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The Hetakas’ Definition Of Love

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This is a chapter from Kay’s book Love Ka Ta See Style. In this chapter Kay talks about, as the title says, the Hetakas’ definition of Love.

We shared this piece some time back, but it’s still as profound and timeless as it was back then. So for this years Valentines day we’re sharing it with you again.


“What is the Hetakas’ definition of love?”

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Okay. Our next question:

“What is the Hetakas’ definition of love? It seems a too-general question, but I do see most of us struggling with that.”

Kay: The Hetakas’ definition of love is “unconditional love”, the same as I’ve been talking about.

This is where you have genuine caring, where there is no judgment of yourself or other, where you make yourself available to be there for the other when they really need you, they really need help with something.

It means to be a best true friend, ready to care, ready to listen, ready to respect and admire, ready to help, ready to talk things through, to figure things out without judgment.

Always, always, always no judgments.

And always trying to understand – trying to put yourself in the shoes of the other.

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Safe Space Communication

In this webcast recording Kay answers the question about what to do when masks sabotage the relationship.

She talks about the importance of safe space communication and describes in great detail what that actually is, what it means to have safe space talk.

She talks about what it actually means to live with unconditional love and unconditional acceptance and how the ability to live this way disarms our mask pictures of each other and that the benefits of that are priceless because you take off the weight of the mask momentums.

And she talks about how living this way, with unconditional love and unconditional acceptance is the basis of creating deep caring friendships which last a lifetime and how such friendships are the basis of any relationship.

And last but not least, she talks about how we can learn to live this way.



Safe Space

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To find out more about this way of life, click this link to a presentation about Kay’s upcoming Online Level 1 Class.

If you ever wanted to find out more about what these teachings of Ka Ta See can offer to your life, you will want to see this presentation, and if you even the least bit interested in learning more from Kay, you enjoy haven taken the time to watch.

Song to Song,


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Life Is Relationships

Love KTSS softcover book standings

Not too long ago we shared a piece called “Everyone Is Lonely – Connect!”

The main question about the piece was, yes, but how do you do that, how do you connect?

Well, I can’t speak for Kay, but for me it’s been a challenge most of my life. I’ve always been a loner of sorts and growing up I never thought I would fit in anywhere or be in a long term relationship of any kind or even have close friends.

I think the best I can say about this now is that the more you become friends with yourself, the more you get to know yourself and are able to love yourself, the easier it becomes to connect, to create heart felt, Song centered relationships.

In order for any of us to exist we need relationships. Relationships of all kinds.

It is within relationships that we find deep caring friendships that last through a whole lifetime, love for each other that sustains our hearts, bodies, minds and spirits.

Everything is about relationships.

Relationships with our own Self, our Song…
Relationships between you and all else…
Relationships between all things — subatomic particles, energy fields, animals, plants, lifeforms, humans.

Where something is going on — and something is always going on, nothing is ever truly stopped, dead — there is relating. Interactions.

Relationship is a fundamental of existence.

How we choose to relate to all this relating is our choice.

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Everyone Is Lonely – Connect!

Rose Connect
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Valentines day is here, again, and we are talking about Love, again. But this time not in the usual way.

This time we look at what keeps us from connecting and, hopefully, in so doing find ways to connect, for real.

This is a larger project for us, it won’t be completed with a blogpost, or a week’s work, it will take time, but we can’t wait to see where it will lead.

Sometime back I asked Kay what she thinks are the biggest problems or difficulties in people’s lives.

Almost without hesitation, she said the feeling of separation, the feeling of being alone, lonely and disconnected, separated from others, from the world, from everything.

Recently, while reading a book I came across the title for this piece, “Everyone is lonely. Connect.”

Which prompted me to do some more research. There is much written about loneliness and one piece which stood out was an article in ‘The Atlantic’ titled “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?”


The article is frightening and some of the research numbers and conclusions presented indicating the increase in our levels of feeling lonely, feeling separated and disconnected and struggling with such feelings are staggering.

“The decrease in confidants—that is, in quality social connections—has been dramatic over the past 25 years. In one survey, the mean size of networks of personal confidants decreased from 2.94 people in 1985 to 2.08 in 2004. Similarly, in 1985, only 10 percent of Americans said they had no one with whom to discuss important matters, and 15 percent said they had only one such good friend. By 2004, 25 percent had nobody to talk to, and 20 percent had only one confidant.”

That is absolutely astonishing to me. Within less than 20 years the number of people who have nobody to talk with increased 2 and 1/2 fold. The number of people who are literally alone in this country went from roughly 30,000,000, which is already a staggering number, to 75,000,000.

It’s been 10 years since that study, I wonder where those numbers are today.

Continuing with a few more great points.

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A Story About Unconditional Love

Image by suneko

Living with unconditional love in a culture, in a world so focused, intent and based on judgment can be a challenge.

The irony is, that while we live in the midst of this intense need to fiercely judge everything, religions the world over preach unconditional love. So our question has always been, while everybody talks about unconditional love, is it real, I mean really real, so real you can touch it?

Unconditional Love has always been part of Ka Ta See, actually, more accurately, it’s always been at the core and center of living Ka Ta See.

But last year marked a tectonic shift in our understanding and ability to live unconditional love and make it even more a fundamental guiding principle of our life and work.

How does that express itself in our lives, in our work, and most especially in our healing work, in the ancient healing tradition Kay teaches in her course series?

For one, Kay’s ongoing study group is managing to become a family. There are still remnants of mask interactions and drama, at times, but for the most part it’s a group of people who are intent on living and connecting Song to Song, and succeeding at it most of the time.

No fake, no make believe, no happy-smily-pretend-we-all-love-each-other but real Song knowing and connecting.

In this culture that alone is beyond remarkable.

So when I refer to people in this class as students, that means a friend, a dear friend, a family member, someone I deeply love and care about, someone I’m connecting with heart to heart all the time.

We had a conference call class recently and at the beginning, as we were checking in with everyone, one of the students said she was calling in from the hospital because her 90 year old father was just admitted with kidney failure.

Before we continued with the class I asked if she would want us to do a group healing on him which she happily accepted.

So everyone in the group started to work on her dad. We usually share with each other what we’ve found during our healing work, but since the focus of the class was a different one, we agreed to share via emails afterwards.

So the next day our friend sent the following email about the healing:

“I left the call on Friday because my Mom came to get me due to my Dad crying uncontrollably. Now you must remember that while my Dad does understand the spirit world and the healings we do, he is also a religious man.

Between sobs, he said, “I think I am leaving. God is here, I can feel his love all around me”.

He saw my cell phone still in my hand and then said, “all that love was from your Santa Fe group?”.

I said, “the love and healing is from all of us, you just received a group healing from my Santa Fe family”.

His day had been very long and filled with a lot of discomfort; and it was good to see him close his eyes and go to sleep.

Thank You So Very Much for All Your Love and Healings!!!!”

Now this is what we mean by real.

The beauty is, this is what we are all capable of and this is where we’re headed as individuals and as a species.

We may not see it too widespread in this lifetime, but we will get there.

Love and Song,