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Where Are We On Our Journey Of Awakening? – More about the Bone Throwing Ceremony this coming Saturday


bt wtsp image

The real question still is; “What Do You Want?”

No really, what do you want?

We offered our students the opportunity to present questions, or a question to the Spirits of the Bones.

We received many great questions and hope to address many of them in future Bone Throwing Ceremonies.

Here is the question which we will present to the spirits of the Bones on Saturday:

“Will earth graduate from being the planet of toddlers, or are we destined to be kinder care for the cosmos?”

Seems an odd question, right? With all the spiritual movements going on in our world we can easily be lead to believe that we are all making big strides towards waking up and living awake. I mean come on, we have grown a lot, haven’t we?

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The Gifts Of Ceremony

Santa Fe Sunset

(If you are on our events list, you will receive all the details about this upcoming live ceremony. If you are not yet on that list and would like to be part of these live events and ceremonies, click this link to join: https://katasee.leadpages.net/liveevent/)

“Will Earth graduate from being the planet of toddlers, or are we destined to be kinder care for the cosmos?”

When we have come to a place in life were we’ve become aware of our Song’s desire to emerge and its desire for us to wake up and live awake, we often find ourselves seeking answers to the most fundamental questions about ourselves and our life.

Ceremony is one of, if not the most powerful gift to help us on that journey to find answers to those questions.

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Women’s Medicine Part 7 – Unconditional Love

As you know, as part of the Women’s Medicine One Day Class Kay did a Bone Throwing Ceremony about Women’s Medicine.

Unconditional Love is an essential part of Women’s Medicine and of women’s journey back to the center and of our world’s journey back into balance.

To share with you both, what a Bone Throw is (if you haven’t seen one yet) and what the Spirits of the Bones have to say about Unconditional Love we wanted to share this Bone Throw with you.

I’m sure some of you have seen this already, but even if you have, we encourage you to take the time to take another look. It’s an amazing Ceremony.


(Make sure the audio is turned up, on your device)


Here is the link to the free material from the Women’s Medicine One Day ClassFollow this link to get the free Song Ceremony and see the Bone Throwing Ceremony about Women’s Medicine.

Song to Song,

Helmut & Kay


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A Bone Throwing Ceremony About Health



Enjoy the ceremony!

Here is the Bone Throw image as a reference.


As the wing in the picture indicates, Kay was sitting at and reading from the lower end of the image.


We recently had a student from the last installment of the Sacred Link online class share the following email with us. It’s about health and it fits so incredibly with what the Spirits of the Bones talk about in this Bone Throwing Ceremony.


Hi Kay and Helmut,

I just wanted to briefly tell you about my dental visit today. It’s been about 5 years since I went to a dentist—mainly because I knew I needed dental work, but also knew that most dentists would be recommending root canals, etc.

I finally found (online and then also referred by a friend) a holistic, integrative dentist over in Pennsylvania, about 35 minutes away.

I had to fill out a lengthy questionnaire ahead of time about my diet (3 days worth of meals eaten ) supplements I’m taking, etc.

The nutritionist was very impressed with my diet and the supplements (all recommended by Kay) and told me he couldn’t really find anything about it he’d want me to change!!

Then he took me out to this little machine with a bioPhotonic scanner ( made by a company called Pharmanex ) that you hold your hand up to for 90 seconds and it measures the “skin carotenoid score” basically letting you know whether your food and supplements are really being used by your body effectively. It shows a longer-term effect, over several months, not just a few days worth of change. 10,000-19,000 is extremely low, and over 50,000 is very high. He told me most people who come to their office register around 30-39,000. My score was 58,000!!

He was amazed it was so high, but said that it definitely fit with what I had described in my dietary habits and supplements.

So I have the two of you to thank for the general good health of my body and the way I’ve been eating for the past 6 months or so!!!

Thanks so much for all you’ve helped me with so far!!

– Leanne

Quite an impressive result after just a few months of following our recommendations.

Leanne learned much of the suggestions she follows by participating in Kay’s online class and our Song Mentorship.

We just opened registration to a new installment of that online class called Sacred Link, and right now you get 7 months of membership in the Song Mentorship program free if you join the Sacred Link class.

Here is the link to get all the details.

Sacred Link – Shamanic Initiations To The Source Of Happiness And Power

I have learned more about myself, my abilities and this amazing world than I ever thought possible.

– Kate Ingrid Paul, Forbes, MN

Enjoy and please contact us with any questions.

Song to Song,



Unconditional Love – A Most Amazing Bone Throwing Ceremony

Bone Throws are always an amazing experience. For some reason, this one about Unconditional Love is even more so. Maybe it’s because the Spirits of the Bones share so many details about our potential and where we have headed ourselves as a race, including so many of the details on how we will get there.


(Make sure the audio on your computer or device is on)

If you would like to be part of future live events, click this link:


With much Love and gratitude,

Helmut & Kay