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The newest book release by Kay Cordell Whitaker


Embark on a one-of-a-kind literary and spiritual healing journey with Kay’s latest creation, “THE WEAVINGS - DAWN OF A NEW WORLD.” This extraordinary work blends spiritual poetry with profound teachings, offering a transformative experience that is truly unparalleled. 


Building on her previous literary triumphs, The Reluctant Shaman and Sacred Link, Kay once again guides the reader through a series of enlightening experiences. This time, the focus is on our individual evolution, the current state of humanity and the world, and how, with the aid of the Weaving teachings shared with her by the spirits, we can collectively grow, heal, and shape a new world.

Some important thoughts about reshaping our lives and building a new world, as Kay discusses in the book: “In our modern culture I hear people saying that all the religious and spiritual teachings are all the same. The ancients did not say this. My pre-flood Egyptian and Peruvian teachers specifically said the opposite. They said, “Through the millennia and the different controlling powers that be at any given time, most of these traditions have been corrupted and altered to be propaganda tools of the rulers in order to control the masses and keep them distracted, stunted, and less than they could be. They purposefully eliminated ancient advanced sacred teachings and especially key parts of the common ancient sacred teachings, which have been lost to the masses ever since.”


“THE WEAVINGS—DAWN OF A NEW WORLD” is based on traditions that have never been corrupted or altered. It represents the original teachings that the ancients shared with humanity. Through this, Kay offers us the opportunity to build and live by new, or rather very ancient, ways of thinking and being human allowing us to create a new humanity and a new world.

The Weavings is 271 pages and contains beautiful photography of the pipes and weaving symbols available in full-color hardback and black and white paperback. 



In this rich and compelling second book, Kay Cordell Whitaker continues the spiritual journey that enthralled readers of The Reluctant Shaman. The Hetakas, the humorously wise couple who led Whitaker to her awakening are back, drawing their willing pupil still farther into their irresistible yet often terrifying dance. As Whitaker learns to embrace her gifts, she is able to see how our dominant cultures have kept humanity captive in a soul-numbing prison, unaware of the power and extraordinary opportunity that awaits it. With the help (and prodding) of her demanding but sage mentors, Whitaker uncovers the secret to igniting our physical senses. A discovery so potent it will allow all of humanity to join the Hetakas’ ride into the Forbidden Paradise.

The Reluctant Shaman: A Woman’s First Encounters with the Unseen Spirits of the Earth

This is Kay Cordell Whitaker’s spellbinding account of her “reluctant” apprenticeship to Domano and Chea Hetaka, two charismatic shamans from the Amazon Basin who come to teach her -- a young homemaker -- to be a Kala Keh Nah Seh, a “Weaver of Webs of Balance,” and to hand down the ancient wisdom of their people. In spite of her doubts and fears, Whitaker finds the balance and harmony she was destined to know. 

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