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Commitment, Song, Purpose – When Does Commitment Become Something You Desire?


Commitment is a vital piece to Live Your Song.

In our modern culture many people think commitment is a lot of struggle and force, something that has to be artificially imposed and enforced.

They believe that commitments have to be forced and that they are a burden and they probably are not going to be any fun so they always leave a back door.

They always want a back door, they always want a way out in case they change their mind or in case it gets too uncomfortable or it turns into something they don’t think they want anymore, or it feels like it’s going to be too much work and they want to be able to get out of it, they want to be able to slip out the back door.

In Ka Ta See they have a concept of commitment that doesn’t have any back door, it’s a commitment for life and these things are usually in connection with something spiritual and your spiritual path.

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Living An Authentic Life


“In thinking on my death I hoped I would be ready, so that on that day my obituary would be able to say I was a strong individual; that I nurtured my uniqueness; that I always stood up for equity and diversity to their fullest among all things; that the ordinariness of the white culture is a crime of boredom and a waste of sacred potential. I hoped it would say that I was never ordinary.”

– Kay Cordell Whitaker, “Sacred Link – Joining Fortunes With The Unknown – Chapter 5, Touch The Clay, Touch The Altar”


Touch The Clay, Touch The Altar

…Chea handed me a bowl to put away in the cupboard. “So,” she said. “That leaves the gifts of the directions. These things here on the counter can wait for us. Let’s sit down in the big room. We’re going to talk about this now.”

I walked to the bench by the front window and looked out at the graying sky. It started to rain. The water was slow and silent. Domano brought out the little heater and set it in the middle of the room. We all crowded around it on the floor close to the warmth.

The front of the heater had a grill that was in the pattern of a circle divided by a cross. Chea said that was like the symbol for the Medicine Wheel of Life, which for us is situated on our Mother Earth. The spokes described the four directions and the four elements, and the space beyond described the fifth direction, the above. She said that all things here were made from the four elements and the five directions each in proportions unique to themselves.

Chea pointed to the lines of the cross. “Every direction has its own nature, its own part of life that it regulates. Part of your long journey is to figure out just what that is. You have your mind, your senses, your heart and you have the gifts of the directions to guide you.

“Look at the south, the gift of knowing your own Song. Have you ever learned how to do something really well?”

“Yes.” I answered. “My music. My art.”

“What did you feel when you did this thing really good? What was in that feeling?” She grabbed her arms around her knees and rolled back and forth.

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Who Are You? Don’t Be Fooled, Knowing The Answer To This Age Old Question May Be Much More Important Than You Think

Photo Credit: Big Sumo

“All of man’s problems derive from the fact that we do not know what we are, and cannot agree on what to become.”

– Jean Bruller, who wrote under the pseudonym Vercors during the French resistance.

Few truer things have been spoken. In Ka Ta See we say that all our problems derive from the fact that we do not know who and what we are, and without knowing that we carry great confusion about where we’re going and who we would like to become.

Today we have a bit of a twist to the problem.

There are a great many people who genuinely acknowledge that they do not know who they are, and they deeply desire and are sincere about wanting to find out.

And, there’s a larger and larger number of people, especially within spiritual groups, who sincerely believe they already know who and what they are.

Ka Ta See offers us an image to provide an idea about who and what we might be, what the totality of our being might look like and how much we truly know about it:

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Happy Solstice, Happy Holidays – And A Wee Little Holiday Request! With A Chance To Receive A Free Bone Throwing Ceremony.

Song Unbound

We have a number of exciting events and classes planned for the coming year and we’d like to ask for your help in shaping those projects so that we may offer the most powerful help and guidance for you that we possible can in the coming year.

In the process we’d like to offer you the chance to receive a free Bone Throwing Ceremony or a talk with Kay and myself about your question(s).

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One Person Can Change The World

One Person
Image by AlicePopkorn

The Hetakas, my adopted grandparents, always said that one person can change the world.

One person.

That’s all it takes to change the world.

Each person has the power and the ability to create that forward-turning wheel within themselves, living it, radiating it out.

As we do that, we influence everything around us. We become an example, imprinting with our energy that pattern, that growth, that understanding, on everyone and everything.

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