“You must die to live”. Exciting, count me in. Dying, something not even the people who think they’ll be going to a better place rush to get to.

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Commitment, Song, Purpose – When Does Commitment Become Something You Desire?


Commitment is a vital piece to Live Your Song.

In our modern culture many people think commitment is a lot of struggle and force, something that has to be artificially imposed and enforced.

They believe that commitments have to be forced and that they are a burden and they probably are not going to be any fun so they always leave a back door.

They always want a back door, they always want a way out in case they change their mind or in case it gets too uncomfortable or it turns into something they don’t think they want anymore, or it feels like it’s going to be too much work and they want to be able to get out of it, they want to be able to slip out the back door.

In Ka Ta See they have a concept of commitment that doesn’t have any back door, it’s a commitment for life and these things are usually in connection with something spiritual and your spiritual path.

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Where Are We On Our Journey Of Awakening? – More about the Bone Throwing Ceremony this coming Saturday


bt wtsp image

The real question still is; “What Do You Want?”

No really, what do you want?

We offered our students the opportunity to present questions, or a question to the Spirits of the Bones.

We received many great questions and hope to address many of them in future Bone Throwing Ceremonies.

Here is the question which we will present to the spirits of the Bones on Saturday:

“Will earth graduate from being the planet of toddlers, or are we destined to be kinder care for the cosmos?”

Seems an odd question, right? With all the spiritual movements going on in our world we can easily be lead to believe that we are all making big strides towards waking up and living awake. I mean come on, we have grown a lot, haven’t we?

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Global Cooling

Spiral Galaxy

If you are among the 97% (or so) of people on this planet who believe that we are in the midst of a big problem called global warming caused by our CO2 emissions, reading our headline, you might be wondering, in your mind, whether or not we have lost ours.

I can assure you, that happened a long time ago.

Just kidding, I think.

Global warming is a myth propagated for nefarious reasons by big money and power, which we won’t go into in this short piece.

Actually, it’s not just big money and power, there are many people who are spreading the message about global warming who are genuinely concerned, misguided, but concerned. Big money and power is using those people and their concerns to further its own agenda.

But let me state very clearly, as does Ben Davidson in the video we are sharing with you today, what is very real is that we have seriously poisoned the planet and most everything on her and that is a huge problem we need to address, a problem we need to deal with. Soon.

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We Teach You How To Catch


This is an excerpt from Kay’s book The Reluctant Shaman, Chapter 3 “Meeting Death And Destiny.”

This is only the second time Kay has met with her new teachers, Domano and Chea Hetaka, in their little apartment and she is still getting to know them.

They talk about the shifting of the earth and how we need to shift with her.

They talk about how our lives are controlled by thoughts, how we are trapped in our thoughts. They talk about that we are forgetting how to experience outside the tyrannical habits of our minds. Continue Reading →