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Commitment, Song, Purpose – When Does Commitment Become Something You Desire?


Commitment is a vital piece to Live Your Song.

In our modern culture many people think commitment is a lot of struggle and force, something that has to be artificially imposed and enforced.

They believe that commitments have to be forced and that they are a burden and they probably are not going to be any fun so they always leave a back door.

They always want a back door, they always want a way out in case they change their mind or in case it gets too uncomfortable or it turns into something they don’t think they want anymore, or it feels like it’s going to be too much work and they want to be able to get out of it, they want to be able to slip out the back door.

In Ka Ta See they have a concept of commitment that doesn’t have any back door, it’s a commitment for life and these things are usually in connection with something spiritual and your spiritual path.

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Where Are We On Our Journey Of Awakening? – More about the Bone Throwing Ceremony this coming Saturday


bt wtsp image

The real question still is; “What Do You Want?”

No really, what do you want?

We offered our students the opportunity to present questions, or a question to the Spirits of the Bones.

We received many great questions and hope to address many of them in future Bone Throwing Ceremonies.

Here is the question which we will present to the spirits of the Bones on Saturday:

“Will earth graduate from being the planet of toddlers, or are we destined to be kinder care for the cosmos?”

Seems an odd question, right? With all the spiritual movements going on in our world we can easily be lead to believe that we are all making big strides towards waking up and living awake. I mean come on, we have grown a lot, haven’t we?

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Global Cooling

Spiral Galaxy

If you are among the 97% (or so) of people on this planet who believe that we are in the midst of a big problem called global warming caused by our CO2 emissions, reading our headline, you might be wondering, in your mind, whether or not we have lost ours.

I can assure you, that happened a long time ago.

Just kidding, I think.

Global warming is a myth propagated for nefarious reasons by big money and power, which we won’t go into in this short piece.

Actually, it’s not just big money and power, there are many people who are spreading the message about global warming who are genuinely concerned, misguided, but concerned. Big money and power is using those people and their concerns to further its own agenda.

But let me state very clearly, as does Ben Davidson in the video we are sharing with you today, what is very real is that we have seriously poisoned the planet and most everything on her and that is a huge problem we need to address, a problem we need to deal with. Soon.

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The Gifts Of All The Four Directions

Four Directions
Photo Credit: ** Lucky Cavey **

Waking up has different meanings for different people.

Often we think we are talking about the same thing when we talk about waking up, in reality, we may actually be talking about very different concepts.

And that’s ok. We all came here to experience what we came here to experience.

For many of us we are just trying to make sense out of a world which at times can feel like it jumped off its axis.

Within Ka Ta See it doesn’t make any difference if you want to spend your life totally asleep, because for those people that is their spiritual path.

Others though, we go through life pretty asleep, but than it hits us, it’s like an alarm going off and all of a sudden we have this longing for something we can’t explain.

We feel this pull towards a greater purpose, a greater meaning, a greater knowing without being able to explain any of it at first.

What has fulfilled us in the past feels lacking, empty even.

Where we have found purpose doesn’t fulfill us anymore.

What we thought was real doesn’t feel like it anymore.

And so we begin our search for what is truly real, within us, around us, all around the world and the universe even.

That shift can hit us at any age, and whatever age it is, the odds are usually not stacked in our favor to change the course of our life.

Yet, against all those odds we try anyway because there is this annoying thing called our spirit and if it wants to know – it wants to know – and nothing in the world, none of the obstacles thrown in front of it will stop it from finding out.

More and more we look for what’s real, we long for real.

And there are many paths to that center, to that reality where there is no more make believe.

What makes the Ka Ta See path so unique is that it utilizes the gifts of all the four directions.

Not just the gift of one direction, but the gifts of all four. That is unique and most uniquely powerful.

The gift of the south, knowing Song, knowing yourself.

Not blindly believing what a religious dogma tells you you are, not what you think you are, not what someone else tells you you are, but knowing the real you and your place in the world, your place amongst the stars through the eons, knowing that for real.

That’s the gift of the south.

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The Importance To Not Change Anything Within Ancient Spiritual Traditions

In this video Kay talks about the importance of not changing anything within ancient spiritual traditions.

She describes why it is crucially important to pass the teachings on exactly the way they have been passed down for thousands of years, otherwise the chances of those teachings being turned into something our masks have a heyday with are big, very big.

Far too many people ignore these cautions in our modern culture when teaching ancient traditions.

Below is the transcript, in case you’re more the reading type.


Any questions or comments, please use the comment options below.

Song to Song,


The Importance To Not Change Anything Within Ancient Spiritual Traditions

Helmut: A couple of things, follow up things here.

One is, you talked about passing the tradition, the teachings, all the ceremonies and practices down exactly the way you have received them. I think that’s a very, very important point in our culture today. Because many people in shamanic traditions are taught to take whatever they find, whatever they are being taught and change it, change them whichever way they feel they want to change them, whichever way they feel comfortable with.

This is different. This is a very important distinction.

This Tradition is not about taking what you learn and make whatever you want out of it. Will you want to speak to that?

Kay: That’s really a popular, popular concept right now and a lot of the shamanic traditions out there. Though the one that is most well known, has been around probably the longest, is the Harner tradition and he’s very clear and very specific – has been for years, about learn this.

Learn what he’s teaching, and then take it and make it your own. Change it in whatever way you want, ceremonialize it in whatever way you want. Mix it with other things, other traditions in any fashion you feel like you want to do. And that’s his thing.

In the Hetaka’s Tradition, the exactness of what it is, how it’s put out there, how it’s taught, how you go about working with the different processes. It’s extremely important to follow exactly. Not change anything.

It has come down to us with this exactness for so very, very long. Because, in all of those details is some very important things. There’s lots of very important pieces of information and understanding and ways of focusing your attention.

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