Has The World Gone Mad?


Has The World Gone Mad?

I don’t think so, it’s always been a bit of a mad place, we’re just hearing about the crazy things going on much faster, like almost instantaneously.

We are however moving into a time during which we are likely to see a bit more of the crazy stuff too.

The ancient teachings are saying about this time we are living in that we are moving into the ecliptic of the milky way, our solar system is moving into the plane of the ecliptic of our galaxy. It is happening, nothing will change or stop it.

Our solar system has been going in and out of the ecliptic for eons.

This time though, it’s predicted we will be staying there much longer than we have in previous times.

That’s generally a good thing, because humans cannot stay asleep in that field of energy.

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Waking Up Is Easy – Or Is It?


Waking Up Is Easy – Or Is It?

I’m not sure anybody really cares, unless they know how it will effect their life, what it will bring to their life, to their relationships, to their level of happiness.

You can find all kinds of stuff on the internets, did you know that?

Seriously, you can.

A friend of mine commented on a post that linked to a piece about what it takes to wake up and live awake.

Freeing yourself from blind beliefs was emphasized as a requirement to live awake. Duh!

And then the author went on to describe how grueling a journey it is. I mean, you will go to hell and back to get there.

“You must die to live”. Exciting, count me in. Dying, something not even the people who think they’ll be going to a better place rush to get to.

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Spending Time In The Shaman Cave In The Midst Of A Modern World Life

A “concerned” member of our tribe recently sent us a message through our Facebook page asking if we’re ok because we have offered so much in the past and it’s been a while now since he has heard from us.

He hoped that we’re ok and just really busy.

We’re touched by and appreciate the concern, and we’re ok. We’re much more than “just ok”. 🙂

And, we are quite busy.

So much has been happening which is why we’ve been quiet and posted only the occasional update.

In preparation for an Advanced Study Group weekend Kay went into her retreat time, her shaman cave earlier this year.

A time of going deep into the spirit world and see what the direction is, what the gifts are, what the healing gifts are they would like to help share next. What are the experiences they would like to see Kay teach and share moving forward.

When she does that I usually go into my own shaman cave, of sorts.

I still have to attend to the needs of clients and students and make sure everything continues to move along nicely and nothing that needs our attention is neglected or falls by the wayside.

I do my best, but I’m not perfect. So during this time, some things don’t always go all smooth and perfect.

But we wouldn’t be living our passions or purpose if our time with ceremony and the spirits wouldn’t be as important as it is in our lives.

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Health and Healing – Diet and Nutrition

Kay Cordell Whitaker

Oh boy!

What to eat and not to eat, that is the question.

See, William had it all wrong.

Kay is passionate about a lot of things, we both are.

Living Awake
Living without the No Nos
Ka Ta See
Ancient Egyptian Mystery Teachings
Any teachings really that go back more than (just) 3,000 years. 🙂
The history and adventures of our Song, and everyone else’s Song, through the ages.
Alien Life – Or what we call life and history throughout the universe.
An Awakened World

… to name just a few. 🙂

In creating the next session for the Red Door course Kay has been working most every free minute to research what is referred to as metabolic syndrome.

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Commitment, Song, Purpose – When Does Commitment Become Something You Desire?


Commitment is a vital piece to Live Your Song.

In our modern culture many people think commitment is a lot of struggle and force, something that has to be artificially imposed and enforced.

They believe that commitments have to be forced and that they are a burden and they probably are not going to be any fun so they always leave a back door.

They always want a back door, they always want a way out in case they change their mind or in case it gets too uncomfortable or it turns into something they don’t think they want anymore, or it feels like it’s going to be too much work and they want to be able to get out of it, they want to be able to slip out the back door.

In Ka Ta See they have a concept of commitment that doesn’t have any back door, it’s a commitment for life and these things are usually in connection with something spiritual and your spiritual path.

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