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For over 30 years, since the Hetakas requested she share what they spent 13 years teaching her, Kay Cordell Whitaker has been teaching these once hidden practices. Both live and online, Kay has created opportunities for all humans to understand the truth of who they are, what they are, and the power that comes with knowing their own, as the Hetakas called, Song

Whether you are looking for a deeper understanding, health, peace and beauty that comes with learning more about your true identity, or the desire to step into the Ancient Healing Art of Ka Ta See and the predynastic Egyptian Teachings, or you want to help effect the healing of the blueprint of our planet, the teachings and practices shared out by Kay can help you find those opportunities.

Studying Ancient Practices

Current Ka Ta See Study and Apprenticeship Opportunities:

The Call Of Your SONG

The Call Of Your Song is the beginning of all the Ka Ta See course studies. The course begins with what everyone in the Hetakas’ tribe knew from childhood, how to feel and connect with their Song. This 8-part course shares the studies of what is your Song and your initial Song Ceremony. It continues through Masks Studies, and then to the ancient energy opening ceremony, The Dance of Earth Fire Ceremony. Each class, practice and ceremony begins directing your life towards real health and happiness and begins the journey to learn who you really are and what you and the gift able to you.



The Weavings are an ancient, once-lost ceremony, gifted to Kay Cordell Whitaker. Those who have enrolled in the Weaving course will study the ancient and beautiful history of the Weavings that lead back to the creation of our planet. Participants who complete the studies can join  International online for the Weavings Ceremony, as we all weave together healings to the blueprints of ourselves, our planet and all its inhabitants. There’s a reason “weavers” come back year after year for this gathering of shared energies to work together to heal this planet… they experience the healing and see the healing changes this ceremony brings and has brought to our planet.


Ka Ta See Healing Arts Apprenticeship

Stepping into the Seven Levels of Ka Ta See Healing Arts Apprenticeship begins with Level One. Building on The Call of Your Song, this eight part course takes your through the first level of apprenticeship in the Ka Ta See practice. This series of classes takes you further into understanding more about you, then teaches you ancient practices to connect you with non-linear, knowingness and spirits through ancient Ka Ta See and Pre-Flood Egyptian journeys and ceremonies. Each class in this course takes you further into the understanding of what we as humans are truly capable of, and reconnects you with the amazing universe we are part of.



If you want to learn more about any of the Ka Ta See Studies and how you might begin learning these practices we are happy to schedule a short free chat with you.

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