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Happy Solstice, Happy Holidays – And A Wee Little Holiday Request! With A Chance To Receive A Free Bone Throwing Ceremony.

Song Unbound

We have a number of exciting events and classes planned for the coming year and we’d like to ask for your help in shaping those projects so that we may offer the most powerful help and guidance for you that we possible can in the coming year.

In the process we’d like to offer you the chance to receive a free Bone Throwing Ceremony or a talk with Kay and myself about your question(s).

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There Must Be More Than Helping People Wake Up!

Image Credit: Kay C Whitaker

WOW, again.

I know it’s considered being very spiritual to be humble, but we don’t use the word very often.

The humble thoughtform has such a sticky, gooey, uncomfortable, make-yourself-less-than-and-you’ll-be-all-holy-and-spiritual connotation to it.

And living and knowing your Song and living and knowing the enormous being you truly are, what the totality of our Song truly is, doesn’t really go well with making yourself small.

So doing the big humble thing is just another way to follow the crowd and blindly agree that the Emperor is wearing a great set of clothes, when in truth he is as naked as a jay bird.

Being humble is so often about pretending to be something you are not rather than expressing what the beauty of your Song really is.

If you’ve been following our work, you know that we talk about thoughtforms, a lot.

They are what gestate and feed our blind beliefs, what we think about ourselves and the world around us and ultimately they define who we are and what our life is all about.

So, no, we don’t do humble, we just have a keen awareness of not being arrogant. But thinking of ourselves as humble and in so doing making ourselves small so we appear as someone else’s idea of “spiritual”, we just don’t go there.

It would insult the enormous beauty of our Song and we recommend you don’t do it either cause your Song is just as enormous and beautiful and vast and ancient.

Now, were was I?

Oh yeah, WOW!

Today, for all the reasons mentioned, we’re not feeling humbled, but we are feeling full of deep honor and respect and gratitude by the questions you sent, they are so amazing and they are so many, we could almost get overwhelmed, if we still would be able to entertain that notion. Actually, I still have occasional moments, as for Kay, she hardly remembers the notion exists.

Thank you for sharing so deeply and so honestly about yourselves, your lives, your curiosity, your challenges, your difficulties, your struggles and, yes, your beauty.

It’s hard to pick any one question to even get started working with what you have shared.

But, since our work is all about waking up and helping people wake up and heal, to truly, fully, really (I could go on with adjectives and still feel I wouldn’t express how important waking up is for us and for all our future), completely wake up and heal, I start with this question, or rather part of a question.

“There must be more than teaching people how to wake up.”

Let’s look at that.

We are aware that “waking up” and “being awake” are expressions used rather lightly these days.

If we look at the long list of religions who have fallen into favor around the world, the words “waking up” is a big one for anyone following any, or several of those religions.

Almost all of them use the term.

Alternative spiritual groups talk about waking up and being awake all the time.

Waking up and being awake, and thinking of oneself as being awake, has become rather popular and is considered being very spiritual.

I don’t quite know what most of these religions and spiritual groups truly mean when they talk about waking up and being awake. I do know what it means for me and what it means for Kay and what it means within Ka Ta See.

The short answer to the question as to whether there is more than waking up and teaching people how to wake up is no, there isn’t, not for us, and not within these teachings.

Here’s why.

Being awake is knowing self without a doubt.

Let me say this again, being awake is knowing self, knowing the totality of your Beingness, your Song, without a doubt about what that is or what that feels like.

It is knowing who you are, who you have been through the ages. It is knowing who you have been lifetime after lifetime after lifetime after lifetime, through all of history.

It is knowing where you came from, where you’re going and why. It is knowing your purpose, not just in this life but in all those lifetimes you’ve lived.

Being awake is being free of masks, free of all programming, not subjugated to blindly held beliefs.

It’s being able to see clearly, without any mask distortions in the 3D world as well as the spirit world, the unseen world.

Being awake is being able to walk between the worlds and communicate freely and clearly, without mask distortions, with everyone and everything. Two way communications back and forth with clarity and focus and equality and unconditional love and understanding each other and clearly understanding what is being shared with our entire being, both in the 3D and the non-linear realms.

Being awake is communicating with spirits, with the unseen all the time and those communications being as real as you reading this.

Those communications and interactions being free of any mask thoughtforms, completely in Song, knowing the totality of your being and your history through the ages.

All based in equality.

Being awake within Ka Ta See is being able to interact and communicate with everything we encounter back and forth and clearly understanding what it is we are encountering, what it is we are touching and what is touching us.

Being awake is being free of arrogance and delusion and feeling sorry for oneself and feeling less-than and better-than and it’s being free of anger, hatred, suspicion, violence, judgment and all that mask stuff. Being asleep is why our world is in this destructive state it’s in.

Being awake is knowing what is spiritual-make-belief and what is real.

Let me give you an example.

Channeling. We have yet to meet a channel who actually comes with an entity.

Seriously, we have not met a person yet who claims to channel some dead dude, or gal, and see them actually connect to an entity for real and that entity actually being present, in any form, while they claim to channel that entity or group of entities, alien or otherwise.

I’m not saying there aren’t any, we just haven’t met one yet.

Kay, in the course of her Egyptian studies once did channel an Egyptian deity, as part of a class in front of the group. She said it was the weirdest thing she’s ever done and she likely won’t do it again.

She could feel herself talk, but doesn’t remember anything except, when she came back the entire class had their jaw hanging to the floor, literally.

Anyway, I’m getting a bit sidetracked.

Being awake doesn’t take the mystery out of life, or the unknown, it just takes out the confusion, doubt, fear, stress and all the massive distortions. It uncovers the mystery for you to then discover.

Some things in our spiritual explorations, we understand right away, others, not quite. It may take a bit to grasp the enormity of the experience and what has been shown.

But being awake means anything we do not understand yet does not nag at us with doubt,fear, confusion, jumping to conclusions, because we know, it will become perfectly clear in time.

Being awake is walking without judgment, no blind beliefs, no assumptions, no jumping to conclusion, no expectations and no arrogance.

Most importantly of all, it means walking with unconditional love no matter what.

So, back to the question, is there more than waking up or helping people to wake up?

Well, after reading this, what do you think?

Please “Like” and share – thanks!

Love and Song,


ps: If you still want to learn about the survey, here is the link. If you want to add your questions, here is that link.


“What Are The Biggest Questions In Your Life Today?”

Image Credit: Frits at HikingArtist.com

“What is wanted is not the will to believe, but the wish to find out, which is the exact opposite.”
— Bertrand Russell

First, on a personal note, a few thoughts about what drives Kay and myself.

Much of our life, if not all of it, is guided by forces we would describe as Spirits, the Universe, our Song, the unseen, and often an inexplicable, delicious drive to explore things we do not yet understand, things just out of reach. That deep drive is what continues to push us forward.

We can’t help it.

We have free will, of course, but like an artist is compelled to follow his or her passion to create, we can’t help but to follow this drive.

There is always a choice, but when you follow the Spirits and the desire to know, you either move forward or you stop, and since stopping isn’t really an option for us, in the end there is no other path for us to be walking down.

The outside world observing is often at a loss, and, at times, even people connected and involved don’t understand.

The ones that really care, that really, really deeply care and want to be there, the ones that want to know and find out how deep the rabbit hole goes, they stick around.

Maybe they sense the great purpose in the seeming insanity of the artist’s pull and drive.

Some people just shrug their shoulders and move on. Some folks even go running off in a huff, getting busy with whatever they perceive as important in their lives, never knowing where the path may have led and how deep that rabbit hole would have really gone.

We’ve had that kind of year.

It was, and still is, an enormous adventure, a journey so exhilarating words are simply not enough.

The experiences of connecting, of deep, deep caring, of unconditional love on a level and scale we haven’t seen in the world for a long, long time, is changing everything, again.

To say we are infinitely grateful is simply not enough either.

Granted, so many talk about unconditional love, but is it real? I mean, really real, so real you can touch it?

We’ve come to a new level of reality, and with it to a new level of excitement for life, which we didn’t think possible, since we were already pretty excited about life as it was.

With that new level of excitement for life, for the teachings of Ka Ta See, for this way of life, for Song, for healing, for changing the world, for caring, for helping people heal and wake up, to truly fully completely wake up. With that new excitement for finding and exploring the glory which awaits humanity in 2012 and beyond, we’ve some great plans.

And, we ask for your help in shaping the new adventures we are working on to share the gifts of Ka Ta See with you, to help you in all the amazing ways these teachings, this way of life, offers.

We’re offering an opportunity for you to share with us your curiosity, your most pressing questions and challenges, about life, your life, about health, your health, about humanity and the future. And, we’d love for you to take that opportunity and share those thoughts, that curiosity and desire.

Depending on what you would like to share with us about your life, your curiosity, your problems and difficulties, all your questions, our estimate as to how long it will take you to send us those questions is anywhere from 1 to five minutes; ten maybe, if you’re really thorough and want to really get into it, which we would even more appreciate.

So, if you would like to take an active part in the adventure and how it will move forward and unfold, this is your chance.

The rewards for doing so can be life changing, literally.

Kay has been helping people, with the help of the Spirits and particularly the Spirits of the Bones, to heal and wake up for 38 years.

People, myself included, went from being deeply lost and confused to knowing their Song, to knowing who they are and what their purpose is in life, without a doubt.

She also has been helping people to get well physically in those 38 years. Clients have been coming to her with health problems ranging from chronic fatigue to fibromyalgia, to atrial fibrillation, to IBS and crones decease, to heart problems, to cancer, diseases allopathic medicine couldn’t even identify and gave up on, and all of her clients who stuck with it and followed the guidance from Kay and the Sprits, have reclaimed their health.

If you had the chance to ask Kay or the Spirits of the Bones any question, what would you ask?

Well, here is your chance.

I’d like to also take a moment here to thank all of you who have been following our work, especially our sharing on the blog, and special thanks to those of you who have shared your thoughts and feelings in response to the posts, we really appreciate it.

And to all our students and clients, our appreciation and gratitude for your Love, trust, dedication and commitment has no bounds.

With all that and without any further ado, here’s the link where you can share your thoughts, questions, feelings, ideas, challenges, difficulties, anything about Health and Healing, Spirituality, Spirit Ability and Waking up.

Questions about any challenges you face in your life and would like help with from us, from the Spirit world, even from the Spirits of the Bones.

The plan is to share the answers on the blog or have a regular (possibly) live call during which we will talk about a question, or two, depending on how involved they are, and have Kay share about it from the perspective of Ka Ta See.

Or we may present the question to the Spirits of the Bones and share the video or do even a live public Bone Throwing session.

We’re pretty satisfied and content with what we know about 2012, so we thought we’d offer you to share questions about more broad subjects as well as personal problems, issues and difficulties; but if you feel you want to know more about 2012 and the coming times, the future of humanity, there is an opportunity for you to share those questions too, of course.

Here is the link:


Go there now so it won’t get lost in the busy of your life.

With much Love, Song, appreciation and anticipation, we look forward to hearing from you.

Love and Song,


PS: Please comment and share.