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The Hetakas’ Definition Of Love

Image credit: Randy Son Of Robert

This is a chapter from Kay’s book Love Ka Ta See Style. In this chapter Kay talks about, as the title says, the Hetakas’ definition of Love.

We shared this piece some time back, but it’s still as profound and timeless as it was back then. So for this years Valentines day we’re sharing it with you again.


“What is the Hetakas’ definition of love?”

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Okay. Our next question:

“What is the Hetakas’ definition of love? It seems a too-general question, but I do see most of us struggling with that.”

Kay: The Hetakas’ definition of love is “unconditional love”, the same as I’ve been talking about.

This is where you have genuine caring, where there is no judgment of yourself or other, where you make yourself available to be there for the other when they really need you, they really need help with something.

It means to be a best true friend, ready to care, ready to listen, ready to respect and admire, ready to help, ready to talk things through, to figure things out without judgment.

Always, always, always no judgments.

And always trying to understand – trying to put yourself in the shoes of the other.

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