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The Next Ka Ta See Live Show

Ka Ta See Live Show

The next “Ka Ta See Live Show” is scheduled for Sunday, October 28 at 12 noon US mountain time.
(Here is a link where you can find your local time)

And here are the questions next in line for us to talk about:

Based on our experience from previous shows, we won’t get to talk about more than one of these questions, two at most. But not to worry, there will be more life shows.

Question 1: My question is about my spiritual path.

I have worked as a musician, therapist and artist and these fields have nurtured my soul and I know that I have helped others. Yet, as I have gotten older I feel that there is something more that I should be doing — that I should be working more directly with Spirit.

Over the years, I have had opportunities to study but I found myself pulling away — I lived in the jungle with a healer, have met with native leaders, etc but I can’t seem to step over the threshold — either my analytic mind or my fear prevents my surrender to this part of the path.

So I put this part of my soul on the back burner but it rears up every so often. How do I address this question which causes so much ache in my heart?

– LR

Question 2: Along my own path of awakening, I have many amazing experiences of the unseen world.

The challenge has been in the deciphering of them, without a teacher, someone to help decipher my deer in the headlight response to some incredible events.

And access to the teachers is set up this way because there are too many people who need the same thing as I. So, the main comfort is in reading shamanic stories of others sharing their experiences, the few books out there.

Ultimately I know the shamanic journey is solitary and this is good.

Our culture here gave us no language to integrate lights in my pasture, ships overhead, the appearance of a bird headed being, a plant being, 40 hawks at once circling the property, rattling in the presence of eons of ancestors, it goes on and on.

Over 7 years I have developed a small basic vocabulary to discourse with the unseen world, some sort of interpretive dialogue that is not only rooted in the mind. But it has been so slow to incorporate them into the 3D reality.

There must be a way to provide the many awakening souls here with a bit more than how to wake up, or what that might look like.

The guidebook cannot sway an individual’s experience, yet it feels like there is some in between solution.

As far as I can see, no elder or seasoned traveler has given this to the world yet. We need it out here. Some language interpreting class, unless there is a shamanic hotline I can call every time an extraordinary event occurs!

– HC

Question 3: How can I heal the paradox and confusion, and even grief, of having discovered a particular ‘WAY” to do with the mechanics of creation – which seemed to answer every question I had about spirituality and our origins as spiritual beings – only to find that while calling itself inclusive, it pointed a finger at other spiritualities (in which many loving and good people practice that I know) while declaring that they were overlighted by ‘dark energies’ posing as ‘the light’?

This caused a huge split within me at a very vulnerable time, which is not truly healed.

– MH

Thank you all for sharing your questions!

That’s it, this is what Kay and I are planning to talk about during the live show on Sunday, October 28 at 12 noon US mountain time.
(Click this link to find your local time)

Joining The Ka Ta See Live Show

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We’re so looking forward to the next Live Show and another opportunity to connect with you.

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