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An Invitation To Our Next Live Guided Ceremony Of Finding Your Song

Kay Cordell Whitaker

Domano and Chea, Kay’s Peruvian adopted grandparents and Kala Keh Nah Seh teachers, told Kay if you manage to turn your attention back to your Song every time you find yourself distracted from it, after a short period of time you will find yourself living from that Song place all the time.

To join the next live Ceremony just click this link:

The Ceremony Of Finding Your Song guided live by Kay.

Now living in this western culture of ours, we love distractions, and we so easily forget that we have a choice to go back to our Song when we’re distracted by our favorite mask indulgences.

On top of that, when we are in the middle of these masks, we often feel helpless and powerless, we feel like we can’t turn things around and shift our attention back to our Song.

And, if that weren’t enough, and this may sound absurd, but we are sometimes so in love with our mask addiction and the endorphin rush they literally provide us with, that we don’t even want to turn our attention back to Song.

Sounds like it’s all hopeless, but it’s not. It’s absolutely not.

The key is to learn more and more about your Song and the joy, the beauty, the pleasure and excitement for life it holds for you.

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It’s All About Song – An Invitation To A Live Ceremony

Song Magic


It’s All About Song
It’s always been all about Song.
It always is all about Song.
It always will be all about knowing YOUR Song.

If you ask what is Song the simple answer would be your true self, your totality, all your being ever was, is and will be. That’s your Song.

But, this would not even come close to giving you an idea of the depth of what your Song really is.

Telling you that your Song is your truth is kinda like saying the earth is that blue planet in our solar system.

It’ll give you a basic idea of what your Song is, but it would not convey the wonders of the aliveness of your Song.

It would not tell you about the magic and mystery of what your Song knows, of where it has been and what it has learned and experienced.

It would not tell you about the wonders your Song is longing for and capable of.

It would not even scratch the surface of what your Song’s purpose is in this life, what your Song’s purpose has been through the ages and what your Song’s purpose is through all eternity.

And it would not tell you the magic and wonders and beauty of your purpose in this life.

Those mysteries you will only learn when you explore your Song, when you learn about it, when you learn to know and own and live it.

There are many ways of doing that, among the most effective is a guided Song Ceremony.

And that is what Kay is offering, to guide you through the Ceremony Of Finding Your Song, live.

Here is the link to join:

Click This Link To Participate In And Experience The Wonderful Gifts Of The Next Live Guided Song Ceremony


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Safe Space Communication

In this webcast recording Kay answers the question about what to do when masks sabotage the relationship.

She talks about the importance of safe space communication and describes in great detail what that actually is, what it means to have safe space talk.

She talks about what it actually means to live with unconditional love and unconditional acceptance and how the ability to live this way disarms our mask pictures of each other and that the benefits of that are priceless because you take off the weight of the mask momentums.

And she talks about how living this way, with unconditional love and unconditional acceptance is the basis of creating deep caring friendships which last a lifetime and how such friendships are the basis of any relationship.

And last but not least, she talks about how we can learn to live this way.



Safe Space

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To find out more about this way of life, click this link to a presentation about Kay’s upcoming Online Level 1 Class.

If you ever wanted to find out more about what these teachings of Ka Ta See can offer to your life, you will want to see this presentation, and if you even the least bit interested in learning more from Kay, you enjoy haven taken the time to watch.

Song to Song,


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