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The Ka Ta See Library is packed with recordings of Healing Talks, Bone Throws, Gratitude Ceremonies, and other conversations with Kay Cordell Whitaker.


Join the conversation about Ka Ta See, The Reluctant Shaman, watch live streaming events with Kay Cordell Whitaker Live and learn more about upcoming events you can participate in. 


Writes by Helmut Wahrann-Whitaker on the Ka Ta See Studies and the powerful way they can help bring health and happiness to your life.


Watch recordings of Healing Talks, Bone Throws and other conversations with Kay Cordell Whitaker.

Why Kay? Why did the Hetakas come out of hiding to share their hidden healing practices with the modern world? Why now?

At the end of Kay's 13 year apprenticeship, the Hetakas asked Kay to no longer keep these practices a secret. They requested that she begin teaching and sharing these practices now with the modern world. This time and experience with the Hetakas, Kay Cordell Whitaker captured in her two acclaimed books: The Reluctant Shaman and Sacred Link: Joining Fortunes With The Unknown. Both books can be found on Amazon and other booksellers. 

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