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2012 – Commitment And Choice

In our last Bone Throwing Ceremony in the 2012 Bone Throwing Series about Pitfalls, Possibilities and Opportunities during the times ahead, the Spirits of the Bones were very adamant that everything comes down to commitment and choice.

So we decided to ask them what exactly they mean by that.

Here is the latest Bone Throwing Ceremony in the 2012 series with the question to the Spirits: “What Does it Truly Mean to Make the Commitment and Choice?”

Commitment and Choice


As always, please comment and share.

In a world in which large groups of people seem excessively going towards doom and gloom in our future, sharing messages of hope from the Spirit World can be quite refreshing.

Because making a difference in how we all collectively feel about our future will make a difference in our future.

Love and Song,


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2012 – Pitfalls Possibilities Opportunities

For the next ceremony in the ‘2012 And Beyond’ Bone Throwing series we asked the question: “What Are The Pitfalls, The Possibilities And Opportunities?

Well, what can we say, exciting doesn’t feel quite adequate anymore.

And, we knew it was inevitable that our alien friends will show up in a Bone Throwing series about 2012, and showing up they did, in a big way. Very cool.

Here is a short video excerpt from that ceremony (6 min).

If you have time right now, here is the link to the entire ceremony (32 min): “2012 And Beyond – What Are The Pitfalls Possibilities And Opportunities?”

Enjoy, and please like, comment and share, very much appreciated.

Love and Song,


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“2012 – The End Or A New Dawn?”


As we mentioned last week, we did a Bone Throwing ceremony about the first question in the new series, “2012 And Beyond”.

“Is 2012 The End Or A New Dawn For Humanity?”

Aside from a few individuals and some small groups who for some reason manage to keep their heads and hearts about them, 2012 conjures up a plethora of confusing ideas and chaotic conjecture. Anything from mild assumptions to wild delusions.

For months now the Spirits have rarely agreed with any of the information offered about 2012.

Personally we never bought into the fear of the looming end of the world. The day of judgment and reckoning has felt little more to us than the tried and true propaganda of religious fanatics of any stripes to keep the masses paralyzed, not thinking for themselves, coward down in fear and handing all their power over to whoever is preaching the gospel.

Waking up is growing up. That means, among other things, no more giving away power to anyone and no more blindly believing anything, not even what the Spirits are saying during a Bone Throwing presentation.

What we offer is their voice in a world so noisy, reason and heart, it feels at times, have long left the building.

Our experience with the Spirit world has taught us to trust the Spirits. You may or may not have similar experiences and similar trust relationships with that world. But, at the very least it will be worth your time to listen and consider the Spirits heart felt, deeply caring message as to what’s in store for our future as they see it.

More than ever their message rings true to us. It is part, a condensed version if you will, of what they have been sharing with us for some time now.

And, yes, their message is very different and in many parts the complete opposite from all the fear mongering and doom and gloom.

What struck us in particular was their indication as to how fast our economical, our political, our social landscape will change so fundamentally for the better, it was amazing.

It reminded me of the scene in Star Trek First Contact, where they travel back in time and meet the man who invented warp drive. In one scene they tell him that when he makes his warp flight he’ll make first contact with an alien race and within 50 years wars, poverty, disease will all be gone.

We are at the cusp of that kind of monumental, historical opportunity. And, as the Spirits have pointed out in the past, we have to work really hard to mess it up.

This is not a once in a lifetime opportunity or even once in a century, this is a once in an age opportunity.

As we’ve mentioned before, so many of us have worked diligently, quietly and very hard for this time and the Spirit’s message is extraordinarily encouraging about the fruits of all our hard efforts, about what’s to come, about just how monumental this change for the better can be.

Let go of the fear and start dreaming and seeing the impossible as possible. I know it’s not easy when you’re inundated by this gigantic media machine telling you all the time how terrible everything is, when all kinds of experts are quoted and all kinds of religious groups tell you that 2012 is the end.

Difficult to stay centered and stay with the light, to stay with your own Song in all of this? Maybe. Impossible? Definitely not!

We still have a choice as to where to focus our attention and what to believe in and what to work towards.

Our future can be more amazing than likely any of us maybe able to imagine.

Enjoy the Spirits healing message.

Here’s the link:

2012 And Beyond – Is 2012 The End Or A New Dawn For Humanity?

If you would like to see the introduction video to Kay’s work and this new Bone Throwing series, here is that link:

The Throwing Of The Bones – An Introduction

Love and Song,


PS: The 2012 series of Bone Throws is a gift from us to you. It’s about offering a way to find clarity and answering questions we all, individually and as groups have about our future, about 2012 and beyond.

We know what we wanted to find out from the Spirits with the series of questions we have prepared for this new Bone Throwing series about 2012: What’s going to happen to our planet? What’s going to happen to us and the life forms on our planet? What part do aliens play in our world and our lives and will we ever be publicly interacting with them? Are we ever going to grow out of our hatred? Will we devolve in cataclysm or grow up from our our own efforts?

We’d love to know what you would like to see, how you feel, what your thoughts and concerns and questions are.

Below the video you have the opportunity to share your thoughts, feelings, ideas, comments and questions.

Take the opportunity to help us define and shape the direction this series of ceremonies with the Spirit world will be going in.

And, please share the Bone Throwing video.

Now more than ever we need this kind of positive message from the Spirits rippling out and the difference this can make in people’s lives and their perspective about what might be in our future.

The more we are able to help others let go of fear consciousness that much more easeful change will come about.

PPS: Good news for those of you with magical and revolutionary devices, i.e. iPads and other such things. The Bone Throwing videos can be watched on them!

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The Throwing Of The Bones – An Introduction

This video is an introduction to Kay’s work, the Throwing of the Bones and our new 2012 Bone Throwing series called ‘2012 And Beyond.’

And here is the video from the Bone Throwing Ceremony about the first question in the 2012 series, ‘Is 2012 The End Or A New Dawn For Humanity?’.

As usual, what the Bone Spirits shared about what’s in store for us around 2012 is nothing short of amazing, and, I’m sure for some, very surprising.

Hope you’ll enjoy the new 2012 Bone Throwing series, and please share wildly.

Love and Song,


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