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Who Are You? Don’t Be Fooled, Knowing The Answer To This Age Old Question May Be Much More Important Than You Think

Photo Credit: Big Sumo

“All of man’s problems derive from the fact that we do not know what we are, and cannot agree on what to become.”

– Jean Bruller, who wrote under the pseudonym Vercors during the French resistance.

Few truer things have been spoken. In Ka Ta See we say that all our problems derive from the fact that we do not know who and what we are, and without knowing that we carry great confusion about where we’re going and who we would like to become.

Today we have a bit of a twist to the problem.

There are a great many people who genuinely acknowledge that they do not know who they are, and they deeply desire and are sincere about wanting to find out.

And, there’s a larger and larger number of people, especially within spiritual groups, who sincerely believe they already know who and what they are.

Ka Ta See offers us an image to provide an idea about who and what we might be, what the totality of our being might look like and how much we truly know about it:

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With Every Death There Is A Gift

This is such a powerful healing story which offers healing gifts in so many ways we’d like to share it at least once a year.

We usually publish it around the Winter Solstice celebrations, a profound time to honor the dying away of the old and the bringing in of new healing energies, but this year, for whatever reason, we feel moved to share it a bit earlier.

In this story Kay is sharing an experience she had working with a client a few years back.

For privacy reasons she changed the client’s name; everything else tells the story of events during Kay’s work with her.



I worked extensively on Jane who was in a car accident earlier this year leaving her with bleeding in the brain and she fell into a coma shortly after the accident. I performed the ancient healing techniques on her twice a day.

As I worked on her in her last days she showed me what she was experiencing. She gifted me with a view and a taste of what she was discovering about life and death and choices.

On one of those days during medical procedures her heart stopped beating and she was resuscitated.

This stopping of her world and her life let all of her old worries and fears, her beliefs about her relationships, her self and the nature of existence fall away. She was dead, yet, still very much in existence; aware of her consciousness; aware of her physical environment. What she thought was so real and crucially important before, dissipated. She could see the truth of things. A world of different priorities sprang up around her.

What she had believed in before, the confining walls of her life and her interactions with her world, dissipated. As if it were all a tiny, dark, encrusted box that she once lived inside of and she watched it crumble away. This was the image she showed me and what was left was a giant horizon of a world full of brightness and loving energy. Everything looked fresh, different. New. And very much alive.

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The Gifts of Death From My Mothers

Image by feministjulie

In honor of Mother’s Day we share an experience I had during a ceremony when my stepmom was passing. We’ve shared this story before so don’t be surprised if some of it sounds familiar.

Death is an important part of our lives as well as any shamanic practice. You may remember our sharing of “With Every Death There Is A Gift”.

Don’t mistake this as a strange obsession with death, this is a celebration of life in it’s deepest, most passionate form.

At the time I was participating in an Egyptian Forgiveness Ritual. During the ceremony my attention was pulled away to my stepmother’s hospital room. Here is the story that unfolded:

It was the middle of the afternoon and I was participating in a very ancient Egyptian group ceremony called The Forgiveness Ritual. My stepmother was near the end of her life lying in a hospital bed hundreds of miles away.

I was the only one of the family who couldn’t get there. I had sent a spirit helper to be with Dad and Lou and asked the helper to get me when Lou was passing.

In the middle of the Forgiveness Ritual my attention was taken by a huge wave of sadness. I turned my attention towards the wave and knew it was coming from my father.

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Knowledge Of One’s Self Is Most Important

Knowledge of Self

“To resist the influence of others, knowledge of one’s self is most important.”
– Teal’c – Stargate SG1 Stronghold

After fighting a long and bitter fight to gain their freedom the young Jaffa nation is attempting to build a democratic government.

The false god Ba’al is trying to derail the effort by brainwashing members of the Jaffa high counsel, including Teal’c, a member of Stargate’s SG1.

In the end, it turns out, the brainwashing didn’t work on Teal’c and he ends up killing the false god instead of his friend and mentor Bra’tac, as he was ordered to do while believed to be under the influence of the brainwashing.

At the end of the show his friend Cam, who helped free him from Ba’al, asked how he managed to resist the brainwashing and Teal’c’s answer was, you guessed it, “to resist the influence of others, knowledge of one’s self is most important.”

And what, you might ask, has all that Scifi stuff got to do with you?

Well, pretty simple really. More and more of us have a longing, a deep desire to live our truth, to find our purpose, to find meaning, to transform our life to what we know deep inside it could be.

We long for our truth, we long for our understanding, we long for our healing, we long for real love, unconditional love, we long for real heart to heart connections.

And the most important thing not just for reaching that life but to begin to aim ourselves towards reaching it, we need to know ourselves, we need to know our Song. Because our Song, our truth, holds the knowledge of our purpose and there is no other person in the world who can know that truth, who can know your Song, who can know what you long for and why you chose this life.

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It’s All About Song – An Invitation To A Live Ceremony

Song Magic


It’s All About Song
It’s always been all about Song.
It always is all about Song.
It always will be all about knowing YOUR Song.

If you ask what is Song the simple answer would be your true self, your totality, all your being ever was, is and will be. That’s your Song.

But, this would not even come close to giving you an idea of the depth of what your Song really is.

Telling you that your Song is your truth is kinda like saying the earth is that blue planet in our solar system.

It’ll give you a basic idea of what your Song is, but it would not convey the wonders of the aliveness of your Song.

It would not tell you about the magic and mystery of what your Song knows, of where it has been and what it has learned and experienced.

It would not tell you about the wonders your Song is longing for and capable of.

It would not even scratch the surface of what your Song’s purpose is in this life, what your Song’s purpose has been through the ages and what your Song’s purpose is through all eternity.

And it would not tell you the magic and wonders and beauty of your purpose in this life.

Those mysteries you will only learn when you explore your Song, when you learn about it, when you learn to know and own and live it.

There are many ways of doing that, among the most effective is a guided Song Ceremony.

And that is what Kay is offering, to guide you through the Ceremony Of Finding Your Song, live.

Here is the link to join:

Click This Link To Participate In And Experience The Wonderful Gifts Of The Next Live Guided Song Ceremony


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