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Health and Healing – Diet and Nutrition

Kay Cordell Whitaker

Oh boy!

What to eat and not to eat, that is the question.

See, William had it all wrong.

Kay is passionate about a lot of things, we both are.

Living Awake
Living without the No Nos
Ka Ta See
Ancient Egyptian Mystery Teachings
Any teachings really that go back more than (just) 3,000 years. 🙂
The history and adventures of our Song, and everyone else’s Song, through the ages.
Alien Life – Or what we call life and history throughout the universe.
An Awakened World

… to name just a few. 🙂

In creating the next session for the Red Door course Kay has been working most every free minute to research what is referred to as metabolic syndrome.

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Diabetes, ATP Energy Production And The Importance Of Cholesterol And Sulphur

Kay Cordell Whitaker

We haven’t shared much about our healing work and especially about Kay’s healing research in a while.

Throughout the past several months Kay has done intense research into blood sugar metabolism and diabetes and we wanted to share some of that with you.

Diabetes is a huge subject, it effects and influences everything that is going on in our body.

Diabetes and it’s associated disorders like hypoglycemia are a disease of diminished ATP production.

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One Person Can Change The World

One Person
Image by AlicePopkorn

The Hetakas, my adopted grandparents, always said that one person can change the world.

One person.

That’s all it takes to change the world.

Each person has the power and the ability to create that forward-turning wheel within themselves, living it, radiating it out.

As we do that, we influence everything around us. We become an example, imprinting with our energy that pattern, that growth, that understanding, on everyone and everything.

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With Every Death There Is A Gift

This is such a powerful healing story which offers healing gifts in so many ways we’d like to share it at least once a year.

We usually publish it around the Winter Solstice celebrations, a profound time to honor the dying away of the old and the bringing in of new healing energies, but this year, for whatever reason, we feel moved to share it a bit earlier.

In this story Kay is sharing an experience she had working with a client a few years back.

For privacy reasons she changed the client’s name; everything else tells the story of events during Kay’s work with her.



I worked extensively on Jane who was in a car accident earlier this year leaving her with bleeding in the brain and she fell into a coma shortly after the accident. I performed the ancient healing techniques on her twice a day.

As I worked on her in her last days she showed me what she was experiencing. She gifted me with a view and a taste of what she was discovering about life and death and choices.

On one of those days during medical procedures her heart stopped beating and she was resuscitated.

This stopping of her world and her life let all of her old worries and fears, her beliefs about her relationships, her self and the nature of existence fall away. She was dead, yet, still very much in existence; aware of her consciousness; aware of her physical environment. What she thought was so real and crucially important before, dissipated. She could see the truth of things. A world of different priorities sprang up around her.

What she had believed in before, the confining walls of her life and her interactions with her world, dissipated. As if it were all a tiny, dark, encrusted box that she once lived inside of and she watched it crumble away. This was the image she showed me and what was left was a giant horizon of a world full of brightness and loving energy. Everything looked fresh, different. New. And very much alive.

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The Farmer And The Pig


Photo Credit: BinaryApe

As most of you reading this know, Kay has been taught by Domano and Chea Hetaka and was trained by them as a Kala Keh Nah Seh within the Ka Ta See tradition.

There are many different “medicine” people within Ka Ta See, herbalists, story tellers, healers, specializing in one particular thing to practice their medicine and gifts.

There are many aspects to a Kala Keh Nah Seh, one of which is, loosely translated, a bringer of webs of balance through stories.

And today we’d like to share with you one of our favorite stories.

We were reminded to share this story because of the experiences one of the students of the new course series had with this particular story.

When we hear stories, in fact when we hear, or experience anything these days, the experience is usually filtered through our masks. Meaning our masks control our experiences of these stories, indeed of our entire life.

With medicine stories we have the opportunity to let go of our masks and, if we can allow it, get past that mask filter and create the opportunity to see ourselves, to see our lives, to see our connections, to see the world, to see our place in the world, from a completely different perspective, possibly even a perspective which is based in our Song, our center, or which can lead to knowing more about our Song or our center.

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