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“A disease inside a body does not really enjoy being there: it’s out of place, a stranger in a strange land. It’s usually very willing to leave. But, if you try to force it out without any consideration for it or its purpose for being there—the message that it has to deliver—it fights back, because its job isn’t done.
— Kay Cordell Whitaker

First let me say, in case you’re wondering, any healing work Kay offers is just as efficient and effective long distance and all arrangements which need to be made to support the healing work are done over the phone and via email. Most of Kay’s clients work with her from all over the US and Europe and they rarely, if ever, get to see her in person.

If you would like to begin healing work with Kay we would set up an initial consultation for you with her during which you can describe to her in detail the problems you are dealing with and Kay will ask you a few questions and share with you some basic information about her approach to healing and working with clients.

In the process you can get a feel for Kay and her healing work, how she will be able to help you and a clearer idea as to what will be involved in working together with her in your healing process. In getting to know each other in this first consultation you will both determine if you are a good fit to work together.

This initial consultation is scheduled for 45 minutes.

After the initial consultation we will set up a one hour phone consultation during which Kay will ask you a series of very detailed questions about your health problems, their history, the work you are or have been doing including any allopathic treatments, pharmaceuticals you are or have been taking, as well as supplements, diet and anything else which may show up as being important to the healing work.

Of course you have the opportunity to ask any questions during this session as well.

The next step is Kay’s energy healing work during which she will be working on you in the ancient energy traditions and do a detailed analysis of the causes underlying your health problems and begin to create an outline of the different approaches which would be most effective to help resolve and eliminate the problems causing your disorders and outline a path back to health.

You won’t be on the phone with Kay during this part of the work, she will do this on her own.

This part of Kay’s healing work usually takes 2 hours.

After Kay has completed this part of the initial session, we will set up the first followup appointment for you during which Kay will begin to share with you what she has found and what the most important steps are to take, to begin the healing process.

Because any health problem usually has had the chance to develop over a period of several years, often decades, there is always an interwoven combination of causes which have been part of creating the problem and consequently, there are a great many details Kay finds as to the things which should be done to begin the healing process.

In addition Kay is extraordinarily clear in her communication with the spirit world and receives very detailed information which the beings from that world deem very important to the healing process.

To arrange your first initial healing consultation with Kay follow this link to start the process.

We look forward to hearing from you and please don’t hesitate to write or call with any questions. You can email us at song (at) katasee (dot) com or call us toll free @ 1-866-422-1848 or 1-505-466-3387 for local and overseas

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