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Meeting My Spirit Helpers – Ka Ta See – Part – 3

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Now to the next part in the series on healing within Ka Ta See.

In part 2 Kay talked about “The Two Major Healing Traditions,” part 3 is about spirit helpers and how Kay met hers.

“Meeting My Spirit Helpers”

There’s a process in an apprenticeship with the masters, the medicine people, that’s common to indigenous peoples around the planet: somewhere in your apprenticeship you are taken on very specific quests and journeys to find your spirit helpers.

The helper that stays with you and becomes very much a full-time partner and buddy is termed your power animal. The finding of your power animal is a vision quest all of itself, and that ritual was given to me very early on when I met the Hetakas.

To quest for your power animal in this tradition, you must go on a specific spirit journey to another world—the world of the animal spirits. This is a very real place that is talked about in traditions all over the planet. In the Hetakas’ way, one must go to this place for oneself, by oneself.

When I undertook my journey, the ancient traditional location to access this world provided me with a hair-raising adventure through an excruciatingly long and dark cave.

But I refused to let fear take over: I kept the awareness and feeling of who I really am, holding onto the feeling of my Song, my uniqueness, as I stepped forward. I persisted and the shaft opened out into an incredible, beautiful, vibrant, passion-filled landscape populated with thousands upon thousands of different life forms with all their smells and sounds and colors and textures—thousands upon thousands of different Songs.

I wandered out into the environment looking, touching, sniffing, listening, talking to everything I passed, taking in everything I could as I followed the instructions that had been given to me by Chea and Domano to locate my power animal. Every sort of animal that I knew of (and many that I didn’t know) showed themselves until finally my power animal, my companion, arrived.

There was an instant familiarity—I knew this being. Others of the species came and together they showed me how to shapeshift my spirit into their form.

Time was very different in that place. We played, hunted, hung out, went to ancient ruins, performed ceremony, slept. They taught me more than I could ever express. Ever since that journey I have been aware of my power animal and its communications with me.

My other spirit helpers came of their own accord over a period of years. Some I sought out purposely by doing vision quests, seeking their attention and their alliance, their knowledge and their help.

When you seek helpers that way, sometimes they agree to work with you and sometimes they do not. Very often, one or two helpers will come of their own accord when you’re not expecting it. They just plop themselves right there in your path and say, “I’m here to help you.” The vulture, one of the two primary healing helpers that I work with most often, came to me in that way.

When I’m working with a client, both animal spirits are right there with me, observing and telling me to look here, look there. “This is what’s wrong; this is where you go; this is how it’s done.” And I ask them many questions: “Show me the history of this. Is there something else in the body or the energy field that needs to be worked on?”

Anything that I would ask the body parts, or the disease itself, I would also ask the power animals, the helpers. Sometimes it’s a three-, four-, five-way conversation going on.

— Kay C Whitaker

Stay tuned for “Healing with Energy and Spirit – Ka Ta See” – Part 4 where Kay talks about her healing work.

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Drumming To Journey By

Drumming To Journey By

A Continuous Drumming Atmosphere

Stimulating Support For Journeying
With Gentle Call Back

The compelling consciousness altering sounds on this CD are woven
into an enticing rhythm produced by four traditionally crafted drums,
a traditional ceremonial deer toe rattle, the resonant singing of two
crystal bowls activated only by the sounds of the drums, and the
distant whispering of an ancient calling chant.

These haunting sounds heighten your state of consciousness and allow
you to easily move into the deep state of trance that is utilized in
spirit journeying and other ceremonies and to hold this level of
consciousness for as long as you choose.

The drumming and other sounds are an integral part of the ceremonies
and are said to “carry you”: they become your sacred vehicle into the
realms of the unknown.

Created By Kay Cordell Whitaker

Kay is the author of The Reluctant Shaman and Sacred Link.

In addition to Drumming To Journey By Kay has also created a number
of other shamanic journey CDs: Amazon Drumming To Journey By,
Song Magic, Dance Of The Earth Fire Serpent and Power Animal Journey.


This drumming CD can be used to assist in any form of journeying and
in many other ceremonies, rituals and meditations.

Here are a few suggestions to help you in your pursuits:

1. In the Hetakas’ tradition of eastern Peru spirit journeys are
usually performed inside a small circle altar made out of “stone
people.” These ceremonies are profoundly more effective and far safer
when performed inside the altar space. Follow this link for instructions
on building this form of sacred space
. These instructions are also part
of “The Dance Of The Earth Fire Serpent” CD.

2. For a step by step guide on how to spirit journey, consult “Power
Animal Journey” CD by Kay Cordell Whitaker.

3. There are many worlds and an endless number of places that can be
visited in a spirit journey. The more  focused you are about your
purpose and the place you want to visit, the easier, clearer and more
successful your entire quest will be.

4. In this tradition it is important that your physical body does not
distract you. If your limbs go to sleep or cramp the distraction might
pull your spirit back into your physical body. To avoid this, get as
comfortable as you can without encouraging drowsiness. Sitting
comfortably on the ground or in a chair is the best way to ensure
relaxation and alertness.

5. Do not attempt to spirit journey if you are sleepy. The frequencies
that you operate within during sleep are very similar to the
frequencies of deep trance and it is all too easy to follow the
cultural habit when your consciousness shifts to these states of being
and slip off into sleeping and dreaming.

6. Select a quiet place where there will be no interruptions and
unplug the phone.

7. Before you begin your quest clearly intend to stay awake and to
remember everything you experience and learn.

8. Take no assumptions or expectations with you. Leave doubts behind.
Make no judgments of others or self while in the ceremony process.

9. It is important for your whole being to register and anchor the
experiences and knowledge that you will gain. This is accomplished by
moving your whole body as much as possible as soon as you return. Move
every muscle and stand and dance inside your altar. If you have a
rattle, hold it in your right hand and rattle loudly close to your
right ear. The sounds and the movement will hold your consciousness at
a higher level and allow for total integration.

10. Record your experiences immediately either by writing them down or
speaking them into a recorder or to a friend. This helps anchor the
experience in all parts of your being including your linear mind. It
gives you an opportunity to discover whole new perspectives.

11. These ceremonies, as with ceremonies and meditations of other
traditions, increase the available energy many times over with each
person that is added to the participating group.

12. Don’t be discouraged! Spirit journeying is a unique and
unaccustomed experience for people in our modern culture. And like
most things its fruitfulness increases with practice.

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DO NOT play this recording if you have a history  of epileptic tendencies,
while operating heavy  machinery, or while in a moving vehicle.

This recording is NOT background entertainment.

Do not attempt to perform these ceremonies if you have had alcohol or
mind altering substances within the last 24 hours. The ceremonies begin
as soon as you start to collect your stone people to build your altar.

A World In Balance Company IS NOT responsible for any injuries caused
by improper use.

For updates about Kay Cordell Whitaker’s work please use this form:

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