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The First Episode Of “Song Unbound” – What Is Song?

Song Unbound

The first episode of our new podcast – Song Unbound.

We share a Bone Throwing Ceremony in which we ask the Spirits of the Bones “What Is Song?”

Enjoy, and please share.

It’s the holidays and we’re all busy, or at least most of us. But when you find some time during the holidays, come back and listen. This is quite an amazing Bone Throwing Ceremony.

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Send Us Your Questions

And last, but certainly not least, send us your questions which you’d like for us to talk about during upcoming episodes of Song Unbound.

Here are three ways to send us your questions:

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You can take our survey and send us your thoughts and questions.

Here is the link for that:

Song Unbound Survey

If you use the survey you have a chance for a free Bone Throwing Ceremony about your question(s).


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Happy Solstice, Happy Holidays – And A Wee Little Holiday Request! With A Chance To Receive A Free Bone Throwing Ceremony.

Song Unbound

We have a number of exciting events and classes planned for the coming year and we’d like to ask for your help in shaping those projects so that we may offer the most powerful help and guidance for you that we possible can in the coming year.

In the process we’d like to offer you the chance to receive a free Bone Throwing Ceremony or a talk with Kay and myself about your question(s).

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